I once had a gay cat. His name was Moggie. Obviously it was male cat since i referred to it as ‘his’. I also had another cat at the time also a male. Anyway, Moggie was gay. There were no other female cats around and it was that season where cats get horny and try to fuck any female cat in the vicinity. I don’t let my cats out so they were both mostly confined within the house walls. So Moggie just started getting really queer and proceeded to bite the other cat’s neck to get into the cat humping position. Of course, the other cat who was straight probably found the whole scenario pretty disturbing and he’d ‘break the hold’ and run away while Moggie kept chasing him trying to hump him.

Gay cats are weird.

I’d tell you the story of when Moggie took a shit on my right foot but i’ll save that for another day.

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