Update crap

I’ve decided not to move servers yet because:

1. It’s a pain in the ass
2. It’s a pain in the ass

and finally beacuse:

3. It’s a pain in the ass

Hypermart.net was my best bet at finding a server that allows cgi scripting but they have big ass pop up banners ON EVERY PAGE. It’s also really annoying having make up a new layout for this site. What i want is a page layout that’s 80 percent text and 20 percent gifs/jpegs and shit. Should i go with tables? Frames? Iframes? Should i stick with raw HTML? Should i use scripts? Well fuck all that shit because this site is going to stay like this till i can get a good host that allows cgi scripting and also till i can think up a good enough new layout and color scheme. Updating is…

…a pain in the ass.

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