Well, as promised (dammit), a recap of my weekend in the city. All in all, everything was pretty good i guess. I mean, nothing really bad happened (except for me spending ALL of my $104 that i brought down with me…now i’m flat broke). Had a good time hanging out with Pat for most of the weekend. Staying over at Majid’s place was torture due to his paranoia of his neighbors and parents and relatives possibly dropping by to check on him (his parents were out of the country leaving him alone in charge of the house…and car). The burgers were good though. I don’t think he noticed that all his food was half gone. Saturday night was the usual night out playing pool again i guess…but minus Pat and plus Dan Bell. Pat couldn’t go out that night cos he had a garage sale to help out with the next morning. Anyway, Majid, Dan and Me met up with Sam Lim at a pool hall and played pool (duh). Actually we didn’t really do much on Saturday night. We played pool and had dinner. That’s it. Oh…i saw Shawn’s ex-girlfriend from a distance but i think they were just about to leave to go somewhere else. I didn’t get the chance to approach her and say hi so that kinda sucked. Actually, we kinda actually made a ‘date’ (not really but i’d like to think so..heheh) on IRC earlier in the week to have a game of pool during the weekend. But alas…it never went down. Oh well. Would’ve been nice though if i did. Oh…i tried calling up the girl that gave me her phone number on IRC last night to see if we could meet up but it didn’t happen because she’d just left from the place that i wanted to meet up with her at. Bummer. Maybe next weekend eh? (I wish)

There was one highlight of sorts though, there was gonna be a huge gang fight between some big chinese gang and some other unknown gang at the parking lot behind the pool hall. There were like 4 (four) cars full of big scary chinese guys gathered out in front of Coffeezone all druken and rowdy. Sam Lim joined those guys and brought Majid with him to help out his friends (the big scary chinese guys) leaving me and Dan Bell to do whatever we wanted.

I contemplated on going to that said parking lot hoping to watch a fight go down but then i changed my mind cos i couldn’t really be bothered so Dan and i got a ride with my cousin back to our final destinations for the night. This is a pretty boring recap huh? Anyway, i’ll be home now for the rest of the week so expect me to post on a more regular basis just like before i left last week. Oh i got a whole cheesecake for like…$34 or something like that. I like cheesecake.

Oh and i also bought a shitload of games for my trusty old Playstation. I bought Grind Session, Legend Of Mana, WWF Smackdown and Metal Gear Solid: Integral. Oh yes. Oh yes…

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