Libby Hoeler again

See? I told you it’d work.

I broke my own record again yesterday. 3383 hits over the previous high of 3141. Sure, it’s nowhere near 9000 ( =P ) but dammit! It’s good enough for a small site like mine!

Apparently i’m famous. Or so says this one guy who commented on this post. It’s basically about the whole Libby Hoeler thing. Although i wouldn’t exactly call it being famous, it’s nice to see my site’s URL being listed amongst all those comments. I am easily pleased. And hey, if it brings in the hits, i’m not complaining.

It’s weird really though. This whole Libby thing. I’ve had the URL’s to those videos posted up on my site since August now and only up till recently has Google really picked it up for their search index. Next to Osama bin Laden, Libby Hoeler’s probably the number 2 source for my hits. Search referral wise.

Why the sudden interest in Libby Hoeler though? Isn’t she supposed to be old news? Personally i don’t really know how long those vids of her have been up and out on the net but i’m assuming that they’ve been out there for quite a while now. Since this past June i think. If she was ever a fad, then wow, she sure is long lasting one. Internet fads usually die out after a coupla months.

Then again, fads that have naked girls dancing around with a dildo in their hand will always be popular regardless of how long they’ve been out for.

Here’s a pretty funny Libby Hoeler related top ten list.

If you’ve stumbled onto the site looking for her videos, then you should go here.

Plea (that no one will ever answer): I want R-rated fan signs. He gets them. Why can’t i?! DAMMIT I WANT SOME TOO!

One thought on “Libby Hoeler again

  1. I will get you an r rated fansign. It could take me a day or two. But I guarantee you will have one. Then I will own you. Haha…

    #1 | Comment by Cowboy — October 25, 2001 @ 10:43 pm

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