Look what i found!


1. She is a girl.
2. She has breasts (which is good considering that she’s a girl).
3. She likes watching movies!
4. She has a DVD player!!
5. She plays videogames!!!
6. She has a link to this site! Only like the best site in the world!!!!
7. She not only links to a horny dirty old man…
8. …but to a horny dirty old woman too!!!!!
9. Wow!!!!!!

Marry me now!

Oh wait.

10. She has a boyfriend.


Visit her.

And in other not so related news, i received this in the mail. A fan sign.

Note: Due to the shocking nature of said fan sign, i will be providing it with not one, not two, not three but FOUR captions. Because one caption alone cannot express my thoughts on it.


“Those are the flattest boobies i’ve ever seen.”

“I said R-rated NOT X-rated.”

“I think my eyes are bleeding.”


This was the e-mail that came with it.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: How’s this for R rated?
From: “brian Hubbard” emniionsereht@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, Oct 25 2001 3:48:18 AM -0500

Attachments: hooters.jpg

Do you know how hard it is to write on your own chest with a magic marker?
Let alone these fumes…

Oh well. Enjoy!


Announcement: R-rated fan signs to be made ONLY by the female of the species. Males should only send in G rated ones.

One thought on “Look what i found!

  1. *mwah* haha… that’s great. i would consider doing something like that if i wasn’t so lazy. haha… maybe this will inspire other people to send in fansigns? or scare them away… either way it’s great.

    #1 | Comment by will — October 25, 2001 @ 8:39 pm

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