Okay… i just woke up, haven’t brushed my stinky teeth or anything.. much less taken a bath…i looked in the mirror before i made this update… and i look like a raccoon. Got a very flattering e-mail from a good net friend of mine. The thing is, i myself keep on thinking that i AM an ‘asshole’ or a ‘bastard’ but then i get all these emails and people telling me that i’m so totally NOT. Case in point: right now.. i’m on ICQ and a friend asked what i’m gonna do this summer. I say nothing at ALL. She says that sucks. And i say like a vacuum cleaner. Immediate response: “hehheehhehee :o) i see! you DO make people feel better!!”

You know…if i were to compile all the good comments about me there’ll probably be….a lot of good comments (Bad sentence..i know). And of course it’ll give me a fucking massive ego trip. Heheh. But i’m not that vain. So haha.

Um…i have no idea why i’m writing all of this right now. You can’t blame me. I JUST FUCKING WOKE UP FROM MY DEEP SLUMBER. Had a coupla cool dreams too involving school and that chick in the skirt. No. Not *that* kinda dream. Sicko

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