14 12 2011

ADORABLE. So Fucking Adorable.

How can anybody not like Kristen Bell?

How can anybody not have her in a top 10 list?

Go watch Veronica Mars and come back and tell me she’s not top 10 material. No tits? No matter. SHE’S CUTE. I love boobs as much as the next guy but i can forgive the lack of boobage on a chick if her face is appealing enough. And in my eyes, Kristen Bell is SUPER appealing.

What she lacks in the chest area, she more than makes up in being FUCKING ADORABLE.

Like how she is in this scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. TOO CUTE.

Oh Kristen…

I was watching one of my Avril Lavigne concert DVDs a while back and my wife was like “I think i know why you like her so much – she looks like Kristen Bell”.

And she does, sorta.

Find a picture of Kristen and Avril smiling, cover the top half of their faces and they practically have the same smile. They also have pretty much same body too. True story.

Avril isn’t cross eyed though.

Bell has strabismus, which affects her right eye. She inherited it from her mother, who had it corrected as a child. Bell claims that if she does not get enough sleep, it aggravates the ailment. She calls her right eye “Wonky”.


Chicks with wonky eyes, they really intrigue me for some reason. I’m always imagining what it’d be like to look a wonky eyed chick in the eyes while banging them and them being all wonky eyed and all. LOL. What the fuck that’s so fucked up.

I love you Kristen Bell.


5 12 2011

Man, it is REALLY hard trying to find recent pics of Lacey Sha-Bear (or Chabert, if you will). She hasn’t exactly been in the limelight a lot these past coupla years, opting to do smaller roles in smaller movies and stuff.

She’s also probably the only chick from Mean Girls who HASN’T gotten her tits out in one way or another.

So fetch.

She’s come close though, showing a lot of side-boobage in that one flick, whatever it’s called.

But she’s never actually gotten the goods out fully. And i’m starting to think that she never will..!

She’s doesn’t seem to mind doing ‘adult’ roles on film. Like the time when she played a chick who got upset because nobody wanted to take a shit on her chest for example. And then there’s this flick she did, Pleasure Drivers (which i haven’t seen), where she’s doing all sorts of crazy things like

Lacey Chabert lying in the passenger seat of a car as she silently rubs herself and masturbates while a guy talks and drives around without noticing her doing it.


Lacey Chabert dancing seductively for a guy and giving us a nice look at her sexy stomach before she removes her tanktop to reveal a black lingerie top and then crawling across the floor and getting on top of him where she grabs her breasts briefly and starts to undo his pants.

but then never actually getting naked! WTF!

She was also in some movie called Thirst, with scenes where she was in a yellow bikini a lot. Which somebody had the good sense to edit and mashup into a Lacey Sha-Bear/Phoebe Cates video.

Even her FHM spread from 2007 was relatively tame.

I’ll tell you what though, she’s definitely hiding a fucking damn fine set of jubblies under there.

Fucking Lacey Chabert… what a cocktease.



30 11 2011

Ok so over the next coming 10 posts, i’ll be posting chicks that would probably be in my top 10 chicks i would wanna bang if given the chance in real life.

Or in my dreams.

More likely in my dreams.

But funnily enough though, no matter how much i try, it’s really hard for me to dream of a banging specific chicks. I think of it easy, but to actually fall asleep and dream of doing it with them, it just doesn’t happen.

In fact i can’t even think of a time when i’ve actually dreamt of banging anybody in my top 10. What the fuck dreams. Let me dream of banging my top 10 goddammit! So it’s not just in real life that i can’t bang these chicks, but i can’t even bang ’em in my goddamn dreams? What a load of bull.

But given the chance, these 10 chicks would be the ones.

Starting with…

Amber Heard.

Good God, this chick is hot. So so beautiful.

She’s also a lesbian but who cares. Helps that she’s always naked in almost every movie she does. I remember seeing Amber for the first time in that All The Boys Love Mandy Lane movie. That was like in 2006.

Look at this woman. I say GAT DAAAMN. How can anybody not be into her? Or at least want to bang her. It’s impossible. Unless you have an aversion to incredibly hot women. You’d be crazy. I’m not crazy. I want to bang her.

Even as a brunette she’s hot. Anybody here seen The Informers? I haven’t. But i have seen all the good parts. The good parts where she’s like completed naked. Which is probably like for the entire movie i think but i wouldn’t know. She’s completed naked in all the parts i’ve ever seen of that movie though and that’s good enough.

Anybody else a fan?


17 12 2013

I find it somewhat amusing that i have Wendy Calio following me on twitter.

I guess only people with kids who watch the Disney Junior channel will know who she is.

She’s cute on the show and i would totally bang* her.

Speaking of bang, i think she looks better with bangs. And i normally hate chicks with bangs. But it suits her better than when she doesn’t have them. Kinda like Zoe Deschanel.

RELATED: The Five Hottest Children’s Television Personalities (Wendy is #4 on this list)

(*would bang but would not put her in my bang list 10. which i’ll probably never get around to finishing, at the rate i’m posting, on this supposedly already dead site.)


22 03 2013

Forgive the shameless shilling but i think this is worth sharing. So Mr. Skin is doing this Whack-It Bracket thing which will determine who has the best boobs ever based on user voting.

You’ll UNFORTUNATELY have to sign up (for free) to vote but even if you don’t, it’s worth a look just to see who’s going up against who.

Here’s what the bracket looks like. WHO WILL WIN.

And right off the bat, they’re already pitting 2 out of my 10 ‘Bang List 10’* chicks against each other. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHICH ONE TO VOTE FOR.

I’m just interested in seeing how it all pans out. Champion will be decided on April 7-9.

Click to see the match-ups.

*I swear i’ll finish off that list. Someday.

Just to recap, my Bang List 10 so far:

Amber Heard (who is also in one of the brackets!)
Lacey Chabert
Kristen Bell

And i guess i already gave away Jennifer Connelly and Carla Gugino but i’ll do proper posts for them someday. SOMEDAY.


27 01 2013

So it’s pretty safe to say that this website as it once was, is dead now.

Actually it’s been pretty dead for quite a while now.

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31 12 2011

Did you know there were only a total of 59 posts made on this site in the entire year last year? (LOL?)

Also, is it a coincidence that almost one year ago today, i posted and .gif of Katy Perry and wanting to motorboat her and my last post was also about Katy Perry and me wanting to motorboat her?


By the way, any bets on whether i’ll actually finish that Bang List 10 of mine sometime this year? (LOL?)

(yes, the postdate says 31/12/11 but it’s already 2012 where i am in Asia -_-)



14 12 2011

So i actually made a DLT facebook page like months ago in August but never actually published it.

Like, what would i even do with a DLT facebook page? I barely even do much with the actual site as it is LOL.

Well, i finally published it just for the hell of it. Curious to see how many likes it’ll get.

Probably just as much as the number of posts that actually appears on this site per month, AMIRITE?

I swear i’ll get back to my Bang List 10 soon.


9 12 2011

If this was 2004, this would’ve probably been the most greatest thing ever.

Also, if this was 2004, Lindsay Lohan would’ve probably also been in my Bang List 10 (which i will continue listing probably after this post!)


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IMs and e-mails

5 04 2003

I was bored. So i decided to unblock the people that weren’t already on my buddylist so that they could IM me. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be me, and what kinds of IMs i usually get, well…

30/3/03 10:39 PM
Tyler560: why won’t treble chager come to the states?

23/3/03 10:38 AM
perutaisgod: r u avril lavigne

02/4/03 5:13 PM
FuguePartisan: he was a man… well, more like a dragon-man… or maybe just a dragon- but he was stil TROGDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

04/4/03 11:54 PM
AJisKewl: The smiling frog winks at me….then frees his young companions
AJisKewl: Please, the elephant has a brain Tumor

02/4/03 3:25 PM
juice2027: i wanna know.. how many times you have been random messaged since u unblocked everybody….
juice2027: e-pimp.

28/3/03 11:30 PM
WhackedSka: so your not avril?
WhackedSka: so your not really avril?
WhackedSka: see your not cuz avril would answer back, defending her avrilness
WhackedSka: your a poser

02/4/03 6:04 PM
NorthKoreanP0wer: how do i become as cool as you?

04/4/03 10:46 PM
ObsesiveInsanity: youre avril lavigne right?


So i got this e-mail a coupla days ago.

Subject: hey im sorry
From: “Beth Dougherty”
Date: Sat, Mar 29 2003 5:21:18 AM +0000

hey, i know you dont really know me but i have kinda talking to u on AIM, my name is beth, my screen name is BrandX2wo my friend joe had givin me your screen name and told me that you yourself were avril, n then i went to your site n i realized you werent, i am a big fan of hers n im sorry if i caused u any inconvenience. i would like it if u would email me back n let me know u got this email alright… thank you



Aww. Poor girl. Anyhow, i figured i’d just try IMing her and talking to her. Just to see if she’s new girlfriend material. Haha. I kid. She’s like what, 16. That’s like Suzi’s age. EW. Anyway, so i’m talking to this girl and we’re talking about Avril and how she wants to hump her (she bisexual apparently) and then she direct connects to me and sends me a picture of herself! And i didn’t even have to ask!

  • 16 year old Beth

    I don’t think she’ll mind me posting that pic up. I mean she has the same pic on her Hot or Not page and this Bang Me thingy that she has. Kinda like Hot or Not. So yeah. It’s not like you can’t find that pic online or anything.

    You know, sometimes i wonder why i don’t just go out there and take advantage of these kiddies and get them to just send me pictures of their naked boobs. I’m sure they probably would. I mean, look, i didn’t even have to ask her for that pic! And remember that balloon girl? The 14 year old? She sent me a picture of herself in a bikini top sitting in front of a birthday cake! And i didn’t even have to tell her to do that for me!

    Damn me for being such a nice guy and not wanting to take advantage of my power!

    02/4/03 3:33 PM
    DrunkenGorg: Hey, this is the guy from You were posting soemthing about emo earlier, and I found this…

    Hahaha. Speaking of EMO…

    Subject: Possibly Faggot Looking EMO sighting
    From: “Nick”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 5:54:48 AM -0500

    I don’t know if you heard/seen this band called AFI on MTV but i saw them twice with some song thats apprently a prelude to something (ghey).

    Anyway i couldn’t really understand WTF they were singing about but it sounded like he was saying “i will follow” a lot and yelling words for a long time but he didn’t sound like the devil when he did it so I assume its some kind of EMO crap. On top of that the lead singer had hair down to his ass and the guitarest had a dykie looking haircut and it was a dude. And at some point in the song when he wasn’t yelling crap him and the guitarest were really into each other staring at one another. The drummer and other guitarest weren’t getting much camera time so I assume they were the sex gimps of the other two.

    You’re probably talking about A Fire Inside. How do i know this? Google of course. Did you really think i’d know anything about music at all aside from Avril Lavigne?

    Ooh ooh. Speaking of Avril Lavigne, how about that new video of hers eh? Especially that part where she stagedives into the crowd. I was watching her ‘making the video’ thing for that video and she was like saying how the guys in the crowd were like groping her and grabbing her ass and stuff and i was like “AHH I WISH I GOT TO GROPE AND GRAB HER ASS!!”. But oh well.

    Subject: I made a game.
    From: “Will Boyd”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 7:21:11 PM -0500

    Hey Justin. Remember that half Korean webmaster from Gear Factory? Yeah, it’s me.

    I made this game called Align 4. I’m all proud of it because it’s my first public software release. Anyway, I’m freely distributing the game as freeware, and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word by plugging my game on your site.

    URL for the game:

    By the way, I added your link back to Gear Factory. I took it down a long time ago when your site seemed to be gone (which, looking back, seems to happen a lot), and never got around to putting it back up. But then, I’d feel guilty asking you for a plug without even linking to your site, so I took care of that.


    Will Boyd

    Anyway, that’s it for now kiddies. And remember girls, SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS. Voluntarily of course.