Godammit i feel like shit tonight. Less than 48 hours till my last day in school. This sucks. And i’ve got such a big dilemma to resolve.

I won’t bother mentioning what it’s about but for those of you who think you know whats going on through my mind, just e-mail me and give ANY suggestions on what i should or shouldn’t do in my last final days in school here. I was so bored tonight that i tried calling up everyone that i knew just to have someone to talk to. I was supposed to call up you know who but i called up at the wrong time (she was having a shower) and when i tried calling up again later..it was engaged. Arrrgh.

So i called up Mordiana and basically talked out of my ass telling her my apparent dilemma.

She must’ve thought i was out of my mind or something. Heh. Anyway, i know i’m being quite cryptic here. But if you get me, then you get me. If you don’t, then you don’t.

Dammit. It sucks to be me.

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