Tainted slice

It’s been a while since i last posted any new slices (chicks). Today i’d like to post something controversial. Well, it was over here anyway. Let me set the story up. A coupla months ago, i got this forwarded e-mail. It was an e-mail from some girl with the (cruel?) intention of exposing this other girl’s ‘dirty deeds’ (her name’s Lyana and she’s from Malaysia…the girl that did the ‘dirty deeds’ i mean). Basically its an e-mail that was seemingly forwarded to the whole world (i kid you not…check out all the email addresses that it was forwarded to) and it’s has pictures or that said girl Lyana. Anyway, here’s the e-mail and all the pics all zipped up. You’ll need Winzip (but i bet everyone has it) to open it up. Well, here it is. Download it if you want.

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