Okay i’m bored right and i had nothing to do but buy this really shitty game a few months ago called Spec Ops 2: Green Berets. It’s an army squad type of game where you’re this guy and you have a squad of other guys under your command following you behind your ass. This game is shitty beyond belief. In real life it’d be good to actually have a squad of other guys backing you up but given the quality of the squad in this game, i might as well be alone. I can give em the usual commands and stuff and they routinely run out and get shot or shoot me. In one hilarious example, a squad member fell to his death. I kept looking for deep water to see if i could get one to drown himself. I mentioned having my own squad member shooting me. Well, i actually experienced a breathtaking case of life imitating art gaming. My number two man is named Williamson. When we’re walking together he’s always a few steps behind me. He absolutely loves to shoot me in the head. He does this well and often, killing me everytime an enemy is on a hill and i’m in front of him. In what i think is supreme irony, i was actually bored enough to check out the games credits and guess what, the games designer’s name is, of course, Williamson. Not only did i feel like i was being shot in the head everytime i played this crap game, but i actually was! You gotta love that.

This game truly sucks ass and you should never ever play it. Play Soldier Of Fortune or Rogue Spear instead. This has been another semi-intersting rant and i have no idea why i’m even ranting bout this. Let my ass kicking session begin.

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