Claire Forlani

YES! Finally. A nice good look at her boobies topless. I’ve always loved her ever since i first saw Mallrats. And then i fell in love with her all over again in Meet Joe Black (loved that movie, loved the whole scene when Brad Pitt and her first meet, and come on, Brad Pitt’s death scene totally ruled).

She’s actually done a couple of movies where she’s gotten her kit off but nothing where you can get a clear look at the goods.

Anyhow, she may not be to your taste but i think she’s hot. She also happened to be the first celeb i had featured on this site’s layout back in 2000.

  • Claire Forlani 1
  • Claire Forlani 2
  • Actually you know what, i think i prefer her with clothes on. Sometimes a pretty face is all it takes. Boobs be damned!

    (e.g Alison Lohman)


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