Anyway i should explain myself. I wasn’t updating at all yesterday because i went to ‘the big city’.
A friend brought me up there and i called up Shawn and we met up and played pool at..the pool hall i guess. Shawn’s ex was there too and apparently she knows my name. Cool. Actually she’s from my ‘hometown’ in KB so she must’ve seen me around somewhere or something and that’s how she knows me i guess.

Anyway, we ate at A&W’s later and played more pool. Oh i also saw Jeanne over at another pool hall. She dyed her hair black/blue so when i did see her i did a double take. I went up to her (she was with her friend Rosie) and called out ‘Jay’. Sure enough it was her. She was on her way back home so we didn’t hang out that long.

Right, i went back with Shawn and stayed the night. This morning i made my way back to school to get my shit from the dorm and also to get my damn leaver’s cert signed. This is a pretty boring post. I’ll post more slightly interesting stuff later. I’m kinda under pressure now cos i’ve got at least 9 (nine) friends leering over my shoulder right now as i type this.


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