Hit whore

I am so bored out of my mind right now, it’s not even funny.

Okay i think i’ll just talk bullshit now or as i like to think, wax poetic. Um…lemme see. I run an e/n site. I run it all by my lonesome. I update more often than anyone else out there who run e/n sites. I truly have a lot of time to kill. Either that or i don’t have a life. My site is low key. It’s not even remotely ‘big’ or that well known. I get about 150 hits average each day. Probably from the same 9 people who know about my site. I talk about things that don’t matter. I doubt that people even care. And i’m still wondering why people still do bother coming here everyday. I’m not Nathan and i’m certainly Notbencejon but people still come here as if i was (well…not really). And i guess i’m honored. Like Nathan, i do admit i’m a bit of a hit whore. While he gets about 1500 hits a day, i’m content with my high of 196 hits that i got one day. I wish i had as many hits as he does. And like him, i wish that people come here to actually read what i write. So is the wish of every e/n webmaster. So please, if you like the site, take a cue from Visnet and tell your friends about this site.

This has yet been another attempt by me to make myself sound pitiful and gain more sympathy hits. Thank you very much.

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