So. I’m guessing i’m probably like the last person on earth who hasn’t seen any of Ali G’s stuff on TV.

I mean, i’ve heard of him (thanks to everyone in highschool who used to endlessly quote him [“BOOYAKASHA!”] back in 1999 – he was the Dave Chappelle of his time) and i know about his schtick but i never actually seen him in action. Until today at least.

I went out and picked up his Da Ali G Show on DVD (just came out two days ago) from Best Buy and i’ve only seen the first episode so far but damn if it isn’t one of the most laugh out loud funniest shows i’ve ever seen. It was fucking hilarious. I still haven’t seen the other 5 episodes yet (sadly, there’s only a total of 6 on the 2 DVD set – 3 hour total running time) but i don’t doubt that the rest are any less funnier.

I just wonder if his British produced stuff is just as good (if not better). I need to hunt them down when i get back to the other side of the world one day (i don’t think you can find his British stuff over here. At least not on DVD or VCD).

Actually, it wouldn’t be accurate for me to say that i’d never seen his work until today. I did manage to see his first feature film (Ali G Indahouse) a year ago when i was back in Brunei. And i thought it was fucking hilarious. I highly recommend it. Even if it is just another one of those ‘stupid’ movies. But it’s a funny stupid movie.

That movie also singlehanded brought back long gone memories of Betty Boo (some early 90’s europop singer) thanks to the use of one of her songs in the movie. They’re really super fucking catchy. I recommend ‘Where are you baby?’ and ‘Doin’ the do’. Not sure if she ever crossed over and made it big in the US but there was a time when she used to be all over the place in Europe and Asia.

Hm. All this 90’s pop culture talk reminds me of the days when i used to read Smash Hits. Never heard of it? It’s some british teeny bopper mag that i used to read. Speaking of which, i also used to read Bop and The Big Bopper. And as i’m increasingly making myself look gayer and gayer, i should also mention that fact that i also used to read YM and Cosmo.

Oh and i was also a member of The Big Bopper’s fan club.

Only girls will probably know what i’m talking about.


It’s fubar i tell you.


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