The Kirsten Dunst/Thess connection

Typical Lewser: Okay.
Typical Lewser: Let’s do some age ranges.
Typical Lewser: in the 18-24 range
psykotik2k: lemme see
psykotik2k: JLH
Typical Lewser: who’s your top 3?
psykotik2k: wait wait
psykotik2k: lemme think
Typical Lewser: hah
Typical Lewser: okay, take your time.
psykotik2k: 1. Kirsten Dunst
Typical Lewser: haha
psykotik2k: no wait, she’s in a league of her own
psykotik2k: she’s above everyone else
psykotik2k: kinda like thess
Typical Lewser: haha
psykotik2k: you can’t put them into lists

I made that.

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