Resident evil!!!

Hey i just got back from that 20 km away town called Seria. Yeah my mom came back about an hour and a half ago. Anyway, i bought 3 (three) more Dreamcast games and guess fucking what? I HAVE RESIDENT EVIL CODE: VERONICA NOW! Fuck yeah!!! Oh and i also bought Jet Set Radio (which i think will be called Jet Grind Radio when it comes out in the states) and Sword Of The Berserk: Guts’ Rage. I now have 14 Dreamcast games in my little collection. And how long has it been since i got my Dreamcast? A week? And 14 games already? Fucking sweet ass man.

Hey. What the hell am i even doing posting right now?? I should be downstairs playing games! Wa-fucking-hoooooo!!!

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