Psycho Girl Revealed?

Subject: Info about Psycho Girl!!!!
From: Michael
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 14:03:57 -0700 (PDT)


I visit your site and couldnt help but commenting on the “psycho girl” video. I think I know the story behind it and who she is!

The girl’s, aka “psycho girl,” name is actually Laura Robinson. Yields from Yardley, PA which is a upper-middle-class type of town where she was obviously very spoiled. She is infact NOT a minor, but a 21-year-old college dropout. She used to go to the state college of Shippensburg University out in the cowland sticks of central PA. She was in a sorority (another sorority slut!!) She was a Spanish major but got booted after sophomore year, when she flunked out because she was too busy taking care of her online Virtual Pets and obsessing over her fratslut boyfriend.

She had a boyfriend… named Matt. Matthew Maimone in fact. He also went to her college and was in a frat. The other girls in her sorority said that she was very protective of Matt. Robinson found out that before Matt even knew she existed, he’d participated in a 3some with two chicks in her same sorority. She was so mad that she set up the two sisters so they ended up getting kicked out. She dated him for slightly over a year and towards the end of the relationship she basically moved herself in with him. Soon after he dumped her and booted her out. Something about her being waaaay too controlling and interfering with his studies to the point that he nearly flunked one of his summer classes. That made Fratwhore Matt realize that she was too much. Soon after, she wanted to show him that she was over him for good, and capable of finding someone else, so she married a young man who was in the military. This meant being stationed with him in Germany for the past half year while he finished his basic training. She is the domestic housewife type who doesn’t hold a job, no longer even goes to school, and basically depends on a “manly-man” type of guy to support her and provide for her. Mooch. Last I heard, she got pregnant from her husband and she was also trying to still attempt to hook back up with Matt. Doubt that, but unfortunately rumor has it that she’s back in Pennsylvania again. She should be about 6 or 7 months pregnant by now. Damn.

Just thought I’d share! I actually have friends who were in her sorority at Ship U, and another friend who dated Matt not long after he dumped Robinson, and the girl said that Robinson would criticize her constantly and always call when she (the new gf) and Matt were out on dates together. Hope this info helps.


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  1. bahahahahha that is so wrong!

    #1 | Comment by bob — January 8, 2006 @ 4:23 am

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