This sucks man. My computer had to be reformatted today cos we had to reinstall Windows 98 again. Unfortunately, i don’t have enough ZIP disks to backup all my shit on my PC. So i had to say goodbye to ALL of my 1GB+ worth of MP3’s and ALL my porn. Boo hoo. I also forgot to backup ALL my bookmarks/favorites and everyone on my ICQ contact list is gone too. Man…..this sucks MAJOR ass. I also had to redownload several software programs like Powertweak, ICQ 2000, DNTools, MSN Messenger, download new drivers for all my hardware and shit like that. I also lost ALL my saved game files for SWAT 3, Half Life, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Thief 2 and a whole bunch of other stuff. THIS SUCKSSSS! Right now, my PC is without sound so i gotta reinstall my damn Sound Blaster Live sound card. Meaning i’m gonna have to take apart my PC’s tower type thing, unplug the damn sound card and plug it back in again. SHIT. Anyway, for those of you who were on my ICQ contact list, could you PLEASE MESSAGE ME AT ANY TIME so that i can rerequest your authorization and add you ALL to my list again. I fucking hate having to do ALL of this rerequesting shit again. This is like the second time it’s happened. Fuck.

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