AIM and me

Every now and then, i like to make myself visible to the general public on AIM (and hope that a really hot chick IMs me and wants to marry me but alas, that never happens. Ever). If you didn’t already know, i have my AIM set so that only people on my buddylist can see me. I have to do this because if i don’t, i get bombarded with IMs from random people. There are generally 6 different types of IMs that i get on a regular basis. IMs from people giving me props…

10/8/04 2:28 AM
DrunkenBum8: i like your site
psykotik2k: thanks
DrunkenBum8: im 16… and the bitches on your front pages are hot as fuck

… to people demanding i give them porn…

14/1/04 6:49 PM
TauDelt39: hi there
TauDelt39: i saw one of your posts about
TauDelt39: PLEASE give me wha tyou have!!!

… to people being general stupid idiots…

18/7/04 12:00 AM
StupidDex2005: i want your cock!

… to people asking me specific questions…

04/9/04 11:58 PM
JazzyJeffCali: so then
JazzyJeffCali: do you like Psycho Girl?
JazzyJeffCali: the one who’s in love with Matt
JazzyJeffCali: do you know her?
JazzyJeffCali: how old are you?
JazzyJeffCali: hmm?
JazzyJeffCali: and you’re a dude?
JazzyJeffCali: would you lick her chocha?
JazzyJeffCali: her young chocha

… and of course, MY PERSONAL FAVORITE (i.e the type that makes me want to stab them in the face), the people that do this:

28/8/04 6:16 AM
liquidhifi: hello
liquidhifi: who is this
liquidhifi: your on my buddy list but i dont know who you are

04/9/04 11:46 PM
TurkishDelight37: hey
TurkishDelight37: who is this?

29/12/03 3:46 PM
OhWhoaAUFO: huh? hmmmm…. howd you get on my buddy list

10/8/04 2:23 AM
RyanThaRappa: i put u on my buddy list
RyanThaRappa: but i forgot who u r

04/9/04 11:59 PM
TheCandyManZ28: who is this

10/8/04 2:17 AM
kanenxpac1: ?
kanenxpac1: who are you

10/8/04 2:17 AM
boredwithgarlic: hmm.. some1 on my aim that i dont kno.. who be this?

08/5/04 8:50 PM
NightsEcHoS182: who r u

03/3/04 4:58 PM
cracker man332: who is this

The only other type of IM that i dread are, of course, the Avril ones:

28/1/04 1:39 PM
PWShvr: is your name avril
psykotik2k: nope
PWShvr: ok
PWShvr: are you sure?
psykotik2k: yep. pretty sure
PWShvr: even if you were you probably wouldn’t admit it since you would get flooded with IMs, so I am not 100% sure that you aren’t Avril.
psykotik2k: i’m 100% sure i’m not

(even when i deny it, they still think i’m her)

But thankfully, i don’t get those as much anymore.

03/3/04 5:00 PM
DeadVASky: hey
Auto response from psykotik2k: who are you and why am i on your buddy list?
Dead VA Sky: i read your website
Dead VA Sky: it is sooo awesome
Dead VA Sky: anyway, it makes sense how you dotn want people to talk to you
Dead VA Sky: put me on your buddy list and i promise nto to bug you

It’s hard being psykotik2k.


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