I feel like posting a few chat logs. Here’s a few snippets of AIM with TheNekkidGnome. This one’s mainly about breasts. Mostly because it’s my ‘Thought of the day’ (for the past 4 days i think. Haha. Oxymoron). Neech.

TheNekkidGnome: you like breasts??
psykotik2k: don’t you?
psykotik2k: hmm..i gotta change that later
TheNekkidGnome: HELL YEAH!!!

It’s goes on for a bit.

psykotik2k: been to http://ilovebacon.com/women?
TheNekkidGnome: no
psykotik2k: it’s ….interesting
TheNekkidGnome: yeah
TheNekkidGnome: ahhh…this girl…her boobs…BOUNCING!!!
psykotik2k: i know..great isnt it?
TheNekkidGnome: they fuckin slap her in the face
psykotik2k: haha..i know..i downloaded that
TheNekkidGnome: i love this site!!!
TheNekkidGnome: so…. many…. boobs…. bouncing…. cant…. stop…. staring… ahhh…. must… quit… staring………..
TheNekkidGnome: *prys eyes off screen*
psykotik2k: there’s this one with a girl running topless on a beach.
TheNekkidGnome: there is like 6 of them
psykotik2k: her boobs are so big and they like…bounce every which way possible
TheNekkidGnome: ha

Okay. I think that’s enough of breasts. It’s pretty ironic that i’m posting all of this up considering i did a post about perverts earlier today. =] Anyway, Jeanne was online today. Her PC’s been broke for a while. It just started to work today. I haven’t done any ‘Jeanne-isms’ in a while. Here’s my ICQ chat log with her.

Jeanne: Hey!!
Me: how’s it goin? got your pc fixed?
Jeanne: YEAH!!!! i’m so happy, it just started working today…….aaaahhh!!! so, how are you?!
Me: i’m fine..just got back from town..had a haircut =] you?
Jeanne: ehehe, how does your hair look? i’m alright, don’t like jis any more tho. well, i like the ppl but i dont really like the teachers, i really wish i was back at isb. i’ll stop my moaning and groaning. i had a fun weekend, went to asma and got pretty pissed….had to miss skool today! hahaha…….
Me: heheh…rough night eh?
you’ve only been in school for what…. 6 weeks? and already you hate it? wow.
my hair? it looks surprisingly okay for once.
Me: did you get my email?
Jeanne: yeah! i did. sorry for being a bum and not replying sooner. when are you going to malaysia?
Me: it’s okay…no worries =]
Me: i’m leaving this sept 2nd…this saturday to be exact…i dont think i’ll be able to see you all before i leave =/
Jeanne: fuck! thanks a lot for telling me!
Me: i did tell you! didn’t i?? =/
Jeanne: NO!!!!! oh, JUSTIN!!!! how could YOU?!?!?!
Me: you did know i was leaving and starting Uni this sept 5th riiiiight?
Jeanne: NO!!!!!
Me: bummer.
Me: well this is my last week here……i’ll probably pop by into school tomorrow….*hopefully*
Jeanne: yeah right!
Jeanne: oh, but please come in at some point!
Me: i’ll try! i’m coming down to bandar anyway…and i’ll try to get an excuse to come back to school for a while to see you…all
Me: i will……try to at least
Me: will i get a photo of you?
Jeanne: yeah….man, am i terrible or what. i WILL get a photo, i promise
Me: yay! =)
Me: i’ll be sure to drop by….maybe during lunchtime or something..
Jeanne: YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Me: heheh…can i post this conversation on my site? hehe j/k =]
Jeanne: you can if you want

It goes on for a bit. Then, in the very end, she says:

Jeanne: okee then, bye….*huuuuggzzz*

*Sigh* I was cyber-hugged. Oh well. At least i’ll finally get a photo of her tomorrow. Oh how i wish i could just post up her pic that i have on this site for all of you to see.

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