To: webmaster@psykotik.zzn.com
Subject: ..I love you..
From: Lipglossdstars
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 16:25:30 EDT

Hey, I just had to tell you that I love you and your site. And when I say ‘I love you’.. I mean, I really do love you. I want to marry you. But no, really..I love your site and all of the beautiful broads you post pictures of. I can even forgive you for choosing Avril over Ashlee Simpson, after all.. what would our relationship, er.. my out of control obsession with you be without forgiveness, right?

Oh, one more thing.. since you seem to enjoy spider-man so much, I thought you would like to see some pictures of some other crazed fans. My personal favorite is #5.

hot_pants_crew: Spidy is down with the hot pants crowd!

<3 Deana

Oh God that’s so hot. The e-mail i mean. Not those pics in that link. Which, if you haven’t already checked it out, WTF??????

I’ll say it again, WTF??????

But yeah, on a related note, Spider-Man 2. $180.1 mil baby. Sam Raimi, you have a hell of a lot to be proud of. *two thumbs up* You are officially my most favoritest director EVER. GOOD. FUCKING. JOB.

Anyhow, Deana. <3 back atcha.

Yep. Chicks dig the site.


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