Remind me never to be away from the internet for as long as i was ever again anymore.

How long was i gone? 4 days? Seemed like forever.

I bet you thought i quit the site or something.

Unfortunately, i didn’t.

So… 4 days, 21 e-mails and approximately only 24 hours of total sleeping time so far and here i am. Where the hell have i been? Or rather, what the hell have i been doing?

How about doing non-stop editing day in and day out for the past weekend and a bit?

Remind me never to leave the editing of one’s film project till the last 5 days before it’s actually due to be presented.






Things i need to do:

  • Finish doing the sound mixing for my film project thing tonight. It’s due to be presented tomorrow at 3 pm.
  • For once, actually post about what my movie’s about. Because i’ve been talking about it on and off and yet never mentioning what it’s actually like. But i’ll tell you this. The editing of the 6 minute climax/fight scene i did WILL get people fucking ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ tomorrow. I’ll be damned if they don’t. There’s some fucking great Guy Ritchie/John Woo style shots and shit in there. Good God. If i were a girl and i saw that 6 minute climax/fight scene, i’d fuck the guy who edited it just because it was so fucking good.
  • Once i’m done with that, i gonna have to do some last minute studying for this 20 question MCQ that’s coming up this Wednesday for my SOC 334 class (i still don’t really know wat that class is all about).
  • Once i’m done with all my boring school work, i’m gonna have to help Jia Jia a.s.a.p with some website-y stuff. Jia! I’m coming!
  • I probably have a whole lot more that i have to do but for the life of me, i can’t think of what all that other stuff is.
  • Oh yeah. I’m gonna have to reply to all the 21 e-mails i’ve received these past 4 days. I’ll probably post some of them up like tomorrow or something. When i’m free after my movie presentation thing. To everybody who’s reading this who’ve e-mailed me, i’ve been hella busy and i only got to check my mail today. So yeah, i’ll get back to you in some shape or form as soon as possible. Most probably through the site or something so yeah, check back for a reply over here. Because i rarely ever respond to my reader e-mail personally. I’m a bastard like that.
  • I’m also gonna have to start writing better posts than this. Not updating for a coupla days makes you lose your ‘groove’. Not that i had any to begin with though.
  • Post up some really HOT new Christy Chung pics that i’ve just aquired. Yes. You know you wanna them. Christy Chung. PHWOAR.
  • See i told you i have lots more to do.
  • I have to catch up on a lot of blogging. 4 days of other people’s blogs to read. Where will i find the time??
  • My hits have gone to shit. Only 2759 yesterday. That’s fucking pitiful. I need to get it up to my usual 3300+/-. Maybe with those NEW AND REVEALING CHRISTY CHUNG PICTURES i’m gonna post up tomorrow.
  • To Christy Chung’s lawyers: please don’t sue.
  • Erm.
  • I’m sure i have lots of other things to do. Like better things but i can’t really think of anymore right.
  • Wait.
  • Nope. Can’t think of anymore right now.

    Ooh. I talked to Stephanie on the phone tonight. Slightly funny story behind that. I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

    I have some last minute sound editing work to do! STRESS.

  • 4 thoughts on “STRESS

    1. Silly ass!!! Tin!!!! I nearly call u 2 ask if ure ok!!! poo!!

      #1 | Comment by tapai — November 19, 2001 @ 10:55 pm

    2. hehe was gonna sms u to ask whether u were done editing ur movie.. neways glad ur finally posting again. hey whussup tapai ;รƒยบ

      #2 | Comment by deeds — November 20, 2001 @ 8:23 am

    3. my page wil be down for 2 days i think. switching servers, bleah. some DNS router thingie i dont understand.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      didnt bring my phone today either. was gonna sms u and ask u how ur presentation went. im in class now..grr.

      #3 | Comment by fuzzy — November 20, 2001 @ 3:46 pm

    4. Christy ChungChristy ChungChristy ChungChristy ChungChristy ChungChristy ChungChristy Chung!!! hah

      #4 | Comment by Christy Chung — November 20, 2001 @ 6:31 pm

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