And by Chobots, i mean stupid idiots.

“Shinomori Aoshi”. Shut up. What is that? Like “Hatsumi”? Jessica Chobot’s wannabe Japanese name? Unless you’re Japanese, you shouldn’t be using a Japanese name. You should use your real name. I bet it’s Bubba Johnson or something. But judging from the way you spell certain words, it’s probably something poncey like Nigel Hawthorne. You bloody otaku git. Of course this is just an assumption. And i can say whatever i want about Chobot even though i don’t know her just like you can say whatever you want about me even though you don’t know me.

Oh and you eat your own words you filthy Chobot sympathizer. You eat them!!!!!

I would like to state that a lot of her comments at interview are very uneducated / biased, but those comments are opinions… and are also made/shared by genuine gamers every day. […] Plenty of foolish people there that have similar beliefs, and other people that put them down.

Your “wellfounded” rant is no worse than anything that’s been posted on these pages. And the funny thing is, probably 90% of all the things posted about Jessica Chobot on here have been made by other people besides myself, who acknoledge the fact that Jessica Chobot is a stupid whore/fraud/fake/cunt. JESSICA CHOBOT SUCKS.

And buddy, extremes can get certain people places sometimes. You’re no better than any random fanboy out there. Just because you love and hate all systems equally doesn’t mean shit.

When something is shitty, you say it’s shitty. And there’s nothing not shitty about Jessica Chobot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coincidently, the PSP that she loves so much is pretty shitty too. I bet she plays Nintendo ROMS on it. Oh the IRONY.

15 thoughts on “CHOBOTS

  1. I hope this isn’t the super secret Chobot thing. Because the way you’re hyping it up, it has to be on a whole other level of awesomeness.

    You better live up to my expectations!

    #1 | Comment by Ricochet — July 28, 2005 @ 11:01 pm

  2. super secret chobot project unveiling has been delayed! stay tuned for futher updates.

    #2 | Comment by Justin — July 28, 2005 @ 11:53 pm

  3. Shinomori Aoshi is a character from Rurouni Kenshin. So not only does he not use his real name, he steals one.

    #3 | Comment by Risk — July 29, 2005 @ 3:15 am

  4. *agrees with Shinomori Aoshi*

    #4 | Comment by kiko — July 29, 2005 @ 5:23 am

  5. ^ you’re both faggots

    #5 | Comment by Justin — July 29, 2005 @ 5:50 am

  6. Yet you are the one who hates hot girls.

    #6 | Comment by kiko — July 29, 2005 @ 6:00 am

  7. ooooh…burn.

    #7 | Comment by AngelBaby — July 29, 2005 @ 6:18 am

  8. if by hot girls you mean ugly girls like jessica alba, elisha cuthbert and old wrinkly leatherskinned jessica chobot; your question is?

    ps: you’re still a faggot. angelbaby is a faggot too for liking ugly grace park.

    #8 | Comment by Justin — July 29, 2005 @ 6:32 am

  9. alba, elisha, grace >>> justinbot


    #9 | Comment by AngelBaby — July 29, 2005 @ 8:38 am

  10. Throw Chobot and Duff in the blender, and you’d get the ultimate trailertrashArkansasWhore. Licking your fake wood-panelling whilst gurgling a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Cigarette stains on the upper lip and a plea to suck your dick for just a little… more… attention… please…

    #10 | Comment by Ruprecht Jones — July 29, 2005 @ 10:12 am

  11. #8, I don’t understand how you find Eva Mendes to be attractive but not Jessica Alba.

    #11 | Comment by JessicaChobotSucks — July 29, 2005 @ 11:28 am

  12. #11 the answer to your query should be obvious.

    Some have found Eva Mendes to have a butchface.

    Justin is a man (allegedly).

    Thus, Justin = fagay

    yep to bad

    #12 | Comment by AngelBaby — July 30, 2005 @ 12:02 am

  13. *agress with #9*

    Is AngelBaby a girl or a dude? 0_0

    #13 | Comment by kiko — July 31, 2005 @ 12:25 am

  14. angelbaby is going to get it in the butt one of these days

    #14 | Comment by Justin — August 1, 2005 @ 10:49 am

  15. you’re going to get it in the butt one of these days

    #15 | Comment by AngelBaby — August 1, 2005 @ 11:01 am

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