Yes it’s…screenshot time! (plus an ego boost too)

Just did my daily round of checking out all my other favourite (and not so favourite) e/n sites out there and i came across
this. But first, why do i keep taking screenshots of other sites? Because i like to. So there. Anyway, Nathan plugged/mentioned/advertised (whatever you wanna call it) my site so i guess i’m greatful for that. For a little site like mine that’s on a free server to get plugged by someone with a domain whomever it may be, it’s quite a headrush. As a psycho killer from Scream/Scary Movie would say: “I’m feeling a lil woozy here!” (Not really..but hey, i like to exaggerate a little sometimes). Okay, i got a little sidetracked there.

Anyway, yeah. Cool. I *might* get hosted by Nathan…..after he thinks about it though. But being the apparent pessimist that i am…i doubt it. But…it still would be cool if he did.

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