Couldn’t have said it any better

Here you go you damn dirty apes. For your convenience, i present to you
Sam’s post.


I gotta first of all give some huge ass kudos to Justin. This guy rocks ass!!! Who else would come up with the fiendish plan of insulting people, stalking the most talked about girl in school, and generally getting people to his site so he can make the “BIG ANNOUCEMENT”. All of that other shit was bullshit, and we all fell for it! WE all came, in our tribes to see what was happening with Justin, how is was going with Jeanne and what else he had to say about dan bell. All a ploy, and it worked a treat!

This guy is a true genius! I have to give it to him, I wouldn’t have thought it up, and I didn’t see it coming.

By appearing to be interested in the most talked about (and STALKED about) girl in school, he created an audience who cared. In insulting Dan bell, he created another audience who cared, in tell of my pathetic attempts to communicate with Jeanne, another audience was created. With the world listening, he could finally make his announcement when he knew it would be read.

Justin, my hat is off to you.

I am not saying all this to kiss his ass, just to let him know that he will be missed by the 141 people who read this site the other day.

Justin, I don’t care what you, or anyone else says, Justin…You’re a legend. Rock On.


Dead Horse: ……

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