Shootin the shit with an AK-47

On impulse, i called up Rod and we talked for a bit. I found out earlier before that he’s coming down to ‘hicksville’ (where i’m at) from the city (where he lives) for the weekend so we made some plans to meet up before i leave. So yeah, gotta meet up with him. And this time, IT WILL HAPPEN DAMMIT!. Unlike all my plans which didn’t happen for the past 2 (two) days. Anyway, he told me something quite disturbing. His dad just got back from Cambodia and was telling Rod about how for $15, you can get to fire an AK-47 machine gun. Extra clips cost 25 cents i’m told. You get to shoot a cow too. Yeah. You heard me. For $15, you get to shoot a cow with an AK-47 at 25 cents a clip. Or something like that. I have bad memory.

Unfortunately his dad didn’t try giving the whole thing a shot. (No pun intended)

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