A clever e-mail

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: A Clever Email
From: d fedallah@theheretic.net
Date: Mon, Nov 12 2001 12:36:41 PM -0500


I was considering a clever little email about the National Weather Service warning you of severe temperature changes, since hell as frozen over and I’m updating tHn again, but instead opted for this equally clever email about how clever my email would have been should I have choosen to be clever.


All this really boils down to is a plug request. Take it easy, bud.



Yay. They’re not closing down after all.

Does this mean Thess isn’t going to move?

Goody goody!

I like http://www.theheretic.net/thess!

And, of course, i like http://www.theheretic.net too. *ehem*

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