Stephanie from LazyTown

8 09 2005

If you read this post, you will become a pedophile.

You’re still reading. Pedo. Anyway, Supher has recently brought to my attention, Stephanie from LazyTown. So what the hell is LazyTown and who the hell is Stephanie? Apparently it’s some crazy kids show from Iceland and Stephanie is like some European pedo dream queen. I hear that pedos love posting about how hot she is in the IMDB forums. Oh and i think the show’s on Nick Jr.

Here’s a video.

If you watch that, you will become a pedophile.

Oh and i suggest NOT looking at the pictures on the official website, where you’ll find one of her grown up castmembers sporting a boner and trying to cop a feel from her (i’m probably exagerrating). Oh and you’ll also not notice that she’s pretty furry for a 14 year old if you don’t look at the pictures. Did i mention she’s 14? She’s plays an 8 year old on the show. That’s like a double whammy or something (if you’re a pedo)

“One day I am going to rape Stephanie from LazyTown” – SpiegalPwns

psykotik2k: it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
Gogoyuyuhakugo: it’s a piece of cake to plan your statutory rape

nfoxxnum7: You know, you probably could pretty easily mess with the lyrics on that to get across a completely different message
nfoxxnum7: I feel dirty

You’re all going to hell.


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    8 09 2005
  • 1.  Rob (02:35:34) :

    That’s funny, I was a pedo before reading this post, but I’m not in pedo-love with this Stephanie girl. And since when does Jay Leno do children’s shows?

  • 8 09 2005
  • 2.  BigBlueBalls (02:35:59) :

    Sheesh there’s nothing wrong with wrestling around with a 14 year old and your hand happens to touch her boob. I think pedophilia really only occurs once intercourse has taken place or you spend too much time trying to touch her naughty places that it makes her uncomfortable. Otherwise it’s all fair game and can’t be proved in a court of law. Although I still would try to avoid anything that could lead to her crying that I molested her for the simple fact that I don’t want to go to trial for it in the first place. Either that or having her father shoot my balls off with a shotgun.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 3.  supher (02:41:08) :
  • 8 09 2005
  • 4.  The Brad (03:01:03) :

    Pfft. That’s not even hot.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 5.  heat (03:02:44) :

    lazytown is a good show

  • 8 09 2005
  • 6.  Justin (03:06:53) :

    i really wish the person who wrote this post didn’t delete all the offensive comments off that page.

    “I’ve closed comments on this entry because I’m getting very, very tired of deleting comments about how “hot” Stephanie is. Guys, she’s 13 oe 14. Find someone your own age.”

    would’ve been funny to read!

  • 8 09 2005
  • 7.  grey_fox24 (04:41:24) :

    What the fuck are you people on about!

    She’s not hot…at all.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 8.  Eamon Angelface (05:20:37) :

    I’ve seen this show. It’s like a bad acid trip.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 9.  Crackpot Live (05:38:58) :

    Hey is that Jay leno in those pics.

    He’s looking young, must be the Votox.O_o

  • 8 09 2005
  • 10.  dex (05:44:06) :

    Steampunk would hit it with my penis.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 11.  turtle (05:44:48) :

    CAKE didn’t write that song

    CAKE is going to hell

  • 8 09 2005
  • 12.  LA (05:57:16) :

    aw, she’s cute.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 13.  Elder Young (06:01:08) :

    Grey for is right; she isn’t hot. If you got rid of the pink wig, however…nope, she still wouldn’t be hot. Just from the brief clip, this show looks like something that would be best experienced while on some kind of drug.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 14.  Nerima (06:55:15) :

    I will volunteer to help her with her homework. Except she is probably already going to clubs and snorting coke with Paris Hilton instead of studying.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 15.  Foolboy (07:44:30) :

    You gotta do the cooking by the book, indeed.
    I would put it in her butt

  • 8 09 2005
  • 16.  supher (08:04:29) :

    smash would hit it

  • 8 09 2005
  • 17.  DisconcertedGeorge (08:08:26) :

    that looks like a new movie, “Family of Chucky”
    , freaky little puppet demons.

    As for Steph, you need to at least grow some breasties and dress like a tart first to start looking hot and not like a boy in a wig.

    Anyone who likes her is not only a pedo but gay as well.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 18.  Elvis Ripley (08:19:44) :

    I was so ready to convert to pedophilia but all I did was get sucked in by the catchy cake song. It sounds like such a hit. Go Steph!

  • 8 09 2005
  • 19.  Justin (08:25:00) :

    that song is the devil. i’ve got it stuck in my head.

    it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!

    but all kidding (and pedophilia aside, you dirty fuckers), she’s got quite a nice singing voice.

    and i feel slightly disturbed that some of you are disappointed that she’s ‘not hot’! you’re not supposed to find a 14 year old girl playing an 8 year old hot!


    /moral high horse

    that said, i’d hit it?

  • 8 09 2005
  • 20.  DisconcertedGeorge (08:46:12) :

    it’s your fault Justin. If you put girls on your site we’ve come to expect a level of hotness involved.

    Even when it’s a dude.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 21.  Ruprecht Jones (08:51:40) :

    I’ve watched that show on various substances, and yes it is a trip. There’s this obsessive exercising dude that really freaks me out, and when the puppets walk I jump out of my chair. I swore off the bong for a whole week after experiencing that.
    But sheesh guys, give the girl another year or three, she makes JoJo look like a forty-year old whore.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 22.  Jamdez (08:58:09) :

    I did you digging around and found out her name is Julianna Mauriello.

    She was born in New-York on May 20th 1991

  • 8 09 2005
  • 23.  Justin (09:03:35) :

    #20, blame supher. again. he was also the one who did this.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 24.  Jamdez (09:06:10) :

    Forgot to put the link to her imdb page

    Here you go

  • 8 09 2005
  • 25.  Fandango (10:25:12) :

    Dude, the guy with the prostetic chin rules. He reminds me of Jay Leno. I bet you he’s poked an eye out or two with that thing. Those Icelanders know how to entertain.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 26.  supher (11:26:49) :

    #23 you would blame me for that. you fail to realize that you need to do the cookin’ by the book!

  • 8 09 2005
  • 27.  JessicaChobotSucks (12:16:08) :

    That show is great when you’re on some sort of illegal substance.

    Also, I’d hit it.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 28.  Dairy (13:43:43) :

    Y’all are sick.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 29.  Trip (14:17:36) :

    Too young! Sickos!

  • 8 09 2005
  • 30.  Justin (14:20:44) :

    wasnt hermione the same age when you wrote this song trip????

  • 8 09 2005
  • 31.  Trip (14:40:09) :


  • 8 09 2005
  • 32.  ninbw (18:36:40) :

    That was the worst song I’ve ever heard.

    And what the hell is with the shitty wig, is she a cancer patient?

  • 8 09 2005
  • 33.  smash (19:12:20) :

    supher is a faggot and you lose for talking to him.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 34.  BigBlueBalls (23:21:58) :

    Someone here brought up a good point. Where are her budding breasts? Usually by 14 they have at least something.

    She looks like the type of girl that will look underage, even when she’s 18. Then I can bang her legally and pretend I’m being pedo.

  • 8 09 2005
  • 35.  Elder Young (23:56:55) :

    The Hermione song is better than most songs I’ve heard on the radio recently.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 36.  paulie (01:16:09) :

    That show freaks me out. And it must really suck, cause even my niece dosen’t watch it.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 37.  mo-boobies (03:25:35) :

    Iceland eh?

    She’s legal,

    (Read the site FAQ. If you are American it aint legal for you.)

  • 9 09 2005
  • 38.  mo-boobies (03:34:08) :

    #34 yeah when she’s 18 she’ll still look good.

    I’d wait till she was 18 and hit it real hard.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 39.  supher (04:14:43) :

    smash is a big fat weenie.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 40.  kiko (05:52:09) :

    She doesn’t do nothing for me. Anyone who gets a boners thinking about her should do society a favor and cut off the penis.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 41.  ~vjay~ (06:54:33) :

    Perverts the lot of you.


    I agree with kiko.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 42.  Bill Clay (07:28:40) :

    You know that I love cake.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 43.  middlehead (12:16:12) :

    I’d hit it with a vengeance.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 44.  rottenrobbie (12:33:17) :

    But the question remains, does the carpet match the drapes??!!

    that would be a special episode of lazytown where we find out.

    seriously, though, she is cute…but SHE’S A KID for crying out loud. song is catchy, tho.

  • 9 09 2005
  • 45.  supher (15:13:22) :

    kiko, cut off your penis.

  • 10 09 2005
  • 46.  BigBlueBalls (00:59:14) :

    Age of consent in Iceland is 14? Cool, then yeah I’d pound the shit outta that pussy. Hey it would be legal, so according to the law in Iceland I’m not pedo.

  • 10 09 2005
  • 47.  mo-boobies (01:01:25) :

    Justin you sick fuck.
    Hermione is still only sixteen.

  • 10 09 2005
  • 48.  kiko (10:06:15) :

    #45 Too valuable for the ladies. Penis hater.

  • 23 09 2005
  • 49.  tink (15:52:39) :

    Wow, what an amazing show. I had no idea…

    Right away I transcribed the lyrics and sent it off to my young Korean students, who are studying English. I found a few other music videos from that site too.

    Thanks for the link!

    Oh, and yeah, it’s too bad all the oglers. I think you would be truly interested in Alizee. She’s a young French hottie with a wonderful voice and terrific moves, but old enough to ogle without guilt, heh. I was going to post a link to where I got my videos, but they aren’t there anymore, sorry. Use Google or whatever…


  • 23 09 2005
  • 50.  tink (16:01:41) :

    update: I found Alizee’s 2004 concert as some kind of streaming RealMedia file here. I wasn’t able to save it to disk, on account of some fancy javascripting, but the url is

    So, by searching Google for Alizee2004.rmvb, it turns out that the same file is around on the bitTorrent and eMule type networks.


  • 27 09 2005
  • 51.  Mike (18:29:25) :

    Everyone is a pedo to begin with anyway, studies prove this. Some of us just admit it. Come out of the closet please.

    That said I agree as a rabid pedo she is UBER HAWT. Like seriously I masturbate to photos of her… mmm… I wish some skilled PS user would make nude pedo-like shots of her using short adult nude photos…


  • 27 09 2005
  • 52.  AngelBaby (21:27:41) :



  • 29 09 2005
  • 53.  Anonymous (23:01:06) :



  • 4 10 2005
  • 54.  julianna (10:44:35) :

    Hi this is Juls,

    I am the girl you are writing about on your blog site, I think you guys are rude and that’s why none of you can get girlfriends.
    I work almost 12 hours a day 6 days a week and I typed my name into google and found this website and I’m going to show my producers what you are writing on this website!
    I think you are jealous!

    Last year Yahoo! banned people using tv stars and actresses names in their email address, we have to PROOVE who we are to get our email addresses now from Yahoo! (Try to register something Like or something) so the owner of this website can verify this is really me as he has my email address now.

  • 4 10 2005
  • 55.  Ricochet (11:03:03) :

    If #54 is legit, Justin will just brag about it for years to come, as he has done with Lillix.

  • 4 10 2005
  • 56.  Justin (11:28:53) :

    don’t forget jojo

  • 5 10 2005
  • 57.  BigBlueBalls (18:54:28) :

    Julianna you’re 14 years old and you work 12 hours a day 6 days a week? What kind of child labour laws do you have over there in Iceland anyway? Seems pretty excessive.

    Yes we’re all a bunch of perverted pigs, but then again this is the internet where almost anything goes. Also, nobody is what they are in real life on here, so don’t take it so seriously.

    Finally I think you’re too young to be on the internet. Really 14 year old girls shouldn’t be on sites like this, that may contain porn or other questionable material. Most of the offensive stuff on this site is just the words spewed and a few nipple slips. There’s MUCH worse stuff out there on the internet if you went searching around long enough. Spend enough time on the internet and you will become very depraved, like all of us poor souls.

    So here’s some advice, if you are really bothered by this site, then stay away from the internet.

  • 5 10 2005
  • 58.  SpankMonkey (19:11:48) :

    Now we know why they are filming in Iceland. Who the hell has child labor laws that allow 6 12-hour days?

  • 5 10 2005
  • 59.  AngelBaby (21:44:15) :

    #54 if you ever get bi-curious, drop me an email…

    …and a plane ticket to Reykjavik.


  • 6 10 2005
  • 60.  ButterscotchStallion (02:35:27) :

    Yeah, I don’t think Juls should be looking at a site like this at her age. I mean, have you seen that ad for the book “Slide?” No 14-year old should be exposed to that. Hell, we shouldn’t be exposed to that (and I am not, thanks to SuperAdBlocker, but others are and I feel sorry for them).

  • 6 10 2005
  • 61.  ButterscotchStallion (02:36:07) :

    Oh, one more thing: The lesson to be learned? STAY OFF GOOGLE, JULS!

  • 6 10 2005
  • 62.  C. A. Litton (03:20:28) :

    Re:#61)What about issuing a web-surfer learners permit to 14-year-olds like the learners permit that is issued to teen-agers when they are learning to drive an automobile?
    Maybe having a device built into a computer that a you could “swipe” your web-surfing license through to allow access.
    C.A. in Spokane

  • 6 10 2005
  • 63.  TheChef (10:55:55) :


    Justin brother, you are one lucky SOB. How you get all these chicks to bitch at you, I have no idea


  • 7 10 2005
  • 64.  risto (01:12:35) :

    i’ll admit, stephanie is cute, but thats all. these pedo-f**ks should all be in jail! espesially that guy who wanted to rape her.

  • 7 10 2005
  • 65.  Billy (22:08:06) :

    I heart Juls.

  • 12 10 2005
  • 66.  Max (10:21:55) :

    whoa where my comment go

  • 12 10 2005
  • 67.  Justin (10:24:20) :

    ^ wrong post. it’s over here.

  • 25 10 2005
  • 68.  Anthony (07:35:17) :

    If i ever saw any of you in real life I would cut your throat. Especially you justin, you sick fuck!

  • 26 10 2005
  • 69.  AngelBaby (00:25:51) :

    max? is that you??


  • 5 11 2005
  • 70.  hieu (22:22:56) :

    Its not considered wrong if your around her age. Im sure.

    Julianna is way hot no battle
    anyone who says otherwise gots bad task or something…prolly likes unactive fat chicks who dont get out and just eat.


  • 7 11 2005
  • 71.  SensitiveMonk (17:16:36) :

    hehehe, you guys are sick.

    although she would get it ;)


    any know if she’s done any porn?

  • 15 11 2005
  • 72.  Shez (05:21:29) :

    You’re right – if you’re a teenager, it’s ok to fancy her, but if any of you lot are 20 or over and you’re talking about Julianna like that, you’re totally sick!! And anyway, Magnus Scheving (sportacus) is so much sexier than Julianna! He’s so damn hot! I only ever watch LazyTown because of him! I wanna get inside that spandex … while he’s still in it!!

  • 15 11 2005
  • 73.  Shez (05:29:24) :

    I think that Juls is right – you guys are all really sick to talk about a 14 year old like that! I can’t believe that you would all say stuff like that! I mean it’s ok to chat to your mates about it, but to post it on a website for the whole world to see (including the whole of Julianna’s family!) is just downright discusting! Juls, just ignore them, they need to go out and get lives! If you ever visit this site again (which you probably won’t because of all the stuff about you on here) just know that I sympathize with you, being the same age as you (you’re only 8 days older than me!) and just ignore these arseholes, they’re not worth a minute of your time. Tell Magnus I said hi and I think he’s an amazing guy will you? Thanks hun x take care x luv ‘n’ peace x x x Shez x x x

  • 15 11 2005
  • 74.  Shez (05:33:32) :

    One more thing Juls, if you ever want to talk to someone the same age as you who thinks you’re very mature and adult for your age and who loves LazyTown, let me know
    :) luv ‘n’ peace
    x x x Shez x x x

  • 16 11 2005
  • 75.  Samuel (12:02:06) :

    I think that u guies are rong. Julianna looks like the sweatest girl in this planit. I would doo and thing to meat her are just get a five min. conversation with her.
    I love that girl.

    Love ya Julianna,
    Hope u see this messge. !BYE!

  • 16 11 2005
  • 76.  Samuel (12:22:17) :

    I realy like all of her pix. She always has the pritest Smile on her face. When I look at her pix my face lites up. This may sound weard but i evan have a pix of her in my wallit. lol all of my friends think that i am upseast with her. But i just realy like her. realy realy like her. I love the show that she plays on Lazy Town. Soo many lill kids like her. Just to let yall no I am 14. lol well I g2g now.

    Bye! hope to talk to ya one day Julianna!!!

  • 16 11 2005
  • 77.  Samuel (12:25:04) :

    Ps I cant spell worth nothing lol.

  • 17 11 2005
  • 78.  Jenn (12:26:07) :

    This letter is refering to Samuel who wrote above me.
    Dear Julianna,
    Hi Julianna my name is Jenn and i have a friend who is probaly your biggest fan yet. We both live in different states. We talk on the phone mostly everyday and all he does is mention your name. Everytime he looks at your picture it puts a smile on his face. I have never seen anyone who as acted like this about one person. Hes not like all the guys you are going to meet, not like the guys on the internet who say they like you.He thinks you are the most beautiful person he has ever set his eyes upon. HE would do anything just to talk to you. His goal in life is be able to meet you. He would do anything on this earth to have this happen. You mean the world to him. This would mean the world to him if you could talk to him on the phone or especially in person. It would break his heart if he never got to talk to you because you mean a lot to him. I hope you get this letter.


    p.s remember this is the boy Samuel who had written to you above me.

    hope you read this Jenn

  • 17 11 2005
  • 79.  Jenn (12:32:34) :

    i mean the boy i am talking about is Samuel who wrote to you above

  • 17 11 2005
  • 80.  AngelBaby (22:51:09) :


    why am i suddenly hearing the theme music from Psycho in my head?


  • 19 11 2005
  • 81.  ranxerox69 (04:09:32) :

    juls gives head on film and describes
    what it tastes like on limewire.
    do r@ygold search u should find a few.
    and all of u think she got to broadway on her
    acting talent. wrong!!!!

  • 19 11 2005
  • 82.  Shez (05:49:40) :

    Awwww Samuel, you’re so sweet! Would you really do anything for Julianna? I know I’d do pretty much anything for Magnus (sportacus) and he means a lot to me (even though I’ve never met him) but you sound totally devoted to this girl! She is a very attractive and talented girl and you sound like a very sweet guy. I can just see you two together! You’d walk the world over three times to get her a blade of grass she wanted wouldn’t you? Well although I don’t think she’ll be visiting this site again after her message (#54) but still, you never know, she might pop back and have a look, see what people have been saying since her last message. And I hope she does! She’s a lovely girl and I hope I get to meet her one day, she sounds and looks like such a sweet girl (on LazyTown anyway) and I know she’d be worth having as a friend. Anyway, Juls if you ever come back and check this site again, just know that I think you’re fabulous and a really great actress and dancer! And tell Magnus I said hi and I’m like his biggest fan ever and I think he’s like totally gorgeous would you please? Thanks luv ‘n’ peace x x x Shez x x x (

  • 20 11 2005
  • 83.  Samuel (08:03:46) :

    Thanks Shez, you realy under satnd me. I figerd that pples would thing that im crazzy r somthing but u dont! THANKS! you sound like you would be a great person 2 get to no your self.

    Thanks, Samuel.

  • 20 11 2005
  • 84.  Jenn (11:41:31) :

    Sam wanted me to tell you thankyou and what you said really meant a lot to him because someone actually understand what he feels


  • 21 11 2005
  • 85.  SheepDog (05:55:47) :

    The hell with Julianna, Sam. You need to concentrate on swinging a threesome with Shez & Jenn, man. It’s looking possible!

  • 21 11 2005
  • 86.  Jenn (06:24:04) :

    sounds good to me lol j/k

  • 21 11 2005
  • 87.  Samuel (11:39:01) :

    Um NO! I would take julianna over any one in this world. I Swair I love that girl! Evan tho Shez does sound like a good girl.

    But I would still take Julianna with no Quistions ask. Man Darnit, I cant spell lol.

    Se ya gyes And hope 2 see ya one day Julianna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye, Sam

  • 21 11 2005
  • 88.  Samuel (11:41:07) :

    Email me

    Bye, Sam

  • 22 11 2005
  • 89.  Samuel (12:04:22) :

    Where are ya gyes its ben 4 ever any ways Email me or im me Shez. SAME GOES FOR YOU JULIANNA!!!!! I GOT TO MEAT YOU THATS MY DREAM! Every time I here that song (All I wont for Christmas is you) it reminds me of you because thats all I wont for Christmas
    Is YOU. Man I got 2 meat you. or i Will break in half!
    Hope to talk to ya soon Julianna!!!!
    !Email Me or IM me Shez and Julianna!

  • 22 11 2005
  • 90.  Samuel (12:07:20) :

    Love Ya Julianna,

    To the world you may be one person,
    But to one person you may be the world


  • 22 11 2005
  • 91.  Miah (12:40:59) :

    sam — she aint gonna contact you if you post in this thread more and more ok?

  • 22 11 2005
  • 92.  EndlessMike (23:45:44) :

    Sounds like someone forgot to take his meds.

  • 23 11 2005
  • 93.  Samuel (21:03:52) :

    Ha, Realy Funny.

  • 23 11 2005
  • 94.  Samuel (21:04:42) :

    I Will Find Away 2 Talk 2 Her!

  • 23 11 2005
  • 95.  Samuel (21:05:15) :

    I Will Find Away 2 Talk 2 Her! I Got 2!

  • 23 11 2005
  • 96.  AngelBaby (22:42:23) :

    breathe, sam…breathe.

  • 24 11 2005
  • 97.  Shez (02:48:37) :

    Sorry Sam for not mailing or IMing you, I don’t visit this site very often see. But you’re now in my buddy list, so if you’re on at the same time as me, I’ll be sure to IM you. I’ve sent you a few e-mails, one with a song that I think is perfect for you and Juls! lol And I’m sure you will meet Juls one day, if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it in the end, just be patient and you’ll get it one day! That’s what I say! Must go now luv ‘n’ peace and take care all of you x x x Shez x x x

  • 24 11 2005
  • 98.  Shez (02:52:33) :

    P.S. Thank-you Jenn, what’s your addy? I’ll e-mail or IM you if ya like? You sound really nice aswell x x x Shez x x x

  • 24 11 2005
  • 99.  Jenn (09:52:02) :
  • 24 11 2005
  • 100.  Samuel (10:00:07) :

    Thanks Shez, Sam

  • 24 11 2005
  • 101.  SheepDog (11:09:45) :

    Don’t sweat it Sam, you’re certainly not the only guy here who thinks about meating Juls.

    A good lot of us wouldn’t mind giving her the ol’ sausage, I venture to say.

  • 25 11 2005
  • 102.  Samuel (03:18:24) :

    Man U dont Love her You Just Wont to be Nasty. I love her so much no one nows How I feal Abought Her. All You are is a Pervirt.

  • 25 11 2005
  • 103.  Samuel (03:19:18) :

    And By The Way HAPPY THANKS GIVVING!!!!!!!!!

  • 25 11 2005
  • 104.  Shez (06:41:07) :

    Thanks Jenn (for the addy) I’ve sent you a few e-mails. And Sheepdog, you are sick! Sam really thinks a lot about Juls and you’re just saying that discusting stuff just to upset him! Leave him and Julianna alone! And what do you mean, no one knows how you feel Sam? I do! I understand exactly how you feel, don’t worry, you’re not the only one to love someone when you don’t even know them. I know I’d do anything for Magnus Scheving (who plays Sportacus) and he’s married for christ sake! lol So of course I know how you feel, you’re not alone, don’t worry hun. Luv ‘n’ peace
    x x x Shez x x x

  • 25 11 2005
  • 105.  Samuel (10:30:50) :

    Thnks Shez!!

  • 26 11 2005
  • 106.  duane (05:33:57) :

    David Stodghill was the one pretending to be Julianna. Here a little bit of proof.

    Might want to read the whole thing too :)

  • 26 11 2005
  • 107.  Shez (07:07:45) :

    How do you know he was pretending to be Julianna? It could have really been Juls, you don’t know it wasn’t. Famous people do go on the internet and stuff you know! I’m not saying she’s the most famous under 16 year old ever, but she’s still been on TV and stuff and she’s 14, young teenagers tend to use the internet a lot, like me and Sam and Jenn, you know, people like Juls do use the internet. luv ‘n’ peace
    x x x Shez x x x

  • 26 11 2005
  • 108.  duane (08:39:34) :

    Theres proof, Go reading around the internet. Plus start asking around in the yahoo groups and you will get your proof.

  • 26 11 2005
  • 109.  Shez (22:44:33) :

    Don’t call me a poof! I ain’t done nothing wrong, I’m simply saying that maybe it was Julianna, there’s no need to get nasty! Sam, back me up here mate! lol luv ‘n’ peace
    x x x Shez x x x

  • 27 11 2005
  • 110.  Samuel (00:51:11) :

    DONT CALL SHEZ NOTHING U IDOT LEAVE HER ALONG AND STAY OUT OF OUR BIZNES. I dont care if that waznt her i figerd that it waz a 50 50 chance but i dont care if it waznt her because i am going to keep on trying and trying to doo any thing to get to meat her!! Because I Beleave in my self.


  • 27 11 2005
  • 111.  AngelBaby (01:37:46) :

    i believe in you too, sam…

    …i believe you are on the fast track to a restraining order.

    now stop obsessing over a little girl you will never talk to and go practice your spelling.

  • 27 11 2005
  • 112.  Shez (04:32:04) :

    Fuck off angelbaby! Leave him the fuck alone! I think it’s sweet that he is so devoted to Julianna. And I’m sure you have a crush on some guy like…I dunno…Justin Timberlake or something and I’m sure you want to meet him so don’t critisize Sam when he has a crush on a (very attractive) young girl, exactly the same age as him who isn’t impossible to meet who he thinks the world of! There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet somebody who you think is perfect! Have you ever needed someone so bad it hurt? No, didn’t think so! So fuck off and leave him alone! And there is nothing wrong with his spelling! Just coz he can’t spell as perfectly as some people doesn’t make him weird ok? So LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU BITCH!!!

  • 27 11 2005
  • 113.  AngelBaby (05:09:22) :

    uh-oh, i’ve upset sam’s girlfriend…now i’ve done it.

    btw shez, what’s the sound of one def leppard drummer clapping?


  • 27 11 2005
  • 114.  Samuel (07:51:34) :



  • 27 11 2005
  • 115.  AngelBaby (11:08:04) :

    um, we’d love to leave your tiny band of losers alone, but we can’t…BECAUSE YOU KEEP POSTING YOUR INANE BABBLING CRAP HERE.

    don’t y’all think you might be happier taking your pathetic little fanclub to a forum more appropriate to your obsessions? in case you fucktards hadn’t noticed, the main topic of discussion regarding miss lazytown around these parts is how hittable she is. get a clue.

    your presence here has grown tiresome, now stfu and gtfo.

  • 27 11 2005
  • 116.  duane (11:50:05) :

    Angle, thank you. I do see that person going to jail for stalking and the restraning order probley isnt to far off. I do know mark mauriello does keep track of everything posted here.

  • 27 11 2005
  • 117.  Shez (21:05:14) :

    Hey! You Fucking bitch! Don’t you dare bring Rick Allen into any of this! He’s only got one arm ffs! Leave him alone! I think Rick is fucking amazing, playing drums with only one arm so don’t you dare diss Rick Allen! And fucking leave Sam alone! Whore!

  • 27 11 2005
  • 118.  Shez (21:08:18) :

    And this discussion is meant to be about Julianna Rose Mauriello, but there’s not much point in anyone trying to talk about her is there, because when they do, you just take the piss out of them, just like you did with Sam so that’s all crap, about keeping to the topic isn’t it? Stop talking out of your arses and fuck off! You’re all arseholes!!!

  • 28 11 2005
  • 119.  Samuel (07:22:25) :


  • 28 11 2005
  • 120.  AngelBaby (12:19:32) :

    shez, you are an idiot…and no, i’m not f-f-f-foolin’.

    sam, if you weren’t such a short-bus rider you’d have noticed that all it will take for you to be left alone is for you to stfu and gtfo. go ask your special ed teacher if you need some help figuring out what that means…

  • 28 11 2005
  • 121.  duane (17:05:52) :

    angel is the shit.

  • 29 11 2005
  • 122.  EndlessMike (04:11:51) :

    Once again I pose the question: How many people do you suppose are really involved in this post-fest? I mean, besides our Ms. Baby. I’m thinking 2, tops.

  • 29 11 2005
  • 123.  Samuel (10:17:51) :

    All I am Payn Atenchon to is what shez say and jen say. Soo i hope you arent sayn nutin to me Angel Idot, Because all I see is your name I ant evan reedin what youv got to say so (stfuumfbhs) and while your at it GO ASK YOUR MAMA WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 29 11 2005
  • 124.  AngelBaby (12:23:40) :

    wow sam, i was gonna hand you your ass in yet another comment, but after painfully reading #123 my heart really isn’t in it anymore…

    like shooting fish in a barrel…so sad.

  • 29 11 2005
  • 125.  Max Sandlin (18:00:05) :

    I just read that dudes whole blog #106 posted.

    the guys name isn’t David Stodghill, that is a pen name, the guys name is David Markland, and a quick internet search turned up this

    Full Name: David Charles Markland
    DOB: July 10 1972
    SS: 048-76-7663
    Drivers License Number CAB4616099
    Race: White

    Last Known Address
    1800 El Cerrito Pl Apt#39
    Los Angeles California 90068

    From the California Sexual Offenders Registry.

    So apparently, David Markland was the guy going after Max in his so called yahoo group.

  • 30 11 2005
  • 126.  Heather (05:35:34) :

    I was disturbed by the pedo thread (especially since I tripped over it accidentally looking for something entirely different), but I kept reading the way that a person has to stare at a car accident. Even more disturbing was Sam’s complete and utter inability to spell. I’m leaving now, but honestly…if you can’t spell, don’t post anything. EVER.

  • 30 11 2005
  • 127.  Rinoa (07:03:02) :

    I am deeply disturbed that some of the comments posted here are allowed to remain and I sincerely hope that the FBI investigation message was not a hoax. This girl is only 14 years old and should not be subjected to disgusting paedophilic comments or be incorporated into some individuals sick imaginings.

    Julianna I hope your family or yourself never have to see this and I think all the disgusting creeps who posted filth here should crawl back to the gutter where they belong.

  • 30 11 2005
  • 128.  Shez (08:37:05) :

    Hey Sam, just stop posting messages on here, they’re not really worth the time, trouble or the stress you’re wasting on these crust buckets! And you guys – especially you angelbaby you cock loaf! There’s really no need for you all to be so horrible to us – we haven’t done anything to you have we? So fuck off! Hey Angelbaby, tell you dad thanks for last night, it was amazing! lmao

  • 30 11 2005
  • 129.  AngelBaby (09:35:41) :

    i’d pass the message on shez, but we haven’t seen my father since last night.

    did he perhaps forget to tie the board to his waist that keeps guys from just falling into your cavernous vagina? plz do me a favor and check around in there and let me know…we miss him.

    i also call dibs on any rolex or other expensive wristwatches you might also discover while cleaning out your stretched-out snatch.

    and in case you were wondering…yes, you just got pwned!


  • 30 11 2005
  • 130.  SheepDog (10:32:27) :

    Take your fascist totalitarian bullshit elsewhere. Big Brother will fall to fratricide a thousand times in my mind. Thought is not a crime.

  • 2 12 2005
  • 131.  Shez (04:41:47) :

    Hahahahahaha! You are so funny angelbaby! NOT! Why don’t you just go lick your mom out, then shove a double-barrelled shotgun in down your throat? Do us all a favour, scrotum breath! Fuck you!!!

  • 2 12 2005
  • 132.  Samuel (04:44:02) :

    I dont care abought these pple i will put as much stuf as i wont on here.

  • 2 12 2005
  • 133.  whoisstodghill (11:03:43) :

    Now aint that funny. Max posting on the internet when he dosnt have it any more. Hello names Jeff and I was linked to this site be a friend. If you reference you will be able to verify that david markland was black and this dave markland is white. So stodghill bite the big one. Games up con artist. Proofs out there if people would read it.

  • 2 12 2005
  • 134.  Sraon (21:06:59) :

    I think this has been a 2 sided conversation since after the 20th post?

    And I think there are 2 losers in here trying to cyber bash each other hahahaha.

    Who cares about this chick, no one here will ever bang her. Just another child actress that will be forgotten about within a year.

  • 3 12 2005
  • 135.  LittleBirdy (05:27:19) :

    A little birdy told me

    Jeff Fulmer
    324 Reedy Cir
    Boaz, AL 35957

    (256) 593-0235

  • 3 12 2005
  • 136.  whoisstodghill (07:16:19) :

    why you little…

  • 3 12 2005
  • 137.  DS (18:14:43) :

    Inc Lawsuit.

  • 4 12 2005
  • 138.  Minime (02:05:03) :

    We’re really drifting off the subject of Julianna Rose Mauriello now aren’t we? This discusion is getting further and further away from her isn’t it? Do you think we could stick to one subject at a time please? Love minime xxx

  • 4 12 2005
  • 139.  Stalker (09:07:51) :

    Drifting off or julianna is a good thing, Why in the hell would someone want to talk about a 14 year old girl???? You all need to get a grip.

  • 4 12 2005
  • 140.  jhall (11:13:31) :

    the names hall and i have a messege for all of you, ( who posted before #71
    listen you stupid sick bunch of illiterate worthless pedo pieces of trash, you are are sick and twisted and you should all do the world a favor and go get a put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Julianna is an innocent girl who did nothing to do diserve the way you people talk to and about her. she is a great actress a supurb singer and a great dancer and you people need to GET A FUCKING LIFE ASSHOLES!!!!.

    p.s to the guy that posted about her “giving head” someone needs to cut your balls off and shove them straight down your throat asshole. and i just might report that post to her dad. so what you think bout that huh asshole?!!!

  • 4 12 2005
  • 141.  jhall (11:16:21) :

    and another thing i am NOT a pedo (just so you know)

  • 4 12 2005
  • 142.  Jason (13:10:16) :

    This thread is funny.
    #139 is talking about stalkers and he is stalking people himself ahah

  • 5 12 2005
  • 143.  666 (03:36:43) :

    Hey! Jhall, calm down freak show!! Don’t get your knickers in a twist! These pedos are all sick fuckers who don’t deserve anything in life exept shit and one small detail about these guys: THEY’RE NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO PEOPLE TELLING THEM HOW SICK THEY ARE!!! So I really wouldn’t bother if I were you, they’re a waste of time!

  • 5 12 2005
  • 144.  !WARNING Keep Away From Children (20:34:12) :

    Name Says it all Fucking pedos.

  • 7 12 2005
  • 145.  Julianna (01:58:26) :

    Hey This is Julianna! Sam I wont to get to no you! You sound soo SWEET. Let me no what your Email and I will Email You. I would love to go out with some ond like you. I can’t beleave some one realy likes me this much. Man I cant wait to get to talk to you!!!

    Love ya Sam

  • 7 12 2005
  • 146.  AngelBaby (02:29:15) :

    omg pathetic…

    look, we all know that’s you, sam. nobody else on here writes like a developmentally-challenged grade-school kid.

    just. stop.

  • 7 12 2005
  • 147.  holySHIT (03:34:30) :



    i could NOT stop reading these posts… this is the most completely satisfting and entertaining website i have ever come across. That samuel guy… wow. could you be that obsessed with somebody you dont even know? i mean, whats her middle name?
    god your pathetic. WOW, i actually feel like reading this morons posts made me in some way, retarded, like its contagious or something.
    anyways sammy, go ahead and get yourself some treatment.
    to the rest of you… FUNNY stuff… im impressed.

  • 7 12 2005
  • 148.  Julianna (03:58:05) :

    Her middle name is (Rose)thank ya

  • 7 12 2005
  • 149.  Julianna (03:59:12) :

    omg my comp is mesed up it said that im juls.

  • 7 12 2005
  • 150.  Sam (03:59:32) :

    kk there

  • 7 12 2005
  • 151.  Sam (04:00:33) :

    And that waznt me that posted that mesidge.

    I dont no who posted it I haVENT BEN ON THIS SITE 4 like ever

  • 7 12 2005
  • 152.  Sam (04:02:35) :

    O That waz one of my frinds. I had a friend come over and he got on my comp and put that mesidg on here. I didnt no he came on here!

  • 7 12 2005
  • 153.  holySHIT (07:03:02) :

    i dunno if its your computer there big fella.
    oh well, i know a good psychiatrist if you need help with your crazy little obsession ;o)

  • 7 12 2005
  • 154.  holySHIT (07:05:11) :

    i dont know whats up with this site it says that there are 270 pedophiles visiting this site or something… whats up with that?
    is this like a pedophile forum thing?
    or is that a joke?
    im confused, i just thought most of this shit was funny as hell…

    oh and by the way, if she was older, i would give her a hot beef injection.
    thats cookin by the book

  • 7 12 2005
  • 155.  Dave (08:21:01) :

    i would love to meet her as well it would rule she seems really nice
    i doubt i will meet her but u never know
    anyone actually seen her without makeup on?
    she looks even nicer now :)

  • 7 12 2005
  • 156.  Sam (20:35:34) :

    It wus all a lye. I reely lyke boys. Julianna isnt tohot. I wont too meat Haylee Joel Osment.

  • 8 12 2005
  • 157.  Dr. Riechtager (00:31:45) :

    Now zam. I zink du are ‘aving problemz wit’ ze child ‘Julianna’. Let me help you wit’ dur issuez. . .

    Knock if off you crazy psycho!

    Oh lordy, do you really think, I mean honestly..put yourself in her shoes. I’m serious. You’re 15. You’re screwing around with this and that and you get online. Then, you wanna look up something. Do you REALLY think that you’d type up this damn site? “Hmm…I wonder if I am some pedo’s wet dream. I better check!”

    Please dude. If you want to talk to her, then by god find some way of communication. Look for her e-mail. Find the address to her websites (if she has one), or however I think what you would do anyways is just hunt her ass down, through hell or high water.

    Sam, you have entered a different dimension. Through time and space. You see a sign infront of you. The sign says, “the twilight zone”

    And futhermore, the fact that whatever you type is completly in lack of any evidience of either intelligence, or sanity, has proven to have made us all more stupid for being here and reading your text. May God have mercy on your soul.

  • 8 12 2005
  • 158.  holySHIT (08:25:30) :

    well said, well said indeed.
    At least we are all coming together for one common cause, to make sam realize that he hasn’t the slightest iota of a braincell in that void he calls his head.

  • 8 12 2005
  • 159.  Sam (17:35:56) :

    SHUT UP!!! i alreddy called her and we are going on a date. SO THEIR!!!

  • 9 12 2005
  • 160.  Sam (03:59:24) :

    Who the crap is beingh me i didnt say (156-159) You pple areent worth my time.

    Yall arent worth a can of BEANS!

  • 9 12 2005
  • 161.  Sam (19:40:38) :

    Srry pple. That wus my frend posting on 160! lolz!! yall really are worth a can of beans! lolz!!1! i wont u 2 mary me Julianna!!!

  • 10 12 2005
    10 12 2005
  • 163.  m (05:26:26) :

    david mark is a fag

  • 10 12 2005
  • 164.  m (05:26:48) :

    still a fag

  • 10 12 2005
  • 165.  john_p (18:56:48) :

    So let me get this straight, You people are fighting over a 14yr old actress? wow sickos. Who is max sandlin? Google says he is a texas senator and so your going to post a senators personal info on this site or another site what in pretell for? I do not understand hardly any of this I have read all of the comments on this and it seems that david markland and david stodghill were fighting first and then it turned into a david stodghill vs max sandlin fight. But why post personal info up? So if you post a drivers licencse number up and social security number and that person gets there id stolen it will all fall back onto the person that posted it. and just for safe measure I am going to forward this to the fbi internet crimes division and the cia. This has gotten out of hand, I will even goto the media with it if it evolves into posting of personal info.

    Thank you

    John patterson

  • 11 12 2005
  • 166.  Sacha (00:35:43) :

    Oh No !

    Want us to post yours next?

  • 11 12 2005
  • 167.  SensitiveMonk (19:02:05) :

    ok so has anyone elsed notised that the retard sam in just making too many mistakes?

    He’s so obviously another 20-40 something guy getting a little thrill out of being insulted, probably because maintaining this pretense of being a retarded kid allows him to say I love Juls without the typical pedo comments. He so wants to pop one in her pretty eyes its funny.

    Well, I do anyway.

    oh btw, u can see her knickers, mmmmmm

  • 12 12 2005
  • 168.  Sacha (02:07:37) :


    Knickers? You must be Euro.

    Just a quick FYI, I’m pretty sure that…

    She wears underwear, WITH Bloomers ( What cheerleaders wear under their skirt) Along with Pantyhose.

    So sorry, no “Knickers”

    But I bet she does get Randy 8))

  • 12 12 2005
  • 169.  Samuel (10:23:29) :

    OOO.k I am 14 years old and you pple are Crazy! What the freak. Man you pple are all pervirted!

  • 14 12 2005
  • 170.  risto nusevic (03:21:06) :

    u guys are freaks!! every person that says nasty stuff should be in prison!!

    every person here that says nice stuff, u r cool in my book.

    u rock, julianna!! ur shows awsome!! i like the music:)

  • 14 12 2005
  • 171.  Bearcat (07:28:18) :

    I wouldn’t hit it.

    That said, I don’t think anyone who posts on this site is in any position to use any holier-than-thou comments.

  • 16 12 2005
  • 172.  jhall (08:11:00) :

    man you muther fuckers just wont take a hint will you.

  • 17 12 2005
  • 173.  jhall (13:06:13) :

    oh and angelbaby since when do you get off thinking you are better than everybody else fucking whore

  • 17 12 2005
  • 174.  AngelBaby (15:03:50) :

    i don’t think i’m better than everybody #173, just you…

    you can stfu and die now. kthxbye!

  • 18 12 2005
  • 175.  Joshua (04:38:15) :

    Listen, it’s me: the whole insane Dr. Reichtag BS. Anyhoo, I had to respond. Having no real life anymore, this message board thing is just so much fun.

    First thing I want to say is. . .I am not really a fuggin’ bright person. No. I am not a rocket surgeon, or a brain scientist (lol), but even I know — when the title of the webbie is called, “Omg masturbatory heaven”, and I see pictures of girls from like 14-18 (if that), even I know I am entering a webbie that is made for pedo’s or even people with just a sick fetish.

    Non of us, atleast I don’t think so, acually pound little “Stephanie”, but it’s the thought that counts ya’know? However for me, I just think she’s hot, and I’ll wax that ass when she’s older. But for now, until then: I can dream, and use limewire for porn.

    Thank you;

  • 21 12 2005
  • 176.  Lost but Amused (02:50:31) :

    I was flipping though the channels since I couldn’t sleep after a night shift, when I stumbled on that Damned Lazy Town Show. Next Thing I know I’ve got some freaking Cake Song stuck in my head and can’t get it out. I do a search and hit the I’m feeling lucky button and I end up on some damn sicko website. However, I couldn’t stop reading all of you sick, disturbing and occasionally psychotic rantings. None the less it has been thoroughly entertaining and I did find the song, so now it’s still stuck in my head but now I know the words. Not sure yet if that’s a good or bad thing. Oh and by the way kids keep it legal alright. I was going to say see ya later, but Ha there’s not gonna be a later. So Bye

  • 30 12 2005
  • 177.  Steven (11:44:55) :

    Lols. This is Steven. 15 yrs haha. n e ways i am just here to read. i never got to see (stephanie) picts. this forum is really naughty. so rude fellows who are just jelouse they cant be famour. I wanted to be in the movies. aka i was suppose to be in the “oscmiare winner” commertial w/e. but i was around 5 and i was to shy. I am aasian looking for actin n stuff for my life. really intersted n stuff.

    TO MUCH EXPRESSING MY OPINION. but i really interested in thoses thing. I wake up watch Lazy town with my cute lil cousin who i call stephani b/c shes so cute like her. we pretend my lil cousin is stephanie and im sporticus

    ps i cant spell for beans.

    if u want to contact me for any open acting stuff or commerial IM IN.
    im not bad looking XD

    email me

  • 30 12 2005
  • 178.  Pascal (19:29:45) :

    Hi, i m pascal from germany (12:18 am).do you really work 12 hours a day ? You haven t free time? this is very shit!how much hours do you sleep a day ! i m 15 and sleeps from 12pm to 12 am ! (in the holidays)and you are 14 (20th may of 1991) ?
    it isn t right to work 12 hours a day…i make me worry about you ask why?because i love you !!!

  • 30 12 2005
  • 179.  Pascal (19:31:36) :

    *12:31 am

  • 1 01 2006
  • 180.  Pulkeet (04:47:49) :

    Hmm well i think Stephanie is really rally matter how old she looks.. or is..and its perfectly fine for me to say this seeing as she is around my age…

  • 5 01 2006
  • 181.  GiZzY (07:45:31) :

    She’s fucking hotbtw #54 wasn’t Juls where the hell would she find time to do that shit anyway? I’m 13 so I aint no pedo I just want to knock her ass out and shoot my cream in her. whoo!

  • 17 01 2006
  • 182.  Raye (00:09:03) :

    For Jullianna Click Here Please Jullianna i am your number 1 fan i loove you and i know how to do the splits
    I Looooooooooooooooove Lazytown And Everything About It And Your Really Pretty :D and email me at

  • 28 01 2006
  • 183.  Agent Douglas (12:09:27) :

    hello! i am agent douglas from the FBI internet crimes we arrested last night this sam guy he is not 14 he is a 30 year old man obsessed with this girl(juliana). juls dont worry he is in jail by the way we love lazy town here in the office you are adorable!

    pd: this site still under FBI investigation

  • 28 01 2006
  • 184.  AngelBaby (13:00:29) :

    that’s “p.s.” agent douglas…as in post script.

    you’d think someone who went through FBI academy at quantico would know something like that.

  • 28 01 2006
  • 185.  Agent Douglas (13:20:29) :

    just a mistake…. when you hear a knock on your door you will know that i am from the FBI! i have the address of all the people in this site. this site still under investigation and im in charge of it

    Agent Douglas

  • 28 01 2006
  • 186.  Nerima (13:40:54) :

    Agent Douglas ROCKS!

  • 28 01 2006
  • 187.  Smiley (14:15:11) :

    FBI = Female Body Inspectkor


  • 28 01 2006
  • 188.  Ragnarok (14:32:45) :

    Agent Douglas can’t capitalize for shit.

    I want to kill myself after reading all 186 posts at once. I can’t fathom the amount of brain cells have died because of this.

  • 29 01 2006
  • 189.  Agent Douglas (07:01:54) :

    well junior i can kill you right now if i want. it does not matter i am from the FBI and no one will believe what your family say


    Agent Douglas

  • 29 01 2006
  • 190.  Smiley (10:34:01) :

    Are you really an FBI agent?

  • 29 01 2006
  • 191.  Ragnarok (14:17:47) :

    Since you would have to cross borders and other things to get me I highly doubt IT but nonetheless BRING IT ON ANGET DOUGLAS! The FBI are full of pussies…not the good kind..

  • 29 01 2006
  • 192.  Smiley (14:29:43) :

    Is the FBI hiring? I wanna be a G-Man, just like Elliot Ness. I think being an agent would be really neat.

  • 30 01 2006
  • 193.  AngelBaby (07:28:59) :

    i wanna be a special agent more like clarice starling or dana scully…

  • 30 01 2006
  • 194.  Smiley (09:46:06) :

    Oooo… Special Agent Scully. You’d be Hawt as Scully.

    I’ve always had this fantasy where Agent Scully is at the FBI labs studying the body of an alien. Y’know, one of the Greys, big eyes, big head. I would be the alien and Scully would start probing and studying my naked and swimmer’s build alien body(c’mon, it IS a fantasy). She was pleasantly surprised to discover that contrart to what Mulder has told her in the past, aliens do possess sex organs. And in this case, a semi erect one. She also discovered that I am in fact, very much alive. I was merely knocked out cold and not dead, according to the reports.

    Turning off her recording devices, Scully slowly removes her white lab coat and glasses while shaking loose her hair, which was tied up in a bun. She also unbuttons the top 4 buttons of her sheer ivory colored blouse, exposing her ample cleavage. Her hands slowly glide across my nippleless torso down to my corch area.

    My breathing quickens as she stares deep into the dark orbs which are my eyes. Slowly, she wraps one hand around the base of my organ and proceeds, with the other hand, to rub the head with her thumb and forefinger in a circular motion. I lay there motionless, the only words to escape my mouth were,”>…..>>

  • 30 01 2006
  • 195.  Agent Douglas (11:16:17) :

    smiley! we need a janitor in the office HAHAHAHAH! is not boring is great you will hear many things about aliens, murders, and secret laboratories but if you talk to any of your friends about it you will be killed!


    agent douglas
    Agent Douglas

  • 30 01 2006
  • 196.  Agent Douglas (11:20:56) :

    ops. i can’t say that in public. sorry but i have to kill you angelbaby and you smiler if you dont accept the job you ARE dead too because i am from the FBI and we rule the world we decide who die and who lives HAHAHAHHA!

  • 30 01 2006
  • 197.  Smiley (11:24:13) :

    My last post got cut off by the FBI:

    …I lay there motionless, the only words to escape my mouth were,”>…..>>

  • 30 01 2006
  • 198.  Smiley (11:25:36) :

    Oh Shit,

    You FBI guys are good. You guys are like ninjas! Ninjas!!!

  • 30 01 2006
  • 199.  Ragnarok (13:06:53) :

    Pirates>Ninjas FACT!

  • 31 01 2006
  • 200.  Agent Douglas (13:38:18) :

    FBI! ragnarok you are under arrest! if i have to kill you i WIll!

  • 31 01 2006
  • 201.  Ragnarok (14:41:49) :

    Because pirates rule the high seas?

  • 31 01 2006
  • 202.  Agent Douglas (17:18:56) :

    noT only the high seas….. THE ENTIRE THE WORLD! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • 31 01 2006
  • 203.  Agent Douglas (17:29:35) :

    OHHHHHHH NO!! i made a mistake! with “the world” this can’t be!! i have to be perfect i AM FROM THE FBI NOOOOOOOO!!”hit the keyboard with his head”

  • 1 02 2006
  • 204.  Ragnarok (01:31:49) :

    I’m tempted to call you a retard but that would be an insult to the handicapable.

  • 1 02 2006
  • 205.  Agent Douglas (06:04:39) :

    FU! FU! FU! FU!

  • 1 02 2006
  • 206.  Ragnarok (13:12:39) :

    Shut up John Cena

  • 1 02 2006
  • 207.  Bearcat (13:46:08) :

    Uh oh, 199, typo. That should have been Pirates

  • 1 02 2006
  • 208.  Agent Douglas (14:09:11) :

    i am going to kill
    john cena because he won the title again and no one can send me to jail because I AM FROM THE FBI HAHAHAHHA! WE KILL PEOPLE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY god bless the FBI!
    bearcat you are under arrest! FBI!

  • 1 02 2006
  • 209.  loggie (16:12:54) :

    I’m a big fan of juls so dont be so mean to her

  • 1 02 2006
  • 210.  Agent Douglas (17:10:41) :

    what the!? junior listen to me I! AM! A FBI AGENT! if any of these perverts say something to juls they are under arrest! .. I admit that she’s hot and that I wish to be magnus when he touch her when they dance

    Agent Douglas

  • 10 02 2006
  • 211.  Moltar (05:42:04) :

    Hi, i think pedophilia is a taboo topic, more forum like this help to discuss it, cause there is a lot of pedos all around the world. About Julianna, is a hot chick, but im not sure if must be considered in pedo terms, she is 14yo, personally i believe it is just until 12yo, but are my personal preferences. I saw the show & quickly noticed she is a little bitch, and surely has been shaking her tender pussy since 10yo. Finally im in total opossition to rape, thats terrible, early sex must be used in a positive way, not traumatic. bye

  • 10 02 2006
  • 212.  AngelBaby (05:44:32) :


  • 10 02 2006
  • 213.  Lokar (09:53:13) :

    message 211, u r crazy man, a obviously example of what abstinence can do, come up! stand up and look for a real woman

  • 11 02 2006
  • 214.  Julianna (18:05:08) :

    Hi this is the real jul. sorry guys… i am a lesbian girl…. i like girls that’s why it dont bother me when magnus touch me when we dance. any pedo-girl here to rape me? the older they are the better they are…

    but… i prefer 18 to 24.. i’m a virgin and i need SEX!.

  • 12 02 2006
  • 215.  AngelBaby (02:36:26) :

    oh baby, i just make the age cut-off!


  • 12 02 2006
  • 216.  Japaneseguy (13:28:53) :

    hello i am from japan! in my home country we fuck 14 year old girls everyday in mangas,hentai, and in real life. others countrys can be very strange..

    just imagine julianna in a japanese highschool uniform, eating another girl VERY Very nice.

  • 13 02 2006
  • 217.  Spence (12:35:26) :

    I wish to have my cake and eat it too.

  • 14 02 2006
  • 218.  Agent Douglas (05:55:07) :

    GO HOME! DAMN YOU! JAPANESE! japan is a country full of horny bastards and they women are HORRIBLE that’s why they make the anime girls sexy. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! fuck 14 year old girls by the law you can do it in japan but not in my country! i AM A FBI AGENT i can kill you right now! i can kill the president of the US if they give me the order!

  • 17 02 2006
  • 219.  John Cena (08:16:02) :

    tha champ is here! i am a profetional wrestler for those not familiarised with wrestling. i’m here to throw this lyric about raping 14 year old girls i know i sucks but you know YO YOU CANT SEE ME! you cant! you cant! fuck em! you cant fuck em! fuck em by the law! 18! 18! 18! and older IF SHE IS 14 AND SHE WANTS YOU TO FUCK HER DO IT DO IT! COS SHE IS A SLUT!! YO im druck i need some cocaine the cops cant arrest me cos i am a rapper and! a WWE SUPERSTAR YOU KNOW YO You CANT SEE ME!! XD

  • 17 02 2006
  • 220.  Lokar (12:14:00) :

    Actually, 18yo japanese girls look like 14yo. Steph is nothing compare with Camila Parker Bowles, she’s really HOT!!. Imagine her with a thong, Uuuh!. If that doesnt make you stop thinking about sex, I dont know what can do. Go and be a DaVinci.

  • 17 02 2006
  • 221.  John Cena (18:14:57) :

    YO! YOU CANT SEE ME! you know i can meet julianna if i want to i am a WWE supertar i am the champ and i’m a ladys man EHEM!!!!!! i can do a role in the TV SHOW maybe sportacus brother! i can make juls scream for me in seconds “”JOHNNNNNNNN I AM YOURS”

    you! you! you! you cant fuck em! you cant you cant! fuck em by the law! fuck em by the law! 18! 18! 18! and older! if she is 14 and she wants you to fuck her do it! do it cos she is a slut!whoooooooooo!

    note: i dont want to fuck juls i only want to kiss her for 5 minutes

  • 23 02 2006
  • 222.  Julianna Rose (21:28:50) :

    i dont understand this John Cena guy, Are you a blacky? Is that a song? bcause if it’s, believe me, it sucks. I thought you was one italian pal, but with those comments, honestly….by the way, im another real julianna and im not lesbian (is so simple & boring to do this)

  • 25 02 2006
  • 223.  John Cena (17:04:10) :

    i know! my song sucks i made it in 1 minute if you wanna see my true talent go and buy my cd. by the way miss “”real julianna”” if you are a ugly girl that wants to be like julianna FU!……….. if you are julianna thanks you are making millions of men and teenagers happy when you dance and we can see under your dress. and your legs uHHHH

    YO Yo! you cant see me! MY time is now you cant see me my time is now DAMN! i forgot the song

  • 27 02 2006
  • 224.  jjuty (14:27:55) :

    I want cachar the squiero to take hold of the anus I it want to divide(depart) and tvm queirto that you absorb me and that they are 3 at the same time

  • 2 03 2006
  • 225.  John Cena (16:44:47) :

    WHOA! whoa! yo julianna died a stage light fell in her head you cant see me

    april wrestlemania … “”tripleh is going to kick my ass all over the arena cos im a very bad wrestler EHEM! see yall at wrestlemania my last day as the wwe champion”” is not fair but thats the way things work on the wwe it i refuse to lose i get my ass fired cos triple h is steph husband
    well i can get my ass fired for telling whos gonna him ANYWAY FU vince. julianna that match is in your honor even if i lose I LOVE YOU!!!!! I WANT TO MEET YOU AND HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! i need a girl soon!!!!!! im desperate! whoa sorry im out!

  • 9 03 2006
  • 226.  Catrina (02:51:29) :

    God! Sam, you are one fucked up dude! Now I have to say, I’ve had crushes on celebrities before, infact I still have a crush on a few of them but this is NOT the way to get in touch with them! This is a pedo site! How many celebrities do you think come on here? Come on take a guess! And you’re not foolin’ anyone with your “Hi I’m Julianna, Sam will you go on a date with me?” thing, that really is pathetic! I’m sorry but you really need to get out more! I mean Juls is a sexy girl and if I was a guy I’d like to fuck her but why bother putting messages on here? Find out where she lives and go find her! She’s what, 14 years old isn’t she? She still lives with her parents I would have thought, so go find her for god’s sake! Jesus fucking christ boy! xxx Catrina

  • 9 03 2006
  • 227.  Catrina (02:58:39) :

    I mean seriously, do you really think that she’s going to come on here and say “Oh Sam, I think you’re a really sweet guy, I’ll meet you **** at ****”? Do you seriously think that’s going to happen? If I was her, I would be either pissing myself with laughter from your behaviour and you total (terrifying) inability to spell, or scared off by your obsessive behaviour!! I mean come on! Get a fucking life! Christ! Catrina xxx

  • 9 03 2006
  • 228.  Catrina (02:59:58) :

    Oh yeah, you’re supposed to be 14 years old but you type as if you’re a 5 year old on ecstasy! You’re spelling is so awful! xxx Catrina

  • 9 03 2006
  • 229.  Catrina (03:26:14) :

    I know a guy who can help you if you like Sam, his name is Andy Hill and he’s a dear dear friend of mine. You sound like you need to go on the Jeremy Kyle show, or the Jerry Springer show! I can just see it, ‘I’m obsessed with a girl who I’ll never have! Please help me!’ lol xxx Catrina

  • 9 03 2006
  • 230.  Catrina (03:30:39) :

    Anyway, I have this guy’s number, he’s a psycho therapist, deals with obsessive, mentally ill little boys like you! Confused about their sexuality, totally incapable of spelling and extremely obsessive about girls who will never want him in a million years because of their behaviour! I think he could really help you, it’s obvious you’re going mad! Julianna is never going to go out with you, for a start, I’ve seen your pic, my friend Shez showed it to me (that’s how I got hold of this site) and you are a real geek! You look like a right freak! And the other reason she’s never going to want you is because you’re so like “Oh I’m going to marry you Julianna!” Oh by the way everybody, Sam is a virgin and he’s saving himself for his wife! Isn’t that sweet? *hurls* Which he’s (wishfully) thinking will be Julianna Rose Mauriello! *laughs her arse off* don’t make me laugh any more, my sides will split!!!! xxx Catrina

  • 9 03 2006
  • 231.  AngelBaby (03:40:58) :

    zomg quintuple post!


  • 9 03 2006
  • 232.  Catrina (04:46:45) :

    lol Angelbaby

  • 9 03 2006
  • 233.  Catrina (04:48:00) :

    Angelbaby, what’s your real name? I’ve seen you post a few times, one time I think you were having an argument with my mate Shez lol but what’s your real name? xxx Catrina

  • 9 03 2006
  • 234.  Ragnarok (15:39:25) :

    Not this shit again. Good God let this die! Everyone else has moved on I suggest you do too.

  • 9 03 2006
  • 235.  Catrina (19:38:55) :

    Moved on from what? I’m simply saying that Sam obviously needs to go back to nursery school and learn how to spell! lol

  • 9 03 2006
  • 236.  Juliet (19:41:59) :

    What da hell is this? I thought dis was all about Julianna Rose Mauriello? Bt nw its gone totally retarded n everyfin is jst totally nt relavent ne more! What da hells goin on? lol So what are we actually talking about now? Because i knw its nt Juls

  • 10 03 2006
  • 237.  Catrina (01:28:00) :

    Juliet, you’re right, it’s not about Juls any more, we’re just chatting about whatever now! lol

  • 10 03 2006
  • 238.  Juliet (03:34:58) :

    I see, so on a completely rndm note (bt i spose da hole convo as gn rndm nw hasn’t it? lol) Hs ne1 eva herd o Def Leppard? luv ya lots Juls xoxoxoxox

  • 10 03 2006
  • 239.  Juliet (03:47:57) :

    Soz, my shorthand is shite! I’ll just type properly for the benefit of people who don’t understand shorthand. What I just said was: On a completely random note (but I suppose the whole conversation has gone random now hasn’t it? lol) Has anyone ever heard of Def Leppard? I’m not a retarded spastic like this Samuel guy, I can spell! lol lotsa luv Juls x

  • 10 03 2006
  • 240.  someone (10:27:15) :

    I prefer the pirate song video.

    It’s the only point in the entire show (that I’ve seen) where you can tell that her chest isn’t flat.

    I’m just honest: It is possible for underage girls to be hot. Julianna is one for whom it is easy.

  • 10 03 2006
  • 241.  Catrina (20:07:37) :

    I like the Pirate song! lol That’s fun! Ooh arr fiddle dee dee! lol I know, I have the mental age of the 6-year-old! I know my brother thinks Julianna is fit! I’ve caught him watching Lazy Town quite a few times! lol Catrina xxx

  • 11 03 2006
  • 242.  Juliet (04:08:27) :

    Yes it is possible! My mate said that this 30-year-old she occationally talks to called her sexy the other night and said that if she wasn’t 15, there would be nothing stopping him and he’d be in there! lol I’m not sure if he was joking or not but I’m slightly scared! lol Juls xoxox

  • 11 03 2006
  • 243.  your mom's tits (06:19:08) :

    Hey guys! Wazzup!!!

  • 15 03 2006
  • 244.  jhall (10:35:03) :

    man you f-ing people are sick twisted fucking bastards you know that. as a matter of fact why dont you all just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • 19 03 2006
  • 245.  Catrina (00:03:05) :

    jhall, maybe we don’t want to!! lol Hey your mom’s tits, how you doin baby? A/S/L pweease lol Catrina xxx

  • 19 03 2006
  • 246.  the man on the moon (05:54:34) :

    You guys are all discusting motherfuckers! You can all go to hell!

  • 19 03 2006
  • 247.  ass crack (19:19:19) :

    Sick pedos!

  • 23 03 2006
  • 248.  Catrina (04:26:03) :

    Hey everyone what’s happened? You’ve suddenly gone all quiet and stopped posting, what’s going on? Something wrong with you guys? lol Catrina xxx

  • 26 03 2006
  • 249.  Juliet (23:07:14) :

    I don’t know what’s going on Catrina, everybody’s just like totally given up on this thing! Juls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 27 03 2006
  • 250.  Shez (03:52:57) :

    Catrina! Hey baby, I was wondering where you were for the last few weeks! You’ve been sitting in here have you? lol Omg hey hun, I’ve met Steve! You’re a dark little minx aren’t you? He’s gorgeous! Can I have him please? Pretty please! E-mail me honey! luv ‘n’ peace x x x Shez x x x take care x x x

  • 27 03 2006
  • 251.  Catrina (16:30:14) :

    Hi Shez! Sorry I haven’t e-mailed you in like years but I’ve been so busy lately with college and everything. I have sent you an e-mail now, don’t know if you’ve got it yet or not though. What’s up with your IM by the way? I tried to IM you the other day and it’s not working, what’s up with that?

    No you cannot have Steve! He is mine! lol Do you know how old he is? you’re going to faint when you find out! lol I hope to speak to you soon babes!


  • 29 03 2006
  • 252.  Shez (02:27:06) :

    Yeah sorry about that hun, dad took it off, same with MSN, he’s such an asshole! x x x Shez x x x

  • 1 04 2006
  • 253.  julianna rose (22:29:38) :

    if you are saying things about me i am leaving lazy town.i hate all of yous.i hate every boy exept for magnus [sporticus]i wish not even one boy touched me. but when i dance and sporticus touches me i say nothing. and i am not that sexy i dont want to be raped and if you like to rape girls i hope a girl or a boy rapes you love julianna in lazy town xxx fuck you.

  • 2 04 2006
  • 254.  Catrina (01:18:45) :

    Shut up you pedo! Do you know how many people have tried to pretend they’re Julianna Rose Mauriello on this site? Scroll up, loads of people have tried to pass themselves off as her and you’re just another loser trying to do exactly the same thing! Come on wake up! Nobody’s going to believe you’re Julianna so you just wasted your time! lol Loser!

  • 2 04 2006
  • 255.  Juliet (02:28:55) :

    Yeah! Who do you think you’re trying to fool? Only Sam would believe that you’re Julianna and he’s a freak!

  • 4 04 2006
  • 256.  julianna rose (03:10:52) :

    Shut up! I’m not lying! I am Julianna! And I can proove it – give me a call – 07747496104 or 07963529099 they’re English phones, a fan sent them to me love julianna in lazytown

  • 4 04 2006
  • 257.  julianna rose (03:11:22) :

    Shut up! I’m not lying! I am Julianna! And I can proove it – give me a call – 07747496104 or 07963529099 they’re English phones, a fan sent them to me love julianna in lazytown xxx

  • 5 04 2006
  • 258.  julianna rose (02:06:05) :

    Come on then, call me! Julianna xxx

  • 5 04 2006
  • 259.  adam (22:58:11) :

    I found ur site in a search for julianna stuff. I like her and I don’t think it’s right to talk about raping her but she is very beautiful and hot.

  • 6 04 2006
  • 260.  Catrina (02:31:09) :

    You’re absolutly right, Adam! I totally agree with you! These guys are all sick perverts and they should be arrested for their discusting behaviour! Lotsa luv xxx Catrina

  • 6 04 2006
  • 261.  Unknown (16:58:37) :

    wow. It is 1:48am and I have school tommorow. This website is so hilarious i just couldn’t stop reading. Angel you were hilarious making fun of Sam. But the funniest of all were the random ppl along the way that stopped to post one comment about how crazy this whole thing is. Heather’s was my favorite:

    “I was disturbed by the pedo thread (especially since I tripped over it accidentally looking for something entirely different), but I kept reading the way that a person has to stare at a car accident. Even more disturbing was Sam’s complete and utter inability to spell. I’m leaving now, but honestly…if you can’t spell, don’t post anything. EVER.”

    It kind of died when everyone started talking about aliens and pirates and the “handicapable” -Ragnarok

    ok well i guess i should say something about the topic… the girl.. she is obviously very cute, but if I was her parent I would kill all of you. And then I would kill myself for making a post as well.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 262.  Pasta Dick (01:44:48) :

    Well, I’m not sure if I’m a pedo or not, but the one thing I’m sure of is that I can NOT stop watching this damn Lazy Town show and I can not stop watching Stephanie!!! She’s soooooooooo…. ok, I really think I’m turning into a pedo because I’m thinking really nasty thoughts of what I’d like to do to her after getting her out of that cute little pink dress. That’s it I’m suing the damn creator of Lazy Town for turning me into a pedo, I think it’s the guy who plays Sportacus. Plus I’m suing Nick Jr. for showing it a couple of times of day. And those damn songs, ahhhhhhhhhh, I can’t get them out of my head. Especially that one were they’re building the clubhouse. “Step by step” I thinks it’s called. Stephanie looks soooooo hot, ummmm I mean cute while singing that. OK, typing with one hand now is getting hard, gotta run….

  • 7 04 2006
  • 263.  adam (02:02:54) :

    juli has filmed another season of LazyTown this year. I can’t wait. She’s so cool.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 264.  Pasta Dick (02:52:28) :

    OK, this is not funny anymore. Not only do I think I’m turning pedo from watching too much Lazy Town, but just now I was fantasizing about Sportacus and Robbie… so the f’ing show has turned me pedo AND gay all at once!!!! I’m now tripling, maybe quadrupling the lawsuit I’m gonna slap on those MF’s!!!! And if I turn into a gay-pedo (think Michael Jackson) those F’ers are going to owe me BIG TIME!!!! And yes I did hear they were filming a new season…. 18 new episodes in all. I don’t think I can take anymore!!!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 265.  Sascha (10:21:02) :

    Her myspace…

    Has been for a long long time, it used to be set to anyone could see it…

    Heres what she looks like now:

    TITTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 266.  Manny (13:04:58) :

    Bump to fix front page.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 267.  CaPPyD (13:14:43) :

    You need another BUMP manny!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 268.  Phil Collen (23:40:43) :

    Wow you guys really are sick! I’ve never seen this Lazy Town program but it sounds to me like this girl is only a child! Now I have a 15-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter and I’ve seen a lot of sick people in my time, some of whom I have had to notify the police about but you guys just go beyond the pail! I can’t believe you could talk about a young girl like that! Seriously, pull yourselves together and stop being so cruel and discusting!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 269.  Juliet (23:46:19) :

    Well said, Phil! I totally agree with you, these people should be put away for life! I seriously cannot believe the level on which these guys will stoop! They’re unbelievable! Love Juliet xoxox

  • 8 04 2006
  • 270.  Julianna Rose (20:12:20) :

    Omg I think somebody tried to call my just now but my friend answered it! I’m so sorry! It is my number, if you call again, whoever you are, just tell her to give the phone to me. Because it is my phone but I was outside! Call me again please! Love Julianna xxx

  • 8 04 2006
  • 271.  Shez (22:12:03) :

    Yeah sorry about that, dude, I’m always answering her phone! Call again and I’ll make sure she answers it

    luv ‘n’ peace
    x x x Shez x x x

    take care

  • 10 04 2006
  • 272.  Sam (01:25:44) :

    I hate Julianna Rose Mauriello! She’s a bitch!

  • 10 04 2006
  • 273.  Sam (01:26:12) :

    She’s a fucking whore and I wish she was dead!

  • 11 04 2006
  • 274.  jin (07:27:06) :

    damn thats not compared to what i fert on acid man i would suck her pussy anyday

  • 11 04 2006
  • 275.  justen (07:29:31) :

    yeah i could force her to suck my nutsack its a pretty way to fuck a pretty whore damn you know child labor laws what there really doing is making homemade pornos tearing her shit up

  • 11 04 2006
  • 276.  Lolilover (08:45:15) :

    I’m 23 and I’m totally in love with her.
    She’s so sexy in those pantiehose and pink suit including pink wig. I really love her (l)

    Anyone feels the same ? (jokers don’t have to reply)

  • 11 04 2006
  • 277.  wtf (12:23:50) :

    really sick

  • 11 04 2006
  • 278.  Sam (22:59:09) :

    Oh give up! She’s not hot at all! She’s a hidiously ugly bitch! Sam xx

  • 12 04 2006
  • 279.  Love Steph (02:31:10) :

    NO WAY !

    She’s a fox !!!

  • 12 04 2006
  • 280.  Sam (06:58:23) :

    She so is not! She’s ugly!

  • 12 04 2006
  • 281.  [.ra!nbow.] (23:54:01) :

    I wonder why all the pedos gather here, and they’re just fantasizing. You’re all pathetic. Pathetic little fucks on the face of this world. Oh yeah, go take some motherfucking grammar and spelling classes, dumbasses.

  • 13 04 2006
  • 282.  Love Steph (01:25:46) :

    Grammer and spelling are unimportant, as long as you get what the other wants to say.
    Don’t whine !

    Steph is a babe and she’s mine. :)

  • 13 04 2006
  • 283.  [.ra!nbow.] (01:46:38) :

    I bet you don’t even know where she lives. Don’t give me some alf-assed answer like, “She lives in Lazytown, DUH.”


  • 13 04 2006
  • 284.  Sam (01:51:38) :

    She lives in New York! And she’s an ugly whore bitch!

  • 13 04 2006
  • 285.  Shez (04:14:39) :

    Hey peeps, anyone wanna chat to me? If any perverts here wanna chat me up, call me: 07913309408

  • 13 04 2006
  • 286.  Love Steph (07:02:12) :

    She lives in LazyTown, DUH!..

    Ooh, wait, that was a forbidden answer, my bad.
    Isn’t it a bit immature to start a trivia contest ON THE NET ! :'(
    The net.. u know, that thing where you can find an answer to most questions within a few clicks.

  • 14 04 2006
  • 287.  benjamin (07:55:43) :

    hi guys, i just wanted to say how it would be nice to meet stephanie in person. lol im completely innocent and not a sick devious pedafile like you guys. ive been looking for new friends especially girls since theyre fun to to talk to and my guy friends are losers. somehow can sum1 get me her email so we can be pen pals? i want her to knw that she has to ignore these sinful adults thinking bad thoughts about a teen. by the way, im 15 and there is no way in hell that i would hurt a girl in anyway.

  • 14 04 2006
  • 288.  benjamin (08:00:00) :

    your completely right rainbow but theres no need for swearing.
    the world these days makes me very depressed.
    you can barely trust any1 in this world and this world is going to die out soon so we should think of stopping all the wars, pollution, lies and start the peace.

  • 15 04 2006
  • 289.  Love Steph (04:02:40) :

    “the world these days makes me very depressed.”

    Yeah, boy, the world these days…
    War, crimes, pedophilia and child abuse really was invented just a few years ago.. Sigh~!

  • 15 04 2006
  • 290.  Jasper Davis (13:29:28) :

    How Could You Be So Goddamn Gross.Her Name Is Julianna And She Happens To Be A Friend Of Mine.Shes A Person Too.Just Because You Take It Up The Ass Doesnt Mean That Others Have To.Look We Cant Help What Your Daddy Does To You But Dont Drag Us into It.Mommys Little Pussy

  • 15 04 2006
  • 291.  Guy Perkins (22:55:33) :

    The new rufus.

  • 16 04 2006
  • 292.  somebody (02:20:58) :

    Hey Benjiman, you can choose whether to believe this or not, but it’s true. I know Julianna, she’s been a good friend of mine since she was 9 years old and if you want to contact her, you can do through my e-mail address

  • 16 04 2006
  • 293.  Jules (04:37:00) :

    Oh my god I lost my phone! Anybody who’s trying to call me, could you please ask whoever has that phone to return it to me please! xxx Jules

  • 17 04 2006
  • 294.  Larby (16:50:32) :

    Jules When I Rung You A Lil Cockney Girl Answered It !!! , Ans he Told Me 2 Fuck Off !

  • 17 04 2006
  • 295.  me (20:28:16) :


  • 17 04 2006
  • 296.  Jules (20:32:04) :

    Yeah she’s not cockney Larby, she was born in London so you’d be best off not calling her cockney! But I did recently lose my phone so if you ring it any time now, you could do me a favour and ask whoever answers it to give it back to me xxx Jules

  • 17 04 2006
  • 297.  Jules (21:20:04) :

    Oh and by the way, the phone has no money on it! :-\ pretty annoying huh?

  • 21 04 2006
  • 298.  Nameless.jpg (23:54:58) :

    Click the website button to visit my LazyTown page. :)

  • 28 04 2006
  • 299.  Justin (05:05:26) :

    Damn!!! You’ve got fucked!!! Why?

  • 1 05 2006
  • 300.  someone (15:05:35) :

    “Well, I’m not sure if I’m a pedo or not, but the one thing I’m sure of is that I can NOT stop watching this damn Lazy Town show and I can not stop watching Stephanie!!! She’s soooooooooo…. ok, I really think I’m turning into a pedo because I’m thinking really nasty thoughts of what I’d like to do to her after getting her out of that cute little pink dress. That’s it I’m suing the damn creator of Lazy Town for turning me into a pedo, I think it’s the guy who plays Sportacus. Plus I’m suing Nick Jr. for showing it a couple of times of day. And those damn songs, ahhhhhhhhhh, I can’t get them out of my head. Especially that one were they’re building the clubhouse. “Step by step” I thinks it’s called. Stephanie looks soooooo hot, ummmm I mean cute while singing that. OK, typing with one hand now is getting hard, gotta run…. ”

    Think that’s bad? Try having Dish Network, gives you 2 Nick channels, so you get 4 eps of Lazytown per day.

    Here’s some links:
    Go HERE if you want to hear a song that can very easily have the lyrics twisted: Good Stuff. (“. . . when things start to grow, good stuff starts to flow . . .”)

    Go HERE for a lot of good pics.

    ranxerox69 either lied, or the video he promised just isn’t ever being hosted . . .

  • 5 06 2006
  • 301.  The Shadow Knows (22:55:09) :

    Sorry all. “Julia” does not have a website, blog page, myspace or xanga site. They are all fake. Everything on the internet concerning “Julia”, except for Lazytown and Nickjr, is all fake. If you think you’ve received a signed picture of her, it’s fake. Julia’s parents have several homes, (not including the Iceland address where Julia lives during filming). I know the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. They’re not that difficult to find. (But keep in mind Dad’s an attorney, a second cousin is a Judge and Uncle’s really FBI. Yikes! Not a good combination to mess with!) The puritan pedo bashers frighten me the most. In 80% of the World, 15 is over the legal age for consent and marriage. Only in the U.S., Afganistan and Iran it is 18. Very weird from this side of the fence. American kids are kept semi-children until after 21! And then for the most part, they can’t seem to mostly mature and function until their late 20’s. And many never mature completely. (Sam you am) I prefer people honest and upfront so I know who I’m dealing with. As far as personal relationship, I’ll wait for the special one. “Julia” is very nice. Have fun and be honest, yet a little respect would be appreciated. Her shadow knows! CHOW baby!

  • 6 06 2006
  • 302.  YeahWeird (14:08:58) :

    Yeah it’s weird. You can join the military at seventeen with parental signature, get a gun, go shoot people’s heads off or get yours shot off, but you have to wait 4 more years to drink a beer?! You can touch a girl 24 hours before she turns 18, and your a child molester because she’s not mature enough to consent, but she can commit an unrealized crime at 11 and be considered and tried as an adult? How about the boy second grader that kissed a girl student on the cheek and was suspended for sexual harrassment? How about last week in the news where a 19 year old “man” legally married his 15 girlfriend in one U.S. state, and crossed over to another for a job offer where the age of consent is 17, and was arrest for child rape, now has to register as a sex offender and has a court order not to see his wife? And the poor guy can’t even wallow away his tears over a cold beer for another 2 1/2 years. This is one I always get a kick from. Two people see a picture of a young woman, like Julianna. One thinks she’s beautiful and “hot” and wouldn’t mind going out with her. Another see’s the same picture as nasty, dirty sexual soft porn and calls the other a pedophile. So who really sexualized the picture and is the pervert? You puritans are the true sic perverts, over sexualizing everything, bible thumping cross burning and throwing stones, then going home to jack in the dark or taking it in from behind which is about as perverted as it gets. I’d rather date an honest pedophile than some lying bible thumping righteous pervert that steals my panties and jerks off on the toilet.

  • 10 06 2006
  • 303.  Sacha (21:56:36) :

    Actually Julianna does have a MySpace, she has confirmed it in interviews that aired on national tv.

    There are several very real pictures of her floating around on the internet.

    I know, I sent a few to Justin. Search for my posts.

    Sorry, no judges or FBI in her family, it is true her father is an attorney, whom she does not live with, nor has she since she has been 3.

    Only 2 homes, Marks (Her father) and Caluhua (Her mother).

    Don’t try to make it more then it is, you fail at stalking 101.

  • 14 06 2006
  • 304.  Davie (06:29:39) :

    You paedos are fucking sick….if I had my way you’d all be locked up forever and be castrated…CUNTS!

  • 14 06 2006
  • 305.  AngelBaby (08:14:23) :

    it’s PEDOS…get it right you limey bastard.

    don’t bring your fucked-up spelling in here.

  • 16 06 2006
  • 306.  DisconcertedGeorge (13:42:02) :

    Davie, what are you doing in here? Everyone else is gawping at Keeley Hazell on the front page now. Is there some reason you are reading posts about Lazytown?

    Hmm. Seems a bit suspicious that people are looking at a post that’s 8 months old …

    especially when it doesn’t contain boobies.

  • 21 06 2006
  • 307.  FUBAR (16:19:42) :


  • 23 06 2006
  • 308.  Omega546 (12:50:54) :

    I’d tap that.

  • 24 06 2006
  • 309.  MackDaKnife (20:26:52) :

    OH yea i came!!

  • 29 06 2006
  • 310.  J.J. (14:51:19) :

    I think this talk about Julianna is pulling us apart lets just let the people who want to and hope to screw her, let them. The world is full of perverts and there really isn’t anything anyone can do about it. The pedos era will eventaully end. For those who think it’s not right don’t even say it cause they already know it’s wrong and some people are acting sarcastic about doing Julianna.

    I love Julianna. She reminds me of my future daughter, not that I want to do my future daughter, not that I want to do Julianna right now. I’m her age by the way. Well, listening to this Go For It! song by Juli is really making me anxious.

    Guys don’t get caught by the FBI. Or write a 20 page biography about yourself and send it to her. It’ll get you behind the bars fast. Later keep it cool.

  • 1 07 2006
  • 311.  the lone gunman (00:30:20) :

    juls i think your pretty and i think those pedophiles should leave you alone.

    if you ever need help ill be here.

    ____the lone gunman____

  • 8 07 2006
  • 312.  skarastamanjamondudelee (13:55:48) :

    i saw this article and may i say,
    this show is definately a trip specialy those puppets and those guys on crack :|
    julia is a nice girl and u pedos need to get laid with that being said
    i recomend taking some acid and tune in to this show its a trip

  • 10 07 2006
  • 313.  CoburnJP (11:54:55) :

    Sascha send some pictures to


  • 12 07 2006
  • 314.  zach (23:47:47) :

    man this site ROCKS all the chat rooms go on and on about pedos and who cares ive fucked 13 year olds and i live in ky it goes on all the time now lets face it all little girls lose their virginity at 12-14 all of them do so this whole sex law thing is shity its and old law that needs to be changed and im sick AND TIRED OF OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS my kids can fuck at 13-14 if they want and birth control at 11

  • 14 07 2006
  • 315.  James (09:09:03) :

    The only reason everyone thinks shes hot is cuz she has that wig on. Wigs are inherently sexual. Just ask the Egyptians, they knew all about it. I’m serious.

  • 17 07 2006
  • 316.  Charlie (09:55:17) :

    Um – post 316 or something like that!

  • 18 07 2006
  • 317.  matthew (00:14:04) :

    hey im 17 male and love lazy town i wanna fuck her so bad!!!!! anyone out there wanna fuck with me? i live in mass and i dnt care guy or girl i love em both!! email me at

  • 18 07 2006
  • 318.  Omar (01:24:52) :

    ok you guys are creative, sick but creatively so. The chick is 14, wait till she’s 18 then you can rant on about what you want and dont want to do.

  • 18 07 2006
  • 319.  Omar (01:31:34) :

    oh yeah, paedo is actually the english spelling. you americans need to get with it… or at least learn to use an english dictionary.

  • 18 07 2006
  • 320.  Kage (02:57:33) :

    What? She’s hot, get over it.

  • 18 07 2006
  • 321.  harvmeister (07:15:31) :

    could i plzzzzzz have julis email???im such a big fan. it would be great if you could give it to me.

  • 18 07 2006
  • 322.  harvey (07:37:24) :

    btw message to juli
    i really really love ur show lazytown. it rox! the music is great and so is the dancing and sporticus is sooo cool. i would like to congratulate u for ur hard work

  • 20 07 2006
  • 323.  John smith (08:36:09) :

    I think stephanie is the most fuckable girl on tv. shes 15 and legal in holland. id fuck her in a mo if i could. have cum loads over her pantie flashes. her mouth needs some cum too. do you think her little pubes are pink too????


  • 20 07 2006
  • 324.  John smith (08:40:00) :

    I bet Sporticus and robbie rotten have had a 3some with her. i would. Julieanne Rose Muriello is the sexyiest thing on tv! Anyone got any upskirt shots of her? She makes me cum loads!!!!!! Bet her bum is sweet too!

  • 20 07 2006
  • 325.  John smith (08:43:11) :

    Bing Bang Digarigadon is what id shout as my cock slid into stephanies little pussy!!!! mmmmmmm id marry her!

  • 20 07 2006
  • 326.  John smith (08:44:14) :


  • 20 07 2006
  • 327.  John smith (08:45:44) :

    Can some one e mail me julieanna’s e mail addy?

  • 26 07 2006
  • 328.  Stephen McGlennon (13:00:50) :

    Stfu stop stalking her she 14 are u? and plus why would she date or talk to u UR STALKING HER. the only reason we all saw lazytown was beacuse we were on some type of drug? am i right?

    America is the best if u think different you suck.

  • 26 07 2006
  • 329.  Stephen McGlennon (13:08:10) :


    shank- A term in jail where an inmate stabs a fellow inmate with a sharp metallic object over and over until he is shanked to the shankers likeing.

    Keep cool america rox she is the one for me plz write if u love america!

  • 6 08 2006
  • 330.  Jack (11:33:30) :

    Stephanie from lazytown needs a good hard screwing. Anyone who says they wouldnt touch that piece of ass are either gay or lying.

  • 6 08 2006
  • 331.  skarastamonjamondude (13:40:48) :

    whooa, that was definately some worth reading.. i think im gonna go outside now and see the world in a new perspective.

    i’ll admit, she definatly is cute and she probably will get laid by some lucky prick, but then again you are all here having fantasys about her and it makes me sad really it does, cause i did have sick thoughts about her but it will never happen because of who she is, and i wouldnt hurt anyone knowing you’ll scar them for life, (unless thier into it. jk.)plus going to jail and even maybe going to hell. please my fellow humans and androids wake your selves and free your minds from this technical ecstasy from which we were born upon, what if we wouldof been born in the 16th century were everyone died at the age of 30 and got thier dicks chopped off for perverse crimes. im getting off topic here. really we live in a world were everything refers to sex and everything has sex in it(just look at those disney sublimals)
    if you need to fantisize keep in mind, thats all they are fantasies and obsessions do any of you remember what those are??

    The Space Dude

  • 9 08 2006
  • 332.  blaze1000 (11:36:20) :

    Hey Guys give the poor girl a break! I admit she is nice but not for the reasons most guys automaticaly think. I would only get to know her from her personality and see what happens like people should, not always jumping in to things. You should have more respect for people these days. Before you say “oh here comes an old guy trying to ruin our fun” I am not. I will not reveal my age “for future legal reasons” but i am around the age of Stephanie herself. I know a few ways to sort you out if you keep saying these things about her and i will not be afraid to use them if this persists. Please leave her alone!

    OR ELSE!

  • 9 08 2006
  • 333.  AngelBaby (12:52:09) :

    intarweb threats lol

  • 17 08 2006
  • 334.  anonymous (01:07:43) :

    Is there not one intelligent being here? Possibly the stupidest thing I read was, “The pedos era will eventaully end.” Pedos era? There always has and always will be pedophiles. On to slightly less stupid posts…

    Those who think pedophiles should be castrated, shot, killed, etc. etc. are idiots as well. A pedophile is just someone who is attracted to children. It doesn’t make them a bad person any more than liking the taste of ice cream makes you a bad person (a bit of a stretch, but a relatively accurate metaphor). They are probably more likely to commit a sex crime, because it is not legal for them to do what they desire. This is not to say that sex with children is ok, it is very wrong and in most cases it destroys the child’s life. Pedophiles can’t choose who they are attracted to, only whether they act on those desires. So don’t group all pedophiles as evil like that.

    Then there are those of you, around her age, that think that by acting mature and being mad at everyone, you will somehow be able to get her email address or somehow contact her. First, SHE IS NOT READING THIS WEBSITE. Second, she is extremely famous and she is not going to talk to some random kid from the internet. Get a life!

    And Last but not least, those who have fantasies about this girl (myself included). I really don’t think it is appropriate to be talking this way about a little girl on a public website. Keep your thoughts to yourself and your friends, or find a private forum for discussion. You don’t want to get other people thinking the way that you do! Also, fantasies are normal as long as that is all they are. If you have an ounce of decency inside of you, remember that doing something to a child WILL scare that child for life.

    Well, anyway… I posted on here months ago, and I can’t believe it has stayed current

  • 27 08 2006
  • 335.  ********* (12:58:55) :

    “this is the real world,and flesh is flesh! brooke sheilds was great in “the blue lagoon” stephanie is a blossoming flower and all of you want to pick her out from the garden of innocents,tsk,tsk,tsk,shame on you all!!…… that case….
    Ill bring the video cam so we can make some porn out of it!!!!
    (oh plesae spank me daddy,Im a naughty girl!!)

  • 27 08 2006
  • 336.  ********* (13:28:02) :

    young girls also,if I might say give subtle signs of sexual persuasiveness never the less in a more playful manner,but in some cases indulge themselves purely on a curious way and yes young girls do “sometimes” let older mature people fondle them and it is a fact that gays,lesbians,pedophiles,animal bestiality,necrophilia are all part of the human phsycological factor.And that my peers is what “we” really are,we create war,war within ourselves,we kill each other for lesser reasons,to tell you frankly,there never will be a so called perfect society,all we have are just merely “ideas”and”ideals”

    If Stephanie gives you the various feelings that you feel right now then its not her fault,nor is it yours. I cant tell all you people whats right or whats wrong,because there is “NO” right or wrong,only human nature,the funny thing is we are no diffrent then than we are today,we’re still the same horny sexual crazed pussy bangin’ crotch slingin’ honchos. because thats the way we were made,to go out and fuck the female species because its in our genes! moral society is not a guideline for human nature, and by the way stephanie is a little bit of this and that,to others she’s a slut to some a fantasy,lets face it honey,it aint easy being a cute face with pink a hairdo,and hey after a few years,she’ll probably out grow her persona and be somebody else and fade out of glory………so enjoy her while it lasts!

  • 27 08 2006
  • 337.  Thorvald (16:15:44) :

    Ugh, why do you goddamn idiots keep bringing me back to this site?

    To #334 – “Second, she is extremely famous ”

    No idea where you got that from.

    “Those who think pedophiles should be castrated”

    Technically, they wont have a desire to commit a sex crime without the hormones needed for sexual desire.


    I believe at one point it was proven that she did indeed leave a message.

    “…find a private forum for discussion.”

    This website is pretty private.

    And 336 is just plain goofy. Im pretty sure that most of the people on the website have a pretty normal social life, myself included. I was originally here to make a YTMND to stop pedophilic comments about Stephanie on YTMND, at least.

  • 30 08 2006
  • 338.  skarastamonjamondudelee (12:18:17) :

    I agree with thorvald, i keep coming back this this site just to see the responses of people leaving shit for me to reed, i really dont care for the julianna anymore, i just wish her and to all the people a happy life, although i will keep coming back to this forum, also that person that wrote that stuff just before thorvald, its true, i have a large family and most of my girl cousins have been banged at an early age, one was pregnant as 13, and the other at 14, i met some dude that went to jail at the age of 18 for having relations with a 15 year old girl, i felt bad for him because although he was a little on the flip side he told me something i thought true, a girl with a hole is a ho. the girl put out and it was all fair game, but still he served time. he now has to go around his nieghborhood letting people know he is a registered sex offender moving in, poor dude. and as for the little girls letting themselves get fucked by older men i say to watch out, some might not be so merciful and your family will end up seeing you on a milk carton on a amber alert, and to the dudes, well i cant say much just that we are all human here with emotions that cant be tamed, and by emotions i mean boners, we cant just hack ’em off. 13 is the new 16 and 16 is the new 21, if
    girls can get beer as early as 16 or younger then they are definately getting filled.

  • 31 08 2006
  • 339.  cheese (05:33:26) :

    you know its wierd how the people who called others “sick” and stuff for just calling her hot and making derrogatory remarks, turned out the be wierder than the people they insulted! i mean, calling someone hot and saying you’d like ot bang them is human nature, a small crsuh, but when you post LOVE letters and crazy stuff like that out of desperation, you need help… A) if that was her, i severly doubt that she will come back B) if she did come back, what the hells she gonna thinks worse a few hot comments that are either done for comedy and such or just as an impulse, or the well thoguht out, stalker type love letters in which people say “i cant live without you”…ill give you a hint, its the latter, seeing as the former is a result of human nature, but the other one means days of stufying the person and obsessing…

  • 31 08 2006
  • 340.  FURY_RS (18:55:40) :


  • 31 08 2006
  • 341.  FURY_RS (18:57:21) :

    lol nvm wrong faram

  • 1 09 2006
  • 342.  Danny (15:51:09) :

    nearly all of u are complete idiots piking on litle girls its hard enuf being a teenager but you lot talk a load of crap about her shes probly realy sweet you lot need a life u got nowt better to do than pick on little girls, well she aint realy little to me cos im 13 but i still think her show rocks and i dont have to perve over her to say that cya later dikheds soz bout all these total idiots juls luv da show and your very pretty

  • 2 09 2006
  • 343.  skarastamonjamondudelee (00:01:36) :

    the only idiot here is you danny boy

  • 3 09 2006
  • 344.  Chris_man (22:46:20) :

    she is soooooooooooo hott. I Just Love Those Pink Pantyhose. Hey Justin, would you have anypics of any celebs in pantyhose that are young, like Stephanie???

  • 4 09 2006
  • 345.  Jack (07:13:19) :

    Stephanie is soooooooooo hot! Im 19 years old and i think shes very sexy. i dont feel guilty, girls in their early teens can be very sexually appealing. Its natural to fancy them, their smooth skin, innocent looks, pert asses and blossoming breasts. Stephanie ticks all these boxes. I’d fuck her up the ass, in the mouth and then screw her in the minge. I bet she lets out such a scream when shes taking it up the ass. Oh my god!
    The whore of lazytown.

  • 4 09 2006
  • 346.  skarastamonjamondudelee (14:18:28) :

    your pushing your luck dudes, you make me sick.

    “she is soooooooooooo hott. I Just Love Those Pink Pantyhose. Hey Justin, would you have anypics of any celebs in pantyhose that are young, like Stephanie??? “-Chris_man


  • 4 09 2006
  • 347.  BiggyD (20:08:44) :

    You paedos are fucking sick….if I had my way you’d all be locked up forever and be castrated…CUNTS!

  • 4 09 2006
  • 348.  garth (22:06:52) :

    hmm, she’s 14 playing an 8 year old? eugh. she’s not remotely sexy.. the whole thing looks like a bad parody of a failed cartoon strip. I will never find girls/women sexy if I’m old enough to be her dad.

  • 5 09 2006
  • 349.  skarastamonjamondudelee (02:06:49) :

    how did you two idiots find your way here then eh? the same way all of us did!

  • 5 09 2006
  • 350.  Jack (06:53:40) :

    Garth and BiggyD, you obviously visited this site because of your desire for stephanie from lazytown! Take a good look at yourself before you start condemning everyone here of being pedos. A pedophile is a man who is attracted to very young children, NOT girls who are 15! Being attracted to 15 year old girls is perfectly normal. END OF.

  • 5 09 2006
  • 351.  Thorvald (16:23:38) :

    Jack, you don’t come off as a pedo, just an asshole. Plus, British.

  • 5 09 2006
  • 352.  amiswami (19:06:54) :




    It is truly sad-and a little scary-that u all just talk about young UNDERAGE girls as if there is nothing wrong with it.-WELL LET ME TELL YOU IT’S HORRIBLE!!!! FUCKING SICKOS! And I hope to God that none of you have ever acted on any of your twisted perversions-harming innocent children-HOW DARE YOU!

    I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 09 2006
  • 353.  skarastamonjamondudelee (20:49:28) :

    amiswami, once you grow pubes you will understand, until then go suck a dick.

    there is nothing wrong with favovouring a younger girl (15-18) its when sickos go rape and murder these girls, thats when it goes out of hand and that is breaking a law. not posting random shit up on a website, thats a whole different story.

    dont act like you werent searching for stephanie from lazytown.

    i dont know if you are a girl or not if so you are a dike!

  • 5 09 2006
  • 354.  Kaka (20:54:36) :

    Someone has an Anger Managment problem … And, amiswami, are you 14? Why, you shouldn’t even be on this site at all. Yes, I agree phedophiles suck major dick, but geez, don’t go up on an all out “troll-tastic/ flaming, ALL-CAPS” message saying that you hate everyone… And wow did you even discover this site? And I suggest you get out right away, before some more pedos start to get you *grin*. lulz.

  • 6 09 2006
  • 355.  Jack (04:45:55) :

    I’v just turned 19 years old, and so what if i find 14/15 yr old girls attractive? I dont fancy young kids or anythin. I’m not a pedo, i just think girls in their early teens can be hot. Theres nothing wrong with that! I also happen to find girls my own age and older attractive, so fuck you AMAISWAMI, how dare you call people like me pedos! I’m English and i think the age of sexual consent should be lowered to 14 in my country so I can hit on younger girls, that’s all!

  • 6 09 2006
  • 356.  Thorvald (15:42:20) :

    First off – searching for Stephanie from Lazytown does not imply lustful intent. I just wanted information on who the actor’s on the show were. Also – I may favor younger ladies, but thats because I am the same age as they are. But looking for celebrity young girls? Whats the point in that? It makes you look like an ass. Find someone your own age, give or take a few years.

    But in any case, amiswami – please. Not all of us here are pervs, and not all of us here are quite as…emotional as you are. Think with your brain, not your gut, son.

  • 7 09 2006
  • 357.  THOR VAL D (01:51:30) :

    Thorvald tries to hard . com A+++++ GREAT EBAYER

  • 7 09 2006
  • 358.  luvsthelotiononitsskin (04:17:48) :

    Thorvald A+++++ Super Ebayer

  • 7 09 2006
  • 359.  Thorvald (15:45:55) :

    Thorvald not understand. Thorvald stop talking now.

    Yeah, I know where you are coming from. I tend to repeat myself just about everywhere. I’ll stop that.

  • 7 09 2006
  • 360.  steph? god yes. (16:22:01) :

    can’t see the problem, 8 or 15, I’d love a go of it. mmm bald.

  • 12 09 2006
  • 361.  jg (21:05:34) :

    SHE IS A CHILD!!!! AND THE SHOW IS NOT TO IMPRESS YOU LOSERS ANYWAY- IT is um….a KID’s show…SO who cares if you don’t like it. ALL YOU pervs should be CASTRATED!

  • 13 09 2006
  • 362.  The Abyss (08:24:28) :

    She is hardly a child anymore shes nearly 15, I bet they have to strap her chest down to fit in her costume. But I do agree that she deserves more than being virtually harassed and stalked on the internet by pedo-trolls. Their show sounds like its actually doing something good for society with promoting healthy eating and exercise and tolerance and other progressive issues tv programming seriously lacks. So the star of such a show surely deserves more than this, give her a break. shes not a child anymore but she is a real human being with emotions and feelings what if it was your sister or daughter or friend getting treated like this on the internet? I bet most of you would think differently if it where someone close to you.

  • 13 09 2006
  • 363.  Thorvald (17:49:48) :

    Im voicing my agreement with the above poster.

  • 17 09 2006
  • 364.  skarastamonjamondudelee (04:11:13) :

    yes with all the crap that ive said, my words could not have summed up to the rightous words the abyss said

  • 19 09 2006
  • 365.  Vile (15:09:35) :

    You guys are beyond stupid if you think Juls would post a message on this board just to say “shame on you”.

  • 19 09 2006
  • 366.  JULS (15:29:29) :

    hey guys its me juls I was kidding before I dont care

  • 19 09 2006
  • 367.  DisconcertedGeorge (16:52:07) :

    #361 what if you’re a gurl?

  • 19 09 2006
  • 368.  Thorvald (20:42:27) :

    365 – Who are you directing that at?

  • 20 09 2006
  • 369.  Juls (00:58:26) :

    The Juls above is not real they are an imposter, mods notice my email address matches from day 1.

  • 20 09 2006
  • 370.  Thorvald (21:40:58) :


    As in, I am entirely non-plussed.

  • 21 09 2006
  • 371.  skarastamonjamondudelee (00:30:57) :

    hmm… not much good reads lately, are you all high or just losing intrest like myself?

  • 21 09 2006
  • 372.  Thorvald (15:36:35) :

    Ok fine, just to entertain skarastamonjamondudelee:

    “I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our Island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone.

    At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do. That is the resolve of His Majesty’s Government-every man of them. That is the will of Parliament and the nation.

    The British Empire and the French Republic, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

    Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail.

    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

    Did you like it? I wrote it myself.

    Oh, and to be on topic: If that is the real “Juls,” hi.

  • 21 09 2006
  • 373.  Gromnir1020 (16:36:05) :

    oot tbh

  • 21 09 2006
  • 374.  JULS lol jk (22:49:35) :

    I’m sure the real “Juls” concerns herself with things like mods and whether or not they can check to see if her email address is consistent.

  • 22 09 2006
  • 375.  tmozes (10:58:02) :

    Looks like Lazytown is on tour once more. Somebody has to get out there and get some good hi-res pictures of Stephanie. This could be the last chance as she looks too old to be playing the part of a child.

    And if she is in her sweatpants, a butt shot is almost totally required.
    (And post your Pictures.)

    Good luck to you all if you select this Mission.

  • 22 09 2006
  • 376.  Chocky (13:35:26) :

    There are perfectly legal ladies dressing up as Stephanie at conventions now…..

  • 22 09 2006
  • 377.  Thorvald (21:03:47) :

    #374 knows whats up.

  • 29 09 2006
  • 378.  skarastamonjamondudelee (22:04:02) :

    still bored thorvald, wtf was that anyways?

  • 2 10 2006
    2 10 2006
  • 380.  haha (10:46:59) :

    someone could make a funny photo composition out of it

  • 3 10 2006
  • 381.  Thorvald (05:46:45) :

    Well Skarast, I’m not really bored anymore, but this place is kind of an aferthought.

  • 3 10 2006
  • 382.  Kloputze (07:16:50) :

    im 16 and i think shes an atractive girl =O
    so what?
    im not Pedo anyway o_O and i could not rape a young girl >.> its…i cant imagine to do this xD
    And lazy town is sooo crank it rulez teh shitz out o ya all =O The Songs make party all the day :]

    P.S. shes got a very good voice. and did u ever saw an interview with her? she says “thank you” cuter than paris hilton :O

    P.S.S im german thats why my english is soo bad :(

  • 3 10 2006
  • 383.  Juju (10:43:05) :


  • 3 10 2006
  • 384.  Thorvald (15:39:51) :

    “she says “thank you” cuter than paris hilton ”

    Paris Hilton’s claim to fame is being good at being a slut. Nothing cute about her.

  • 5 10 2006
  • 385.  skarastamonjamondudelee (22:48:39) :

    i have returned to leave my word


  • 11 10 2006
  • 386.  Pacific PanDeist (05:59:46) :

    Um, if you like Stephanie you aren’t gonna wanna see this:…. or the other one (… or the other other one (

  • 11 10 2006
  • 387.  Pacific PanDeist (06:03:19) :

    D’oj!! its and and, since the links ain’t workin.

  • 11 10 2006
  • 388.  zomg (11:18:06) :


  • 11 10 2006
  • 389.  Scoop Newsworthy (13:55:05) :

    This discussion of having pedophile type feelings for a child is disgusting.

    Wait three more years folks. Then it’s all gravy… amen.

  • 11 10 2006
  • 390.  Thorvald (16:34:56) :

    I gave all 3 a one for being perverted, pedophilic, and also poorly made.

  • 14 10 2006
  • 391.  Swiegocki (14:23:26) :

    Boa, ist diese Unterhaltung sinnlos !!!

  • 14 10 2006
  • 392.  Swiegocki (14:24:23) :

    In The Navy !!!

  • 14 10 2006
  • 393.  Daniel (19:02:21) :

    Oha, hier gibts auch Deutsche? Interessant.

  • 14 10 2006
  • 394.  Daniel (19:08:29) :

    Can anybody tell me the name of the song from this page?

  • 16 10 2006
  • 395.  skarastamonjamondudelee (23:21:45) :

    WTF was that ytmnd shit, that was lame

  • 17 10 2006
  • 396.  Abenoslave (09:22:05) :


    A+ would read again. Do u haet pizza?


    Daft Punk – Harder, Faster, Better

  • 17 10 2006
  • 397.  AngelBaby (10:18:38) :

    #396 – all loli haet pizza.


  • 28 10 2006
  • 398.  Swiegocki (14:00:18) :

    Mythbusters is better than Lazy Town!!!

  • 28 10 2006
  • 399.  Swiegocki (14:03:58) :

    You all are having big problems-right ??????

  • 29 10 2006
  • 400.  JM (08:36:30) :

    im still surprised the rage of people fighting over Paedophilia is still at its highest peak not realizing she is growing up. im guessing she’s 15 and a half years old; yet you guys say she’s still a kid.

    She’s already working as an actor and probably more successful then anyone here (well, more then I am cause im still in high school), so i would say she is pretty mature to be an adult with a fun and sensitive, young imagination. Like teenage artists!

    IM NOT implying or encouraging Paedophilia to continue here but if you are going to fight for her in anyway of “oh, i shall call the FBI” or “…uuhh you guys suck, i shall pray that you will go to hell and…” kinda crap, then think again of a better and alternative argument or fact or point before posting your rage which happens to repeat itself over the same thing over and over again from different people.

  • 29 10 2006
  • 401.  JM (08:38:41) :

    I DECLARE INTERNET WAR over this subject….lolz kidding!

  • 29 10 2006
  • 402.  Jcartoonz (10:14:45) :

    I am shocked at a lot of you. Ok i will agree:
    1.) Not all of you are talking about pedophiles and acts of pedophilia.
    2.) Some of you actually respect her in more ways than one.
    3.) Yes she is very pretty

    But what’s this with the sex and perverted talk? Let me tell you a little story. All my life i’ve been trying to make it big, i write and animate a cartoon series (on my 93rd episode), i’ve been working on a horror/comedy movie for a year and a half, a sitcom for a couple of months, a childrens show (i figured why not) and every so often i would make internet videos on youtube (which incidently will not be on again until near christmas because they got removed). So that’s twenty-four videos i lost there and i still carry on with my other work in the background trying to get noticed.

    I’m not going anywhere at the minute and i will admit that. I know that… but when i see Julianna’s face on tv it makes my day because she has made it, she is living the dream. If she is anything to me it’s not a fantasy love object, it’s an inspiration. And all you twenty-thirty year olds who see her as anything different should be ashamed.

    Now i can’t say much for adults because i myself am fifteen, (One day younger than Julianna to be precise lol! Which quite amused me [=) but i know the difference between what’s right and wrong. I don’t want to get with her or anything like the majority of the above users. I just want to meet her and talk, i feel i can relate to her you know because we are the same age and have the same dreams and aspirations. She has made it big, on tv etc, that’s the kinda thing i want to do and it would be a brilliant to meet her [=

    Thank you for reading this,
    Josh James

  • 29 10 2006
  • 403.  Swiegocki (14:49:38) :

    Who wants to bust a myth??

    Think Pink !!!!

  • 10 11 2006
  • 404.  Mr.Blone (07:00:38) :


  • 12 11 2006
  • 405.  the doctor (09:42:00) :


  • 12 11 2006
  • 406.  tmozes (12:30:01) :

    Heres a update, seeing that nobody ever posted those pictures of Julianna that they spoke about.

    Her IMBD page has been updated. Take a look.

  • 17 11 2006
  • 407.  somedude (23:11:00) :


  • 18 11 2006
  • 408.  skarastamonjamondudelee (03:21:51) :

    1. drop the whole “im a 15 year old”, thing
    2. go to school (if you are a kid, but probably not, if so get a job)
    3. get rich, then make tv show
    AND LAST quit trying to candycoat your post with all this nice innocent chatter! wtf are you doing here on his forum anyway, its not like you stumbled upon this website like; “oh gee golly! a forum about stephanie from lazytown! im gonna leave my thoughts and opinions about it for all the nice people to read!”

  • 18 11 2006
  • 409.  Thorvald (07:37:53) :

    I thought I said this was dead.

    This topic has nothing left, we are just beating a dead horse here.

  • 18 11 2006
  • 410.  zomg (13:13:45) :


  • 19 11 2006
  • 411.  skarastamonjamondudelee (02:08:51) :

    thus shall it be then

  • 19 11 2006
  • 412.  AlphaAzieru (11:35:57) :

    o rly = (8>

  • 24 11 2006
  • 413.  admiral angry (05:29:13) :

    TORF! everyone on here is making such a big deal about all this LOLZ! DERP! man, im 19 and i think she’s way hot. i’m not ashamed, nor do i feel guilty, i mean hell, it’s a compliment to her. get over yourselves.

  • 24 11 2006
  • 414.  *lol* (16:41:34) :

    ahah… ahah… ahah…
    i read up to about #200, and i have to say it was extremly entertaining.
    i’d bet money that most of the idiots who come on here going “YOU’RE ALL SICK DIE DIE DIE” are closet pedophiles or some shit.
    especially that jhall guy.
    went on a long rant about how bad it is,
    and then was all like “im NOT a pedo (just so you know)”
    mate, its clear as fucking day that you are after that last line. stop trying to shift attention to everyone else so as you dont look like a kiddie fucka. bitch. LAWL. wanna fight? that would be great.
    then you’ve got a bunch of toddlers throwing in some random laughable shit.
    better than TV.
    also, the things people say on this here intrawebs, is obviously nothing personal. get over your dumbasses. people who act like this in real life are pethetic. people who act like this on the internet… well, there are no words to describe how fucking lame it is.

    why are the majority here, so fucking stupid? people this stupid also vote… go fucking figure. no wonder this planet is going to hell.
    i’d also like to add that she is very pretty, and based on an interview i saw her do on youtube, think she has the sweetest persona. im 18 if you’re wondering. cuntz

  • 24 11 2006
  • 415.  Swiegocki (17:05:56) :

    Does anybody know where I can find polish coffee?

  • 25 11 2006
  • 416.  skarastamonjamondudelee (02:28:44) :


  • 9 12 2006
  • 417.  void oh six (14:27:31) :

    id fuck stephanie

  • 10 12 2006
  • 418.  Thorvald (08:36:15) :

    Interesting point. Perhaps you could extrapolate on such an intellectual comment in this highly respected thread.

  • 10 12 2006
  • 419.  AngelBaby (13:59:50) :

    Interesting point. Perhaps you could extrapolate on such an intellectual comment in this highly legendary thread.


  • 10 12 2006
  • 420.  zomg (14:17:24) :

    posting in legendary thread ps LOLOLOL 420

  • 11 12 2006
  • 421.  Samuel (00:38:24) :

    Hellow gaiz!!! this iz Samuel! Reemembur mee? Wel I gust wont tu say that I em stil in luv with STEFANY!!!!!!! I LUV HUR SOW MUCH THAT I WONT TO MEAT HER!!!!!!! ZOMG ZOMG!!!!!!! STEFANY!!! Wy woant yoo cum bak to vizit this sight to tok to mee? I em knot lich the other bois, I akchually luv yoo!! beeleev it or knot, I wud go to the ands of the urth for yoo!!! I wont to meat yoo and foll in luv with yoo. Than wee can git mareed and have menee childrin!!! Than wee can grough old toogather and dy toogather and wee can be bareed in the saym grayv!!! No wut I em gona put on mai toomstoan? “I LUV YOO STEFANY!!!! YOO AR MAI WAIF AND I LUV YOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!



  • 11 12 2006
  • 422.  Thorvald (20:11:27) :

    “419. AngelBaby (13:59:50) :

    Interesting point. Perhaps you could extrapolate on such an intellectual comment in this highly legendary thread.


    Thanks for the save, bro

  • 19 12 2006
  • 423.  IsUDoneYet? (13:58:18) :

    Theres lotta shit on the internet, so whywouldnyawanna check.

    im shuttin this POST after XXXmas

  • 19 12 2006
    19 12 2006
  • 425.  AngelBaby (15:14:12) :

    that image looks like it was created using pedoshop.

  • 20 12 2006
  • 426.  JM (10:56:47) :

    oh god that was disturbing… haha ‘pedoshop’ nice one

  • 20 12 2006
  • 427.  skarastamonjamondudelee (13:19:38) :

    this was the work of a determined pedo, looks time for some decryptions you’d better call tom hanks

  • 20 12 2006
  • 428.  no1askedmebut (13:42:24) :

    internet`s full of Damn things,

  • 20 12 2006
  • 429.  Jcartoonz (20:03:59) :

    ok, 408. Sorry i took so long to reply but i googled my crappy production company “Jcartoonz” and it linked me back (ironically) to
    1.) I am 15, i was just saying cus most ppl on here are basically admitting to be pervs.
    2.) I go school, i’m in year 11 (Yes thats English years so if ur american thats like ninth grade is it?)
    3.) Atm, i’m just messing about with youtube vids although getting rich and making a tv show sounds like a good plan [=

    Check out my vids at

    Sadly enough the first video is in fact about lazytown, which i made about two months ago, ah well it gets better.

    And how i stumbled across this was googling Jul’s name, i started reading and at first i found the comments amusing, then kinda disturbing but i guess i was just having a bad day cus at the end of the day this sucks, its just a stupid forum, whatever anyone says in here isn’t going to affect me let alone Juls cus it’s not like she’s gonna come back on here and start having a go at random perverts.

  • 22 12 2006
  • 430.  Jcartoonz (15:48:53) :

    as of today the youtube account no longer exists… so you can’t exactly check against that but meh… its a long story, it involves a film at butlins, a phonecall about damage to the accomadation and videographic evidence, which is no longer on youtube. There may be a christmas video on tomoz but as for now the account is closed. All you people who are not #408 i am deeply sorry, you came on here to read about Juls and instead read this crap

  • 22 12 2006
  • 431.  J.J. (22:31:10) :

    Stephanie isn’t real folks. However, Julianna Rose Mauriello is. Pedos loves her because they saw her in a pink wig and little dress. If she wasn’t in that outfit. Some of you wouldn’t be talking about how much you love her. Pedos need to get real and stop living in the fantasy world. If you guys want to have a girl in pink date a cosplayer. There are plenty of those in anime conventions.

  • 23 12 2006
  • 432.  zomg (01:58:43) :

    Yeah you sick freaks at least fantasize about your neighbor’s daughter or something. Not some fictional character. God what’s wrong with you!

  • 27 12 2006
  • 433.  fuck off knob lolz (15:37:21) :

    432 stop being a fuckin closet pedo u know ur like hooo hoooo gtg download 20million gigs of kiddie porn onto my computer so i can toss off until its sore. so actually gos wtf is wrong with u knobhead. hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha…twat

  • 27 12 2006
  • 434.  fuck off knob lolz (15:38:58) :


  • 27 12 2006
  • 435.  zomg (19:51:32) :

    oh bullshit. I never say “hooo hooo”

  • 28 12 2006
  • 436.  fuck off knob lolz (10:35:26) :

    no but u didnt deny u download 20 milliongigs of pedo crap did ya so dere for provin u r a pedofile.

    i gots 3 ting to say to ya
    1) fuck u
    2) fuck u
    3) fuck u

    i bet u got the new p2p sharing program limewire peado v2.15 rofl!!!

  • 28 12 2006
  • 437.  skarastamonjamondudelee (17:48:49) :

    have any of you seen the ESURANCE chick from those commercials??
    theres some fictional action

  • 29 12 2006
  • 438.  zomg (01:10:15) :

    kim possible is hotter than the e-surance girl. whose name is erin.

  • 29 12 2006
  • 439.  fuck off knob lolz (10:49:46) :

    omfg now ur pervin over cartoon caracters wtf is wrong wid u. how is it actually possible to get off to a drawing??? makes no sense.

  • 29 12 2006
  • 440.  zomg (14:07:46) :

    plz go away

  • 30 12 2006
  • 441.  fuck off knob lolz (09:57:36) :

    y shud i? i find it highly entertainin that every1 is admittin they peados on here when the actual website records your ip address all id have to do is report this website reffering this page and a whole loada shit will go down.

  • 31 12 2006
  • 442.  skarastamonjamondudelee (01:48:33) :

    i never admitted to being i pedo i simply said if anyone has ever seen that e-surance cartoon who said anything about getting off on cartoons??

    erin is way hotter than kim possible! she has more detail. kim possible looks way to cartoonish
    i wonder wat she does with that little bald wiener rat thing??

  • 31 12 2006
  • 443.  fuck off knob lolz (07:24:59) :

    see u just contradicted uself assclown.

  • 1 01 2007
  • 444.  skarastamonjamondudelee (23:21:21) :

    your the ass clown if you cant see the joke in that dickhead

  • 2 01 2007
  • 445.  zomg (00:21:26) :

    seriously, just let the big people go along with their “jokes that are only sort of jokes and also sort of true, but jokey enough that we can pretend they aren’t”

  • 2 01 2007
  • 446.  the Abyss (00:26:40) :

    I like dee-dee from Dexter’s Lab, shes hot

  • 2 01 2007
  • 447.  dickead mate (17:09:27) :

    i agree wit fuck off lolz y the hell r people into anime porn shit???

  • 2 01 2007
  • 448.  zomg (22:16:25) :

    I’m vaguely certain they don’t show “anime porn” on Disney, Cartoon Network, on in car insurance commercials. Althought you never know with those crazy folks at Progressive.

  • 2 01 2007
  • 449.  skarastamonjamondudelee (23:32:30) :

    how about patty mayonaise from doug! theres oldskool

  • 3 01 2007
  • 450.  wtf????????????????????? (09:04:15) :

    i really do think this thread shud b closed now cuz there enough peadofiles ip addresses in this to really fuck u all up!

  • 4 01 2007
  • 451.  skarastamonjamondudelee (00:10:10) :

    thus shall it be,
    erin is still a hot cartoon/e-surance girl

  • 27 01 2007
  • 452.  Chelsea (11:30:42) :

    hey everybody whatever disease you pedo’s have I’m sure it’s got letters and they supply some medicine to cure it but until then, why don’t some of you take my number. If I get any phone calls from pedophile’s wanting sex, I will do something that should have been done long ago! Have a nice day :) bye bye now xxx

  • 27 01 2007
  • 453.  Chelsea (11:31:09) :


  • 28 01 2007
  • 454.  Thorvald (20:06:07) :

    LOL At previous 3 posts.

    Too bad American justice isn’t vigilantism. None of this is illegal.

    I also find it humorous to assume that any of us are actual pedophiles.

  • 28 01 2007
  • 455.  zomg (23:45:02) :

    i keep calling u chelsea y do u pretend to be a operator and then hang up? Is this how u punnish mosestars? YOU MONSTER!

  • 29 01 2007
  • 456.  Chelsea (01:29:07) :

    heres my real number then gawd!!


  • 29 01 2007
  • 457.  zomg (02:37:42) :

    fool me once, shame on, shame on you… fool me, can’t get fooled again!

  • 4 02 2007
  • 458.  omfg... (23:22:53) :

    ok… i read up to about 250 or so…. this is the most fucked up thread on the entire internet.
    … just to clear some stuff up:
    1) the internet is full of pedos
    2) most of them would happily rape Stephanie from LazyTown
    3) the people on here who are just flaming and accusing everybody of being pedos or who can’t spell for shit are all fucktards who can go to hell
    4) You’ve gotta do the cooking by the book.
    … and shame on whoever had the power to delete this travesty and didn’t …

  • 5 02 2007
  • 459.  zomg (03:33:13) :

    I always thought Spooky Song was better than the cake song. Or the pirate song, for that matter. Dippity-dee it’s only me, boppity-boo I scared you

    also do we really need 3 Stephanie threads on the main page? Two is good, but three is just overkill.

  • 5 02 2007
  • 460.  Skarastajamondudelee (23:12:33) :

    ^^^^dude lazytown songs suck, the show it self sucks you people dont acually watch this shit do you???its really fucking cheesy

  • 12 02 2007
  • 461.  J.J. (22:46:09) :

    #460, why are you posting in here then? Lazytown is kewl.

  • 13 02 2007
  • 462.  zomg (00:09:24) :

    #460, come on. this is awesome

  • 4 03 2007
  • 463.  Borat (15:08:06) :

    i bet that when ive finished with her, she wont have any sports candy left to squeeze from that fishy apple tree of hers, fuckin stick my tennis racket in her little pipe hole of a minge ummmmmmm tasty :P !!!!!!!!

    Your definatly gonna ROPMED/RAPED

  • 5 03 2007
  • 464.  jimbob (12:27:30) :

    damn i missed this site i worship you you crazy fucked site

  • 6 03 2007
  • 465.  Cake (01:30:44) :

    Do you really belives that Julianna reads all this bullshit???

  • 4 05 2007
  • 466.  SKY. (18:48:19) :

    i rotfling, as a seventeen year old i’d like to just say…im lolling at you all.

  • 5 05 2007
  • 467.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (06:00:33) :

    fucking shit ahhhhhhh shit

  • 21 05 2007
  • 468.  Mitchell Pineo (17:32:42) :

    Ok i know Julianna and she tries to stay awy from this crap.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 469.  zomg (18:01:31) :

    It’s nice to know that everyone Julianna knows posts here.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 470.  Pacific PanDeist (12:42:54) :

    I am converting Stephanie to PanDeism…. slowly…. but surely….

  • 10 06 2007
  • 471.  Ronnie (11:00:18) :

    She is rather cute with that pink hair! :D

  • 11 06 2007
  • 472.  This is ridiculous (16:39:56) :

    Less talk more pics/videos faggots.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 473.  Someone (14:40:33) :

    Okaii this is just fucked up! all of u ppl just keep talking about pedos and stuff man maybe yall r!!

  • 19 06 2007
  • 474.  Mom Kitty (14:51:57) :

    My god you people! My daughter watches Lazytown every day…there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s a decent show for a kid and shouldn’t be turned into some kind of pedophile target. Stephanie is a cute girl and ya’ll are sick for thinking of her like that. Grow up people…it’s sad.

  • 29 06 2007
  • 475.  Saphirefenix (15:57:36) :

    …… All I have to say is :o


    To the top posts(#1-80) I am 14 and I say, INTERNET FOR ALL!!
    I have seen some of the sickest shit in this world, and even been in some of it…. It builds strength.

    And after that I honestly didn’t read the rest…

    But… I just wonder… If shes 14 and works 12hours a day, 6 days a week… How much f’ing money does she make!!

  • 10 07 2007
  • 476.  Stee (13:34:12) :

    I think she’s cute and I’m 32, in a few years I’ll be searching for naked photos of her.

  • 24 07 2007
  • 477.  Callum (06:44:55) :

    Guys, she’s hot Id do that. Hey im 16, she’s 16. All legall in england ;)

  • 28 07 2007
  • 478.  Somekide (00:15:22) :

    Lol im 13 and shes 16 now so a boy can dream and im no pedo since im underagee you damn pervs!

  • 28 07 2007
  • 479.  Somekide (01:02:50) :

    Lol okay im really a fag who likes boys but i can still dream cant i?

  • 28 07 2007
  • 480.  James (01:37:22) :

    Hi there

    I’m a boy and I think that Magnus is way hot. He can arrest me any time. I wish he would enter through my window and save me from the evilness.

  • 28 07 2007
  • 481.  Mr.Shadow (01:38:58) :

    im say … LOL!

    she is pretty, but duds WTF!… go to play with the dog!

  • 28 07 2007
  • 482.  Mr.Shadow (07:04:28) :

    or … you can suck my cock. i like it when boys do that to me!


  • 28 07 2007
  • 483.  Brill404 (12:22:31) :

    Your rape comment is sick. But “Stephanie”, Julianna, is 16 now. Legal in some states including where I’m from.

  • 30 07 2007
  • 484.  emily browning (06:02:44) :

    I want to eat her out.

  • 30 07 2007
  • 485.  Frick (17:30:46) :

    484 – stupid fuck…

  • 1 08 2007
  • 486.  TheDisc (18:34:17) :

    Fuck you Frick stop hiding from me and come back to your rightful home

  • 1 08 2007
  • 487.  TheDisc (23:13:03) :

    Please come back Frick. I got a miniature erection that I’m dying to stick in your ass. :'(

  • 2 08 2007
  • 488.  TheDisc (09:08:14) :

    487-You wish man you fucking wish, you people and your sordid fantasies.
    Ha ha laughable

  • 2 08 2007
  • 489.  TheDisc (15:18:32) :

    So you didn’t call my bluff. I was being serious about the gay sex. And I dont waste my erections on just anyone.

  • 27 08 2007
  • 490.  Blaargh (18:46:18) :

    I read a lot of what was said here, and i would like to say that i still want to put in her sweet snatch. she’d scream my name as she slid down my pole, slickened with her juices. Then she’d bend over, still wearing her cute pink dress and beg me to stick it in her beautiful little bud. while i fucked her in the ass, i would slide my fingers in her sweet pussy, then pull them out and taste her sweet juices. then i would pull down her dress, and cum all over her sweet little nipples.

  • 31 10 2007
  • 491.  seris (03:46:44) :

    Omg, blaargh, you just made me the horniest I have ever been.

  • 31 10 2007
  • 492.  Johnny Cabrones (06:34:27) :

    491 – A knothole in a tree probably makes you horny, you dickweed…thanks for encouraging dumbfucks like that loser blaargh to spew their fail about Juli.

    Get a girlfriend faggot, or better yet go suck Blaarghs dick. Odds are, both of you have probably never been laid.

  • 5 11 2007
  • 493.  Mags (19:58:37) :

    This thread is the most amusing most unusual sickest piece of work I’ve come across on the internet in some time. Thanks for the years of laughs guys.

  • 25 11 2007
  • 494.  HeadShot (04:38:22) :

    can the owner plz ask juls if i can have her addy so i can talk to here thx

  • 26 11 2007
  • 495.  djp (06:02:09) :


    good luck stupid person. as if she wants to chat with a pedo stalker from this board.

  • 23 12 2007
  • 496.  FAKE NAME (07:23:01) :


  • 23 12 2007
  • 497.  Mike (08:38:57) :


  • 25 01 2008
  • 498.  Pedophylia (04:00:52) :

    SHIT!! i think i just got acid reflux just of reading all of this crap…
    i think she’ll be hotter when shes like 17.. cuz she’s a flatchest rightnow, i think her butt will be like fat and tight, oh i cant wait till shes legal…

  • 26 01 2008
  • 499.  dude (18:04:14) :

    shes only 13/14?
    cool, im 15 n think shes hot

  • 26 01 2008
  • 500.  dude (18:07:54) :

    aw wat!
    found out shes actualy 16
    n am 15 lak

  • 5 04 2008
  • 501.  like I'm gonna say (12:22:53) :

    I definatly would…

  • 13 04 2008
  • 502.  Korb (23:13:56) :

    That link pretty much explains it… He really isn’t talking about Google. He is talking about how Stephani changed his life!

  • 13 04 2008
  • 503.  Korb (23:24:11) :

    She is now an adult, that show is way old. Here she is today:

  • 13 04 2008
  • 504.  She's got the look!!!! (23:28:43) :

    Yea, tell me this girl isn’t cute…

  • 13 04 2008
  • 505.  OK, seriously - here she is now (2008) (23:32:25) :

    Bikini: (pedo bear is watching you pervs)

  • 22 04 2008
  • 506.  onlyangel (03:27:58) :

    You’re all sick bastards! you’re going to hell you freaks!

  • 13 07 2008
  • 507.  walker4409 (04:31:48) :

    we´ll see you there, angel

  • 30 07 2008
  • 508.  nobble (12:45:27) :

    u lot r pervs just coz u cant get sum1 ur own age u have to go 4 sum1 much yunger

  • 30 07 2008
  • 509.  smash (13:30:18) :

    508 – learn to fucking type you n00b.

  • 2 08 2008
  • 510.  hellboyprick (16:00:07) :

    Hey “nobble”, the question is what are you doing here?
    Defending the holy society out there?
    All these good people who never had a bad thought, and
    always followed the rules. The rules. There are only ten billions of them. And if that´s not enough you would be happy to invent another billion for us !
    Brainwashed creep !!!!

  • 11 12 2008
  • 511.  JC (18:40:53) :

    Hmm seems I’m a bit late but whatever

    I’m a 17 yr old guy, only a couple of days older than Juliana, and I watch LazyTown. I’ve got 3 DVDs – yeah I’m such a fucking saddo. Yes I agree that Stephanie is insanely hot and I’d do anything with her anytime, but that’s not the reason I watch the program. Life can be stressful at times so it’s great to watch something like Lazytown to forget about all that, plus the music is totally awesome. Lazytown actually made me start eating healthier, do more excersize and smoke less. Ironically recently I’ve found that watching Lazytown whilst stoned is AWESOME – I’m telling you it’s trippy as fuck. My stoner mates watch Lazytown with me. They all started watching it because it helped them ‘trip balls’ but now they’ve fallen in the same trap we all will – they all think Stephanie is ‘bare fit like-u get me?’

    Anyway I’m from the UK so excuse my slang.


    PS. I’m hetrosexual, but Sportacus is a fucking handsome lad – I’d give almost anything to look that good man

  • 17 12 2008
  • 512.  Namleppa (04:53:14) :

    She’s my age :D
    fucking hot.

  • 8 01 2010
  • 513.  Phil K (16:06:29) :

    Sacha – “knickers” is a damn sight more sexy than “underpants” which is what MEN wear for f**s sake.
    Yeah, european – one of those original english speakers who have a lexicon higher than 50 words.
    And the girl concerned is NOT 13 or 14 – she’s actually 19.

  • 8 01 2010
  • 514.  Phynix (20:11:43) :

    Now look it’s obvious that we need hard facts. A reliable source to answer this ever growing age question…so let us turn to that most reliable of sources – wikipedia!

  • 1 01 2012
  • 515.  5 years on. (08:22:43) :

    This thread is still here. Fuck me. And she’s gonna be 21 this year. Now you can talk about smashing that gash as much as you want.

  • 1 01 2012
    1 01 2012
  • 517.  Justin (19:30:55) :


    the picture in the slideshow with her sweaty armpits ruined it for me

  • 1 01 2012
  • 518.  garth (22:14:24) :

    sweaty armpits = epic fail.

  • 2 01 2012
  • 519.  Dirty (05:32:55) :

    At the end, “Been a long time since I jumped up and down on my bed”

    Can think of a couple better things to do there.

  • 2 01 2012
  • 520.  Coolstream (12:49:24) :

    Like build a fort?

    Fuck yeah, forts are awesome.

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