Hoooo boy. I’m up reeeeealy early today. Those of you who are in the US reading this are probably still stuck in June 31st when it’s the 1st of July already here. Independence day weekend this is. Looking forward to watching The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. Should be Braveheart-y. So it should be good. Unless Devlin and Emmerich screw it up again like they did with Godzilla. Size Does Matter? How bout Plot Does Matter. As usual, i still have some gunk up my throat that i haven’t yet disposed of. And whenever i cough, i can feel the shit just jiggle, wobble and pulsate about my throatal regions. If there even is such a region. I haven’t been updating my other site since i first opened this one. In fact, you could even say it’s dead. Think of that one as the ‘resource center’ or whatever. This site is now the official site for news and updates within my so called life.

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