I have a lot of DVD’s.

More than what Vicky has that’s for sure.

Har har.

She should make a DVD list too.

star attracti0n: ur whole dvd list was fine til u put down mandy moore!
star attracti0n: hah!
psykotik2k: hahaha
psykotik2k: i like to expand my horizons
star attracti0n: not mandy moore!
star attracti0n: mandy moore doesnt expand anything!
psykotik2k: lol
psykotik2k: she expands one thing. that’s for sure =]
star attracti0n: hahaha
psykotik2k: hahahhahahaa
star attracti0n: freak!

2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. **justin**

    #1 | Comment by suzi — November 13, 2001 @ 11:41 am

  2. noo the little stars didn show up. !

    #2 | Comment by suzi — November 13, 2001 @ 11:42 am

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