Woaaah! I just check my Hotmail and i got 2 (two) e-mails from this girl from school. I don’t know if you’ve been following my site from the very beginning or not but i once or twice mentioned about this girl in a blue skirt coming to study at JIS. Well, that same girl e-mailed me and it seems that we ‘kinda’ know each other..! Shit..! That’s a big surprise..!

She know’s both my parental units’ names so i guess her ‘rents know my ‘rents too. I guess. I also do know that she used to go to the same school that i went to like…8 years ago or something like that. Anyway, the blue skirt girl, i finally found out her name at the beginning of term. Her name’s Rafidah. Apparantly there are quite a number of guys who think she’s quite…how do you say…hot? Hehe. Anyway, she wrote in her first e-mail:

Ok, So I don’t know you but I think I just saw you with your shirt all coloured
with handwriting printed what so ever.
Hey, that is good for you to further your studies else where!
So, Good Luck on that!

In her second e-mail she basically said:

Hey, during chemistry class it just finally clicked to me who you are, well I
think that is what I think.

And then she asked if my parents’ names were so and so or not.

This is cool. Unexpected and cool. But it’s too bad none of you give a damn!!! Cocksmokers.

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