Free writing

Boy oh boy, there are times when my English grammar can be so crap that i don’t even bother to correct myself. The posts you see today fall into those times. It’s not that i don’t know how to write, it’s just that sometimes i can’t be bothered to write good. Oh and guess what i learnt in my (piss easy) ENG 160A class this morning? I learnt that there’s actually a name for my style of writing on this site. It’s called Free Writing. Basically you just write whatever’s on your mind without stopping. I guess that’s why my English can be so nonsensical sometimes. I don’t stop….to think about what i’m writing. Or in this case, typing. Ha.


Shit this school has some hot chicks. I swear that there’s not 5 (five) minutes that goes by without at least 1 (one) hot girl walking past (I’m in the school library now). But then again there are quite a few chickenheads around too. But hey, that’s the way things are. Anyway, there’s this cute Korean girl in my ENG 160A class. She has quite a rack. She bent down ealier today in class to get her fallen pen and whoops! Instant cleavage. Yay. Highlight of the morning that was. Then there was this other girl that i met sometime after orientation here at WMU. She was quite nice lookin in a Claire Forlani sorta way. But then she started talking. Ugh. What a ditz. Fucking turn off man. Just goes to show that looks aren’t always number one.

Still. Noone compares to Jeanne. As of yet.

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