Film class got cancelled today. Blah. I like film class… =(

Fucking school server’s really slow today. Can’t even load up my site. The connection keeps timing out halfway through. I’m actually posting from a cyber cafe. And i’m sweating like fat man in the sun right now. It’s the weather’s SOOO hot today.

Sweat sweat sweat.


Remind me never to walk out in the hot sun whenever i’m wearing all black.

3 thoughts on “Nooo!

  1. why are you wearing all black justin?

    #1 | Comment by deeds — September 20, 2001 @ 4:21 pm

  2. looks like all the fucking servers are ‘snail’ slow of late… no exception…some will blame it on virus.. is IT??

    #2 | Comment by angry brunetuser — September 20, 2001 @ 4:41 pm

  3. 😀

    #3 | Comment by Z — September 21, 2001 @ 3:42 am

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