Just watched Gone In 60 Seconds. Pretty good flick actually…for a summer movie. Brainless fun. Pacing wise, it’s much much faster (in more ways than one) than Mission: Impossible 2. No need for an hour and a half to set up the plot followed by 40 minutes of non stop action. 60 minutes’ story flows smoother than liquidated shit. If you love cars, you’ll love this movie. One scene kinda bugs me though…the flying Shelby scene almost at the end. Kinda defies the law of physics actually. But then again, if John Woo did it in M:I-2, why can’t Dominic Sena do the same? Oh well…who needs physics anyway. 60 is kinda like Armageddon in a way…but with cars. Gladiator is still the best of the summer bunch so far though….

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