It’s a brand new day after watching 6 (six) movies in a row. (Heh..i kinda added two (2) more movies at the end…Shaft (again) and High Fidelity). I must say that i was right Final Destination was a really bad bad movie. It’s so silly it hurts. I was just like…”Oh please…” Predictable beyond belief. Even Stifler couldn’t save the movie because he wasn’t being Stifler enough. And Ali Larter looked shitty in there. Titan A.E. was good. But it had plot holes so big you could drive a double decker bus through them. Got to see Matt Damon’s cartoon ass. That’s a first. Was kinda wishing it was rated R so i could get to see Drew Barrymore’s naked ass too. Cartoon boobs would be nice too. Yet again, Shaft still is the man. “What’s my name?!” High Fidelity was really a nice movie. Very nice…i liked it. I need more movies to watch. Probably gonna try watching House On The Haunted Hill. I’m wondering if it’s better than The Haunting. Ooh..hey, Catherine Zeta Jones had a cameo in High Fidelity. That was cool.

Yes, i am a movie fanatic.

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