Here i am sitting in front of my PC waiting for my mom to finish cooking lunch while i occasionally look outside the window. I see a coconut tree that’s right next to my driveway. It’s at least 3 stories high. I kid you not. I look around on the desk that’s in front of me. What do i see? I see a scanner, a four point surround sound set of speakers, a floppy disk, a calculator, a joypad, some pens, my mobile phone, a microphone, a zip disk and a box. It says HAND CUT LEAD BOHEMIA CRYSTAL on the box. It must be my mom’s. Oh and of course, there’s also a Microsoft IntelliEye mouse on the desk too. As i’m writing this, i ponder about what will happen to this site when i leave for University in Malaysia this Saturday. I won’t have access to the internet to update my site straight away so this site’s gonna be dead for a while. Not too long i hope. Hopefully my dad’ll get me a laptop. Or hopefully there’s a cybercafe somewhere nearby my campus or something like that. I’ll be staying at the crusty dorm for about a month or so. Then i’ll be moving into a Condominium. The sooner the better i hope. I’m staring at that coconut tree again now. And i’m also thinking about my girlfriend who’s in Australia right now. I was chatting to Thess just now. She has a webcam. I don’t. She’s also got like a million posters in her room. Cool ones too. I’ve only got the huge movie posters in mine. Old ones too. There’s Speed 2, Men In Black, The Lost World, Boogie Nights, Jackie Brown, L.A. Confidential, Batman And Robin, Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie and James Bond You Only Live Twice. I have one of The Matrix. It’s on the floor somewhere. Amongst all my videogame magazines. You can tell i love movies. I think i have one magazine with a Resident Evil Code: Veronica walkthrough open just right next to my Dreamcast. You can tell what game i’m currently playing right now. My room’s in a mess. I haven’t packed up any of my stuff to bring with me to Uni yet. Gotta do it tonight.

Oh…lunch is ready.

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