Failed… again

Yet again, ANOTHER failed attempt at…well, all you regular readers of this site should know by now what the topic of the week is….well anyway, picture this:

It’s the end of the school day. A long hallway. Nobody around. Just me and Oliver walking down the hall talking about….you know….and in the distance…there she is walking towards us with her friend Camilla i think (Probably the wrong spelling knowing me).

Okay, so there right in front of us was a window of opportunity to just make any kind of contact perhaps just even say “Hey Jeanne” and guess what happens, OLIVER apparently freaked and darted off in another direction towards the gym.

I have no idea why he of all people did that. I mean, in a normal situation, I would’ve been the one who’d run away and hide. Anyway, i was like: “Why the hell did you do that??”.

I found it pretty funny that HE was the one who tried to avoid her and not me but regardless of that we continued arguing about his actions and my intentions and later Jia Ying intercepts us and interrogates us about what we were arguing about.

We didn’t ‘exactly’ tell her what happened at first but she caught on (Apparently EVERYBODY knows about this Jeanne ‘thing’) and she came to the conclusion that Oliver liked her too. Haha.

Oliver then kinda panicked and tried clearing his name and blaming it on me. But i wasn’t even the one who ran off! Hehe.

Anyway, now everyone thinks that all us ‘guys’ are like ‘obssessed’ with Jeanne. God, it’s funny and really scary as well. I mean, what’ll she think if she ever gets a hold of all our exploits?? Ahhhhh..!!

She’ll probably think we’re psychos or something.


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