Road trip (of sorts)

Yeah so you may’ve noticed i was gone for bout 2 (two) days. Me, Oliver and John went to the ‘big city’ to meet up with Adi. We stayed over at his place. Boy that room brought back lots of memories. The room of decadence we called it. Anyway this will be boring but i’m just gonna write about what we did regardless anyway. That Wednesday night we went out to Taurean Cafe and met up with the legendary Gina and also with Angela. Had a coupla laughs listening to Gina’s impersonations and stuff. John also broke a glass trying to pull off some Mission: Impossible 2 shit like when Tom Cruise kicked up that gun. Well, John knocked over a glass and tried to save it by kicking it back up before it fell. Instead he kicked it into the wall. Dumbass. Anyway, we went to play some pool at this pool hall nearby. That was a good night out. Went back to Adi’s after that and watched…um…Animal Tricks. I won’t elaborate on that coz Oliver told me not to but lets just say it was the most disgusting thing we’ve ever witnessed. After that we had an hour of ‘deep’ conversation. (In-joke there. Sorry. You just had to be there.) Went to sleep soon after. The next Thursday morning we all went to the beach at bout 11 am. It was fucking hot. We met up with Sophie, Suzanna and Aaron at the beach. We also picked up Pete on the way. Had a ‘picnic’ (another in-joke) and went swimmin in the sea for a bit. John got fucking sunburned so bad (dumbass) that he actually suffered from sunstroke today. Anyway, after the beach everyone kinda agreed that Suzanna was hot. Adi could’ve got with her he was gonna leave the next day. At least he got to give her a piggy back ride to Pete’s dismay (He wanted to give her the ride but Adi beat him to it) She was wearing this 2 piece bikini. So that was cool i guess. Very cool actually. *Sigh* Anyway, after the beach we met up with Mohammad and we all went to Gadong minus Adi who had to stay home and spend time with his family before he left. So we all rang up fat Jeff to give us a lift to Gadong. So he did. But he left as soon as we got there. Oh well. (Dumbass) Anyway, it was me, Oliver, John, Pete and Mohammad. We stayed in Gadong, got a bite to eat, met up with Angie there, played lots of pool, got stranded there at night when a misunderstanding occured of how we were gonna get back (Adi was supposed to come get us but he couldn’t) so we had to call up Nori to send us back to Adi’s. Damn. For a moment there we all thought we had to walk back to Adi’s. At one point after a lot of arguing about all the possible ways of getting home, i just blurted out

“Aw come on guys, let’s just do this”

Pete says, “Do what man?”

And i go, “I dunno man”

Then we all burst out laughing. (You just had to be there to get the humor of this all) Anyway, we all got home eventually. We all stayed over at Adi’s. We watched The Wedding Singer and went to sleep after that. This morning, we all had breakfast and later on i found John passed out in front of Adi’s toilet. (Dumbass) Sunstroke. Oh well. We said our goodbyes to Adi there at his place cos we weren’t able to see him off at the airport or we’d miss the bus back home 100km away. And that’s basically it i guess. Of course there’s more that happened but i’ll just save those little stories for later posts and shit. I’m tired. This is probably boring to you all. I don’t really care anyway. Normal postings will resume shortly hereafter. Till then.

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