Libby Hoeller Lives

13 01 2005

Been sorta sitting on this for over a week now. Couldn’t get around to posting about it until now but nevertheless, here it is:

hi justin. i have been here for awhile just lurking. i live in madison, wi and i am very familiar with the libby hoeller saga. today while working (i work for a major clothing retailer), two people approached me while i was working at the registers. i processed the transaction as per usual and when she handed over her card for me to swipe and i decided to look at the name this once out of boredom. low and fucking behold, the name on the front of the card was elizabeth hoeller. i looked at it again, ,y eyes widened, and i looked at her. she was still signing her name to the charge draft slip so she didnt notice me gawking at her. i couldn’t believe it. i sent her on her way and continued on with my line of people.

and in case you didn’t believe me, i saved the charge draft to prove that elizabeth hoeller did indeed use my register and interacted with me. i have to black out the account and other sensitive information, but if you would like to see it, i will send a scan of the receipt, a picture of me with it, and any other proof you may need. you were the first person i thought of when i discovered it was her.

  • The Libby Receipt

    Ah Libby Hoeller… your legend still lives on.

    I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that i’ve become somehow associated with her or the fact that the receipt was framed.

    Thanks to mitchevious for sending this in.


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