Went out to that Fox Home Video place with my farting roommate today. Brought along another roommate too. He wanted to check out the 5.1 surround speaker systems for his DVD player.

Farting roommate spent a grand total of around RM$650 today. He’s almost as crazy as i am. He picked up his copy of The Godfather Trilogy Boxset (RM$499) and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (RM$149).

It’s gonna be a long movie marathon weekend…

Received a coupla e-mails today:

Subject: laetitia-casta!!
From: “Christopher Jarvis”
Date: Thu, Oct 18 2001 11:17:57 AM +0100

She is very fine – thank you for introducing her to us

I submit this image to you for perusal 🙂


Yes i agree. She is very fine indeed. I’ve never really noticed that until Stacey (spelt S.T.A.C.E.Y) pointed her out to me a coupla weeks ago. I’d heard of her name a coupla times before in the past but i never really bothered looking her up because i thought she’d be like one of those typical model types. You know the kind. Skinny. Not really all that hot. No boobs. But yeah, Laetitia Casta’s one of the very few exceptions to the rule. She’s actually hot. Very hot.

I was watching Driven again last night. It got thinking about looking for Estella Warren pics. She’s pretty hot too.

I should also expand my vocabulary and try not to use the word ‘hot’ over and over.

Subject: Cameron Diaz pic
Date: Thu, Oct 18 2001 8:33:47 PM

Attachments: cameron-diaz-nude-real-dephile-approved.jpg

Just thought i’d send you the bigger version of the one that you have. Enjoy.

I wish people would just send me cool celeb porn in the email. 😉

Thanks man. I actually haven’t check out that pic you sent me because i can’t. I mean like, i can’t… not from school anyway. Because the school network has this stupid thing where if any URL or filename has a ‘naugthy’ word in it (e.g,,, etc etc), it just blocks the site and give you this access denied page thing.

The same goes for any jpeg images that have filenames like… well…
“cameron-diaz-nude-real-dephile-approved.jpg” for example. I can’t view it nor can i even download it.

So yeah, if anybody of you out there wants to send me any files or whatever, try not to name them “nudeteenxxxgirlssex.jpg” or whatever.

Because i won’t be able to check them out from school.

Meanwhile, i just recently updated my DVD list and i thought i’d just show it off a bit.

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