The Grudge

Stupid. I can’t believe how some people can actually say that Ringu is better than The Ring. Ringu fucking sucks. It’s as scary as this guy (which isn’t very much).

Ringu wasn’t scary. The remake is probably 10 times more scarier and it probably would’ve been that much scarier for me if i hadn’t seen the shitty original first.

So i’m reading about The Grudge and i see all these people going on about how it’ll suck because it’s a remake and how it’s too slick to be scary blah blah blah. Fuck you. I’ve seen the original Ju-On and it sucked balls. There was nothing really scary about it and it was boring as hell. Not as boring as Phone (stupid Korean horror flick which i didn’t even finish watching because it sucked harder than Ju-On) but boring and not very scary nonetheless. But fuck Phone. I’m looking forward to the Ju-On remake. I really don’t see why people are bitching about it. It’s not like some other director is remaking it. It’s the same guy who did the Japanese original. Plus Sam Raimi is producing. And it’s got a bigger budget so hopefully they’ll fix the shitty makeup effects on that little kid this time (the terrible makeup in the original totally took me out of the movie).

The Ring > Ringu
TTCM ’03 > TTCM ’74
The Grudge > Ju-On

Oh and if you didn’t already know, they’re remaking The Amityville Horror. Michael Bay is producing so expect it to be as good as the TCM remake.

Remakes aside, i’m going to predict that a lot of people are going to be all like, OMG THE GRUDGE IS SOOOO SCARY!!!!! SCARIER THAN THE RING!!!! And if it is, then good! Nothing like a good scary movie. But i can just imagine how some people are just gonna be like, SOOOO freaked out by the images they’ll see in The Grudge because they’ve never seen this kind of horror before.

Western horror just doesn’t compare to Asian horror. But most of you probably already know that if you’re into import DVDs and/or have seen The Ring.

Makes me wish i was still with that stupid ass ex-girlfriend of mine who thought The Ring was the scariest thing ever. So scary that even the mere mention of the movie to put her to tears. Honest to goodness. It has happened. Stupid bitch. She’d probably die if i made her watch The Grudge. Which is undoubtedly going to be a lot scarier and better than the original. Moreso than The Ring was.

Goddamn what a pussy. In fact, all of you are pussies. I posted about it once. PUSSIES!

By the way, i love the little easter egg on the Ring DVD where you can watch the ‘tape’ in it’s entirety. The best thing about it is that it disables the remote control functions so you can’t stop the ‘tape’ even if you wanted to. I should’ve tricked my ex into activating that easter egg. Then she would’ve been like OMGOMOGMOMGOMG WHY WON’T IT STOP?!??! AAHHHHH!!! *CRY*

Stupid cunt.

That being said, check out the official website for The Grudge if you haven’t already. Pretty creepy. Especially with the sound up and the lights off.

The Japanese are geniuses.


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