What’s up faggots

OMG LOOK! The site’s all changed and you can probably see my stupid face to the left of this post. But yeah, welcome back me. I’m finally updating the site again. As you can see, things have changed a little. Okay maybe a lot. I’ve ditched using Greymatter to run the site and i’m now using Invision Power Board instead. I’m still getting used to it so yeah, apologies for the extremely ‘template-y’ look right now. I’ll probably add stuff and change things around over the next coupla days.

Anyway, i’ve tried to keep the same look and feel of the old layout. Not sure if i can match it EXACTLY but hey, at least i’ve brought over the same shitty colors.

So with the new forums comes the new site (which is actually powered by the forums really).

Changes? Well you’re going to actually have to REGISTER to leave comments to the posts on the main page. And the posts in the forum too for that matter. This is a good thing. Because it’ll get rid of you fucking idiots that leave stupid fucking comments all the time and it’ll be a hell of a lot more easier to moderate your dumbass comments.

Oh and for those of you new to the site, we’ve been having some trouble with the commenters over the past coupla weeks. Basically, the site was overrun with stupid newbies (and i do mean stupid newbies) so the comments section was getting to be a real major drag. So much so that i had to turn off the comments.

Anyway, you can still check out all the old posts that were made using Greymatter. Just hit up the archives. The comments are still turned off though. I’m not sure if i’ll turn them back on yet. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see.

The site still kinda sucks right now and it’s looking pretty empty content wise. At least for now. But yeah, things will pick up over the next coupla days or so once i actually have stuff to post about.

By the way, the old rules of the site still apply if you’re going to leave comments for the front page posts. So don’t be fucking stupid like all the other newbs that used to pollute the site.

‘Til next time kiddies!


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