Yesssss….! Fat Jeff finally broke up with his girlfriend yesterday! Wooo hooo! About time too. “You were right, i should’ve never gone out with her in the first place” That’s what he said. Would’ve made my day but then he added: “..But i still like her.” Please…..

Anyway…YES, they broke up! Woo hoo hoooo..! Now my best advice for fat Jeff is to watch High Fidelity. Now that Jeff’s single again, he can go after that girl in school whose names means ‘Heart’ in Spanish…or whatever. Oh and Jeff didn’t come over today. He was too distraught over breaking up. Woo hoo!

Oh and next time when you’re gonna go out with someone, make sure she’s not a slut. (Now Jeff’s gonna kill me for calling his ex-girlfriend a slut)

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