Thank goodness for script rewrites. The five on one fight scene is gone. Turns out that three of the henchmen will end up killing themselves and the other two will get caught by the cops just before they get to scrap with the hero.

As for the big boss, no hand to hand combat. Just guns. John Woo style slow-mo gun battles.

It’s gonna be though to simulate gunfire and muzzles flashes though. I’ll probably try to fake it through quick editing of something.

Oh yeah. Prop guns will be supplied and bought from Toy’s R Us.

I’m gonna need to get Final Cut Pro 2 for my Mac sometime. I was looking for it last night but they only had the first version on sale. I’ll probably head off to the Mid Valley Megamall this weekend or something. See if i can find a copy there.

But anyway, yeah. No fight scene means less work for me.

Less work = Good

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