Yes it’s that time again

Subject: hey there
From: “Me ??” < *********>
Date: Fri, Aug 4 2000 7:39:51 PM GMT


I”ve been to ur webpage couple of times and i think ur pretty cool.. just
thought i’ll drop and say Hi…i wanna get to know u better.. so if u think
ur up to it… write me back.. 🙂

Cool. ‘Fan’ mail. (Yes, this has been another ego boosting post for myself.)
Hey if you’re reading this, sure no prob…i’ll reply as soon as possible but right now i’m just to bloody knackered to do anything.
(Actually i AM doing something…i’m posting….but this post doesn’t take up that much brain power to write…unlike an actual e-mail)

Don’t worry, i’ll reply sure enough…

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