T-shirt money

I’m actually quite impressed at how great this T-Shirt Hell affiliate program works.

I mean, for one, it actually DOES work.

I’ve earned a total of 42 bucks ever since i started ‘selling’ them on my site. US$42 in less than a month! I can buy TWO (cheap) DVD’s with that money! Wow!

At 5 bucks earned per shirt, that’s… *thinks REALLY hard* … 8 shirts sold!

I’m crap at mental arithmetic.

Ooh and plus 2 dollars in commission!

(They have this weird commission system that i have no idea how it works but hey, if it means more money for me, i’m all for it.)

Go sign up. You might even be as ‘successful’ as i am.

And buy a shirt while you’re at it. Make me even richer. Haha.


One thought on “T-shirt money

  1. Hey J,

    I joined thier affiliate program via the link from your site, so all the shirts I sell, you get a part of two. I’ve already sold three in a week, so the next time you watch one of the new dvds your going to buy with that money, think of me. Unless it is a porno, in which case, just think of Zia.

    #1 | Comment by mg — November 6, 2001 @ 11:39 pm

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