A very recent guestbook signing.

Fullname: Jeanne
Comments: JUSSSSS…………..PUHLEEEEEEEEESE don’t put that pic up if it’s the one i think it is. oh my god i will KILL you. i look stoned…i guess that could be a good thing, BUT fuck, if you do that will be the end of our relationship, ehehehehe, nah, but seriuosly man, don’t put that pic up. if you want a damn photo then i’ll give you a damn photo……over time…..

Cool. Jeanne signed the guestbook. Heheh. Anyway, okay okay i won’t post up the picture…! Don’t worry.

But it’s not the picture that you think though. It’s a pic of you from a 3/4 side view standing and looking very model-ish. Its actually quite good. Not the best but quite good nonetheless.

Hehe….she said ‘our relationship’. Oh how i wish….

But hey..! At least i’ll get a photo of her….over time. =]

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