I checked out my forum earlier on and i saw 2 (two) new entries from Jamie and Jia Ying. It’s good to see that at least 2 (two) people care that i’m back. Yay me. Anyway, i’d like share my thoughts on how i’ll probably be remembered by my friends that’re still in JIS (My previous school. I’m in WMU now). For some reason, i think that i’ll probably be most remembered for not knowing anything. You see, whenever any of my friends asked me a question about anything, my usual response would be “I dunno man…i dunno…”. In fact i think if you go over to my friend Sam’s site, you’ll see that i’m listed on his ‘hates’ page. Basically he hates how i ‘never know’. Heh. That’s how i think all my guy friends would remember me by…among other things. As for the girls, if you take a look at Jia Ying’s post in the forum, it seems that i’ll probably be most remembered by how i am ‘the pick up guy’. Apparently i have a talent for picking up girls. At the top of my head, i can name 3 (three) people who can attest to my ‘mad lady killing pick up skillz’. John, ‘Shaft’ and Jia Ying. Among others. Heck, that fucking Shaft used to pester me asking about how to act and what to say to girls and shit. As if i knew (I do actually. Heh). Of course, my response would always be “I dunno man…”. But the thing is, even though i (apparently) had the skills, i could never actually get any girls. Well not all the time. But apparently, when i do score, i score big time. My friend Michelle used to call me ‘the fisherman’. It’s a little in joke thing. You see, all the girls were fish and i was the fisherman. And this one time, i apparently ‘caught’ a rather impressive ‘fish’ and she called her ‘the big fish’. I’ll let your imagination figure what was so ‘big’ about that ‘fish’ (Okay, so they were her breasts. I just couldn’t resist pointing them out. But i bet you already knew that. Pervert).

Yep. That’s me. A fisherman. Alright i have no idea how to end this post so i’ll just stop now.

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