I wanna rant about this girl that i saw yesterday at school. Whoa.. she was really something. Loved that skirt she was wearing with that parting thing whatever it’s called. Anyway she’s gonna be joining my school next term after the summer holidays and i’m sure i’ll be seeing more of her. But to all of you that are reading this…you don’t give a damn so i should just stop. She probably has a boyfriend already.

All the good looking girls ALWAYS have boyfriends. I’ve never met one (1) good looking girl that doesn’t already have a boyfriend (I’m exaggerating of course). It’s good for them but it sucks for me. Blah. So if any of you girls out there wanna tell me that you yourself are good looking and single (desperate optional), please do so by saying something here. (Yes, this is a really cheap way of getting myself prospective girlfriends. I suck.)

In other news, two (2) of my friends have volunteered to do some work on this site. Which is cool i guess since i do have a staff page where all but one (1) of me is working on this site. (Boy..that was a pretty bad sentence coming an A grade english student like me). I’ll give it some thought.

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