These instructions are for Jeff because he’s an internet newbie and he doesn’t
know how to delete his history. (In case he ever surfs porn using his brother’s pc)

First if you’re using NETSCAPE, look up and click on EDIT

You should find PREFERENCE somewhere there. Click on it.

Once in, look under navigator and you’ll find CLEAR HISTORY and CLEAR LOCATION BAR. Click on those if you want.

If you wanna go deeper (uh huh huh) look under ADVANCED and click on CACHE. You should know what to do then.

If you’re using IE, then….you’re fucked. But you should know how to work IE. We use it in school. You surfed
shannonelizabeth.com in school using my account you bastard. But that was when we were still using Netscape. But you’re still a bastard.

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